The Babysitter

Sequel: The Hemmings Family


25. //19//

What happened next is not for sharing, let's just say I couldn't walk and the guys were still downstairs... Well shit.

"Have fun Grace?" Michael laughed. He wound me up so much.

"Oh fuck off Clifford!" I yell. That was the first time me and Luke actually did that. It felt magical.

"Are you ok Grace? Sit down." Calum smirks. Dickhead.

"No thanks, I'm ok." I say. They all snigger and Luke comes downstairs and sits down. The guys al jump on him, cheering and shit like that. Seriously, what's their problem.

"Come sit down baby." Luke pouts. I shake my head and Luke looks at me questionably as the others laugh. "Why?" He asks.

"She's a little sore." Ash snickered. How dare he! Some friend he is!

"For fuck sake!" I scream and throw a spoon at Ashton. "Just shut the fuck up!" I yell and waddle off to the lounge, hearing the boys laugh in the kitchen and a few 'high fives'. Then Luke came in to me and lay down behind me, cuddling up to me.

"I'm sorry baby, are you ok?" He asks.

"Yes Luke, just shut up a min, I'm watching all log O2L's videos from the beginning. I really miss their collab channel." I explain. Luke nods and kisses my shoulder. He keeps kissing my shoulder occasionally throughout watching the videos. It's mostly on JC's videos that he does it and I have no idea why.

"Grace, you know I really do love you? Right?" Luke asks out of nowhere. I turn to face him and smile before planting my lips on his and slowly kissing him.

"Of course baby. I love you too." I smile and turn back around. Luke yet again kisses my shoulder.

"Good" he whispers. "The guys are leaving for about two days then they're staying around again, is that ok?" He asks. Why did he feel the need to ask? He should know my answer would be yes!

"You're in charge until my parents get back!" I giggle. He look at me confused. "That means yes goofball." I laugh. He smiles and kisses my nose. God I love that boy.


Hey guys. Sorry for the short chapter. I jugs wanted to write again seeing as though I won't be able to for a few days, but I will try. It's just that I've got school and then I've got a little job at the local shopping centre and it's a lot of work! So I'm sorry if I don't update soon. Thanks for over 300 reads!!! It's so amazing to know that over 300 people have read this!

I love you all, stay perfect!

-Lauren :)

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