Niall is a shy 17 year old who loves to draw. he draws everything that captures his interest, and he is really good at it.

When he meets a girl thats just like him, he falls for her. hard. and her name is Dawn. he loves to draw her in his spare time. her brown hair, her sharp green eyes, the curve of her lips,
the sweaters she wears; you could say he was almost obsessed.

He wants nothing more to admit his feelings for her, but he is just too shy. so he does the best he can by being a best friend. but when he talks to his friend Harry, he discovers that he loves her too and was planning to ask her out.

Harry is nothing like Niall. he is athletic,
outgoing, and popular. and seeing that he is in love with Dawn, Niall makes an effort to tell her how he feels.

to bad Harry got there first.

Now Niall has go make a choice. lose his best friend since Kindergarden, or he girl he knows is the one.


2. 2

"Mr. Horan?" Niall's teacher called him out and he looked up from his doodles.

"what is the answer?" she said impatiently, pointing to a calculus problem on the white board, with her long, bony finger.

Niall didn't want to speak out in class, and the teacher knew this, but she just loves to make people uncomfortable.

"i don't know." he said quietly, heat rushing to his face. he looked back down.

"Niall!" she said in a harsh tone. "quit drawing and pay attention! you might know the answer then!"

"hey! we don't even need to pass this class to graduate!" said a voice sitting in the back. the teacher narrowed her eyes at Harry.

"i suggest you keep your mouth shut mr. styles."

"what! I'm just being honest."

"i said-"

"yeah, i know what you said."

"office. now."

"please, thats not punishment, staying here is." he chuckled as he stood up on his long legs. he swung his back pack into his shoulder and gracefully walked out.

"would you like to join your friend mr. Horan?"

"i didn't do anything." he muttered.

"speak up!"

"i didn't do anything!" Niall said loudly.

"go to the office for yelling."

"but you said to spea-"

"now!" she hissed. Niall sighed and presses his lips together as he collected the things on his desk and hastily shoved them in his bag. his face was red because every student eye was trained on him at the moment.

he finally packed up and walked out of the room without saying a word.

"hey Harry, wait up!" Niall called. Harry looked at his friend and smiled.

"she kick you out too?" he ran a hand through his dark brown curls.

"yeah. for yelling." Niall did air quotes when he said yelling to be sarcastic.

"you'd never yell."

"she told me to speak up, and i did."

"old bat." Harry said. "oh well, beats math class."

"yeah, i hate her a lot."

"me too." Niall walked over beside his friend in the long, empty hallway. their voices seemed to echo against the cold metal lockers.

"so i guess were going to the office?" Niall asked, sounding a little scared. Harry chuckled at Niall.

"yeah, but don't be nervous, they don't get mad at you. especially when they know the old bat sends you there. they know she sends kids for he most ridiculous reasons."


"yeah. and i heard, their thinking of firing her."

"no way!" Niall is surprised at that information, but he thinks its a good idea to get rid of her.

"yeah, thats what i heard."

"they should fire her." they continued their conversation as they walked in the empty halls to the office.

while their walking, they round a corner and Niall bumps into someone on accident.

"oh, I'm so sorry!" the mousy girl says. Niall takes In her apperance; long brown hair, sharp green eyes, full red lips, and black glasses.

the girl kneels down to the floor, and Niall follows her with his eyes and sees that she is picking up her things.

"oh sorry." he says as he bends down to help her. Harry stands by and watches them pick up the papers scattered on the floor.

Niall's fingers graze the floor every time he picks up a paper, and hands it to the girl. when everything is picked up, it is then that he notices they are drawings.

"cool drawings." Niall complimented shyly.

"thanks. i love to draw."

"really?" this comment sparks Niall's interest. "me too." he gives off a small smile and sees that her own lips stretch in the happy symbol.

"cool. do you take an art class here?"

"yeah, next hour actually."


"yeah. you?"

"I'm in that class now i was just, going to the restroom."

"with your drawings?"

"i don't trust them in that room. last time i left them alone, someone stole them. i was devistated."

"thats terrible."


"i guesses they liked your art though."

"i guess." a moment passes while they both flick their eyes around awkwardly, not knowing what else to say.

"I'm Niall, and this is Harry." he points at his friend and harry raises a large hand to wave. he smiles at her and she does the same.

"I'm Dawn."

"lovely name." she blushes slightly at Niall's compliment.

"thanks." another moment of silence passes before Harry coughs to stir them.

"well we uh, have to be somewhere, sorry."

"oh thats fine, i have to get back to class."

"i guess i will see you around dawn."

"same." she licks her lips and pushes up her glasses. a strand of hair falls in her face, and Niall feels the urge to sweep it back for her. he feels heat creep in his cheeks, and starts to walk away.

"bye Niall!" she calls.

"bye dawn!" he says without looking back.

Harry and Niall walk quietly to the office. the while time, Niall thinks about Dawn. But so does Harry. he thought she wasn't half bad, and the more he thought about her, the more he wondered if he liked her.

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