Starting New

Kim moves to Australia to be with her best friend. She meets this cute boy that she can't stop thinking about. His red hair is absolutely memorizing and she can't help but hope he likes her back.


81. Lauren

Calum's POV:

After Lauren agreed to go on a date with me I jump off the bed, that's right I faked the hurt ankle but Lauren doesn't need to know that. Everyone's meeting at Kim and Michael's for a small BBQ and I head on over there. I head to the back yard and see everyone's already there.


"Hey Calum what kept you?" asks Luke. I smile like an idiot, "I met a girl on my way home. And she promised to go on a date with me." I tell them. "Aww Calum finally has a girlfriend." Says Ashton. I glare at him, "She's not my girlfriend, at least not yet." I tell him. "Well I think its sweet that Calum has found a girl he likes." Kim says. "Thank you Kim." I say and then shoot daggers at everyone else.


"Hey I know. Why don't you invite her over to the BBQ, what's her name?" suggests Michael. I think for a second, "Well he name is Lauren and you know what I think I will invite her." I say as I take out my phone and start texting her. She says she'll be over soon and we all continue talking.


Kim and Michael are so cute, Michael kneels down every so often to kiss Kim's stomach. I hear the doorbell ring and go to answer it and walk Lauren to the backyard. I introduce her to everyone and they all seem to get along well. Lauren and I get to know each other and I find out that she's an only child and has moved from England to Australia a couple of years ago but was home school and that's why id never seen her before.


At the end of the day everyone goes home and I walk Lauren home. I reach out for her hand and she doesn't pull away, we walk hand in hand until she stops in front of what I'm guessing is her house. "I had a great time Calum, your friends are great and funny." She says smiling. I'm glad she enjoyed herself, "Well thanks for going, I really like you and I'm glad you got along with my friends." I tell her. "Well I should head inside, see you later Calum." She says before kissing me on the cheek and walking inside.


Damn I really like this girl.


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