When We Are Born


1. When We Are Born

When we are born! 

We are done so as head first, as to prepare us with our first lesson of life. Always think with heads first. (A lesson soon forgotten by most.)   When we are born! we are taught our second lesson. That; when we cry, the people closest to us rush to our needs.  (We continue this lesson forever)   When we begin to walk our parents and friends clap as we fall to the ground, somehow celebrating the failure drove us to success.    So now we walk!    Well that was over dramatic, I feel as though something has gone wrong in the birth of today's reckless youth, and the Christian youth, and the drugged up youth, the sex crazed youth, the snapchat youth, which are the same as the sex crazed youth, the fashionistas and the artists. And the dumb drunk kids playing monopoly.    A few weeks ago me and my dumb friends were drunk and playing monopoly, my best friend wrote on the same note that I write this poem, and she wrote 'so basically I'm going to bankrupt myself and give everything to you'    I let her do this far too much in are friendship.    That was off topic, but it was for her,   Back to topic, somethjng went wrong!   So let us fix it, all in unison, like some kind of fucked up Macarena! Let's begin,    Remove the fingers that typed the lies behind a mask of cookies and codes, tear off the wrists that are more failed art than body part, use your stump elbows to get rid of your arms that reached for confirmation. Throw them away, into the trash can of your competence! Leave each food at the door step there's nowhere to go, quite frankly there's no poetic reason for the removal of your legs, but you don't really need them without feet...   Stab yourself in the back and rip out your spline you no longer need to stand up for yourself, what is the point of lungs if they are corrupted by everything you speak, no shave your hair to get to your brain and throw it away with everything else because your brain is more v'day than matter, remove your tongue so you can't sing love songs   Gauge out your fucking eyes, because your warranty doesn't account for water damage. while you're at just remove all that is left until you are just a heart.    Now that we have accomplished that, put it back all that you have torn exactly where it went, it made you who you are, and once you have done this, try not to forget all you learnt when we are born!
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