The Babysitter

Sequel: The Hemmings Family


18. //13//

Luna had been here for about half an hour now and was getting on really well with Ashton. I was so happy with my decision, and hopefully they are too! Luna is absolutely gorgeous, I envy her for everything! The last time I saw her was about 2 months ago when I was grounded for staying around her house on a school night. Stupid, right?

Anyway, Luna's hair was straightened to perfection and hung beautifully over her shoulders. She wore a black crop top, making her blue eyes pop, with blue high-waisted skinnies and black high heels. She also wore a flannel to cover her arms a little from the small breeze blowing outside.

Sammy was wearing a light blue, floaty dress with salmon pink heels. Her hair curled and decorated with a small plait going across the top of her head, it was so beautiful.

Hannah hair her gorgeous brown hair tied up into a messy bun, but she made it look all done up by adding a diamanté butterfly in her hair. She wore a spotty play suit with black diamanté sandals. I'm telling you, these girls know how to make simple outfits look perfect.

I, on the other hand, just looked like the stupid teenage girl I am. Not exactly right for a date. I was wearing black high-waisted skinnies with a baby blue TMNT crop top, white converse, frilly socks and a denim jacket. My wavy red hair half up, half down with a few strands of hair shaping my face. I know this is what every girl says, but I had nothing else to wear. All the other nice things I own were either stained, too small, or too big. But it's only an outfit, right?

*skip to at the restaurant after the dinner has arrived*

Luke had been gone from the table for about half an hour now. I was really worried.

"Ash, do you know where Luke went about half an hour ago?" I ask. He shakes his head and looks at me, showing me that he knows I'm panicking. "I'm going home, I feel sick." I tell Ash before frantically running out of the restaurant, leaving behind $50 to cover mine and Luke's meal.

I walk through my door about 45 minutes later to hear horrible, familiar sounds. Like the ones in my bad dream. It can't be! I run up the stairs and kick open the spare room door, no one's there. The moans continue, echoing through my hallways. I run to my room and what I see when I open the door hurts me more than I've ever felt pain in all my life so far. It's Luke, MY 'boyfriend', and some random slut having sex in My Bed, on MY mattress, under MY covers. My bad dream had become a reality, but only worse.

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