Starting New

Kim moves to Australia to be with her best friend. She meets this cute boy that she can't stop thinking about. His red hair is absolutely memorizing and she can't help but hope he likes her back.


17. Take me back?

kim's POV:

After the whole scene that just happened I run off into my room on the verge of tears. I shut my doors and throw myself onto my bed. I hear  the door open but don't check to see who it is assuming it's Mia. The person sits next to me and starts sitting me up. Since i thought it was Mia i sat up only to find out that it's Michael, great! 


I stand up to leave but Michael grabs my hand and sits me back down. I look down at the floor afraid to look up. Apparently Michael doesn't like that so his hand reaches for my chin and lifts my head up so that I'm staring directly into his eyes, his beautiful beautiful eyes! "Kim I'm really sorry that I didn't give you a chance to explain the other day, I realize I was an idiot and I let my emotions get the best of me," he says staring into my eyes. I know I said I wanted to move on but who am I kidding I love this kid. "Michael look I understand why you didn't want to hear me out, he's your best friend and I would have probably reacted the same way honestly, but i just wish you had at least listened to me. relationships only work if we have trust in each other" I reply truthfully. "I was a fool to think I could possibly forget and replace you," Michael confesses. "Yea well I tried to and I completely failed," I tell him. "What about that Alex kid?" He asks me. I laugh a bit," yea no! He's nice and all but honestly not really my type" I tell him. I can probably guess what he's thinking,"if you're wondering if I had sex with him last night, I didnt! Yea we went back to his place but he was so wasted that the second he hit the bed he was out cold." I see Michael smile a bit. 


The next thing I knew Michael smashed his lips on mine and my body went weak. I completely surrendered my body to him. Our lips moved in sync as my hands went to his hair and his around my waist. I pulled slightly on his hair and moans escaped his mouth. His tongue slid against my bottom lip and I granted him access right away. This kiss was both passionate and full of lust. 

 After our make out session Michael asks me to be his girlfriend again and I say yes. "Michael what about Calum?" I ask him. "We can't really ignore him forever, he is our friend after all." He looks lost for words. "Yea I guess your right" he answers me. We talk about this for a while and decide to forgive him and we agree that we need to find him a girlfriend. We walk back into the living room and sit on the couch. Luke clears his throat, "so? Are you back together or nah?" He asks. Me and Michael smile before answering, "yea!" Everyone seems happy except for Calum, "Calum, me and Kim have talked about it and we both forgive you, as long as you never do it again," Michael tells Calum he seems to smile a little at the news that we forgive him. "Yes! Please. I promise to never do it again. I just don't want to lose you guys as friends. Your the best thing to have ever happened to me." He says.


At around 11pm they all leave and Mia and I head to bed. I work in the morning and so does Mia. I fall asleep almost instantly and happy at the fact that me and Michael are back together.

*next morning*

I wake up to the annoying sound of my alarm. i turn it off and get out of bed, the struggle is real! i showered last night before bed so i decide against showering this morning. I'm feeling great this morning for some reason so i decide to wear a dress :O. Its white and purple, strapless and short but its not tight so i feel every comfortable. i wear my white wedge heels, straighten my hair, put eyeliner mascara and lip stick on. I grab my cellphone and head off to work. I notice that i still have about 20 minutes before work so of course i stop at Starbucks! Venti passion fruit lemonade, sweetened here i come! (btw that my favorite drink, never get tired of it) 

*skip work because work is work and its boring* 





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