The Babysitter

Sequel: The Hemmings Family


38. //27//

I decide that I needed to talk to someone. Someone that's always been there for me. Someone that I love, and they love me. My best friend. Jason.

*phone call, G=Grace J=Jason*

G: Hey Jase.

J: Grace? Why are you calling me? Don't you have a boyfriend to get it on with?

G: what? Are you still mad about that? I need your advice! Please Jason! I need you!

J: aww, I can't stay mad at you like this! What's wrong hun?

G: I don't know who it like more and who I'm better off with.

J: Me! Just kidding, tell me more. Explain!

G: well, I kissed Ash the other day, and it was amazing! He left me a valentines card and gifts, telling me that he really loves me. But, on the other hand I'm carrying Luke's baby, and I-

J: you what?! Your moms gonna kill you! Just follow your heart, I'll come over at lunch!

G: ok. Thanks Jason! I love you so much! I'll make your favourite for lunch, homemade Hawaiian pizza!

J: yay! I'll be around there in three hours!

*end of call*

I just put the phone down as Luke walks in. He sits down next to me and puts his hand on my stomach. He smiles before looking me in the eyes.

"I bet she's gonna be so beautiful, just like her mother. I hope she gets your red hair." He says. I grunt at him and turn around to get out of bed. I put on my leggings and green day tank top, Luke's seen it all before, I don't care that I'm getting changed in front of him. I also slip on my grey converse and grab my beanie before heading to the door.

"Jason's coming over for lunch. Please be nice." I hiss. He nods before getting up and picks me up to carry me downstairs. "Luke! What are you doing?" I scream. He giggles and puts me down at the bottoms of the stairs.

"Helping you, the boys are coming around later too." He laughs. I nod an head into the kitchen.

"By the way, I'm not naturally ginger, I'm a really light brown, I dyed my hair and it went wrong, but I'm not dying it again for a while it seems. It's toxic to the baby." I snigger. I see Luke bite his lip in the corner of my eye. I'm so confused with myself. Who does my heart want? Luke or Ash? Why don't I know, I'm so confused by my feelings. Yes Luke has cheated twice, but what if there's a reason! I am carrying his baby too. Urghh! But then there's Ash, he's so sweet, caring, gives really good kisses. He's always there for me, knows how to cheer me up. My life is so fucking hard! Just give me a sign!


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