The Babysitter

Sequel: The Hemmings Family


30. //21//

I wake up to the sound of my ringtone. It's Ash. Why would he need to call me? Luke has a phone too. I answer the phone to hear a crying Ashton.

(M=me, A=ash)

M: Hey kanga, what's wrong why are you crying?

A: Me and Luna have broke up! (Sorry Luna)

M: Why Ash? What happened?

A: I can't tell you roo. You'll find out sooner or later...

M: Ash... I'm really worried. Please tell me why. I need to know! Ashton? Please!

A: No Grace. I can't let you get upset now. I'm sorry. I just can't tell you.

M: Then why the fuck did you call me? Is this some kind of a joke? If it is it's not fucking funny! Ash! Just fucking tell me!

A: I'm sorry....

He hung up. What the hell was going on? Why wouldn't he tell me? Just great! Now I've got another thing to stress about! But nothing makes sense to me. Why did Luna break up with Ash? Is there something I've not picked up somewhere? Have I been mislead to something?

"Luke! Baby, come here!" I shouted. Luke had gone upstairs to brush his teeth. He came trampling down the stairs and smiled.

"What's wrong princess?" He asked.

"I was gonna ask you the same thing. Ash's just called me... He and Luna broke up an then he said something else and then said sorry... Do you know what it means?" I panic. His eyes shoot wide open. So he must know! "You know something! What is it?" I beg. He looks at the floor and then back at me.

"I..." He was interrupted by a phone call. What the hell is going on?!

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