Summer Paradise - Shawn Mendes Fan fiction

Leah's on her summer vacation to Portugal, where she meets the lovely Shawn Mendes. Sparks fly, and romance is in the air, but they both know that this won't be anything more than just a summer fling.


2. Chapter Two

Chapter Two

The beach in Portugal was amazing. The waves were calm, rolling over the fine sand in a steady rhythm that made me feel at ease. I was lying a few feet from shoreline on my beach towel with closed eyes, just enjoying the warmth of the sweet weather. Everything was so perfect. There weren’t many people on the beach, since it was reserved for the people that lived in our hotel only. I had only seen two other families there and two kids playing beach tennis on the shore.
“Leah!” I heard Oliver call out for me. I sighed and sat up, squinting at the bright light. I shouldn’t have forgotten my sunglasses at the hotel room. My brother was standing with his feet in the water in nothing but his swim trunks.
“WHAT?!” I yelled back, not ready to deal with his shit, to be honest.
“Whoa girl, I just wanted you to come swim with me!” he said, putting his hands up in defense.
“I don’t want to swim, you moron!” I exclaimed, lying back down on my towel. All I really wanted to do was get a nice tan.
“Leah, there’ are other people here, I would appreciate if you didn’t come across as some kind of offensive problem child.” my mom snapped. I didn’t look at her, I just gave her a thumbs up.
Suddenly, I felt two arms picking me up from the ground, looking at the ground, I quickly confirmed that he was carrying me, his feet already in the water.
“Oliver!” I yelled wiggling, trying to break free from his grasp.
“How else am I going to make you swim with me?” he said with a smirk on his face. The water went to his mid-thigh, but he kept going.
“Oliver, don’t! I swear I’m going to kill you!” I ranted, “I’ll punch you in the face and have you de-balled. No girl will ever want you when I’m done with…” I was cut off when my demonic brother decided to drop me into the ocean, which now reached his hips. I held my breath and closed my eyes, but as son as I rose to the surface, I jumped straight onto Oliver.


*Shawn’s POV*

We were spending the first month of our summer in Portugal to visit family and just disconnect from the world. Aaliyah and I were playing beach tennis on the shore. I liked this beach, not many people came here.
“…I’m going to kill you!” I heard a girl yell, which made me turn around. A guy was carrying this girl out in the water, “I’ll punch you in the face and have you de-balled…” Her words made me laugh. I was also kind of surprised to hear people speaking English here.
“Shawn! I want to play tennis, come on!” Aaliyah yelled from behind me. The small tennis ball lied on the sand right in front of me.
“Yeah, sorry Ali,” I apologized, picking up the round object, starting a new round.
“What were you looking at anyway?” she asked me curiously, standing on her tiptoes to look past me.
“Nothing, it doesn’t matter,” I said, beating the ball to her. She purposely missed it, walking over to me, “Aaliyah, it really doesn’t matter!” She didn’t care what I said and gently pushed me aside to get at look.
“Ohhh, Shawn, are you looking at girls?” She raised her eyebrows at me.
“No,” I answered her bluntly, “she said something about having that guy de-balled, so I had to look.”
“She looks nice” my sister said, pushing her way past me, “I’ll go talk to her.”
“Wha… no, Aaliyah, don’t!” I said to her, but she had already gone. I ran my hand through my hair and sighed. This definitely couldn’t be good, so I didn’t wait around for her, I just went back to our parents.


(A/N: I didn't really proof read this sooo... yea)

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