The Babysitter

Sequel: The Hemmings Family


41. //30//

I guess it makes a little sense, even though I am still left partially confused. What was he talking to Luna about that I don't know or can't know. What secret is he keeping from me? Is it a big secret? Should I worry about it? I guess not. I'm mean, what you don't know can't hurt you... Right? Luke walks back into the lounge and I follow him. This time I sit on Jason's lap.

"Everything ok Gracey?" He asks. I poke his cheek and nod before a smile cracks on my face.

"Everything is fine Jase, I might invite Luna around." I answer. Ashton's face drops. "Or not..." I finish, a smile replaces the frown that appeared on his face before. Is he really that upset about the breakup? Oh gosh...

"Listen, Grace, I'm gonna be out of town for your 18th birthday on Friday... I'm so sorry precious! You know I'd stay if I could. You're my most favourite person in the whole world. I promise you I'll bring you back a great present from New York. I'll be back on Sunday and I'm leaving tomorrow." Jason says. Oh no. He can't! I don't want him to ! New York? That's in America, a long way on a plane... I'm gonna be left with Luke again.

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