People: A Guide to Socialization Civilization

I'm tired. Speech, after speech, nobody listens. It's a waste of voice! So in order to save this voice for more important things than arrogant people who contradict me, here's a little book for them to shove in his/her face.


1. Intro

I decided to do this right when I was on the verge of running to the top of a mountain JUST to scream out all my feelings. Trust me, I've climbed a mountain before. It was fine, but coming DOWN? Girl (or boy. But most of you are girls), please!

This is about how people work. This is about how to deal with them and about how to work around sucking up and letting people get what they want. Personally, I believe this MIGHT help with my OWN problems as well. My friend also asked, and I thought this might help both my internet friends AND my personal friends.

So, without further ado, we shall begin with the people we must deal with everyday: family.

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