The Babysitter

Sequel: The Hemmings Family


39. //28//

Jason arrived at exactly the same time the guys did. I kind of wanted to forget the fact that the guys were there, but I couldn't. They're too funny and they are forever asking me if I'm ok. Is there something wrong? Do I look like I'm not ok? Then I remember, I'm pregnant and I just end up nodding. A lot. If nodding was a language, I'd speak it fluently! I mean it. I got snapped out of my thoughts when a splash of cold water went up my face.

"Oh my fucking god!" I scream as I lol too see who it is. It was Michael. Fucking dope!

"Shit, sorry Grace!" He giggles. I nod my head at him, see what I mean about the nodding thing, and wrap a towel around myself. "You gonna eat any of that pizza? You haven touched it." He carries on. I sigh and push the pizza towards him, his face instantly lights up and he kisses me on the cheek before running back into the lounge. Jason frowns at me.

"What Jase?" I snort. He shakes his head and nudges both Luke and Ash who are sitting either side of him. Awkward.

"What's wrong with my best friend?" Jason asks. Luke's face drops and Ash rushes over to me.

"What's wrong roo?"

"I need to talk to Luke..."

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