Starting New

Kim moves to Australia to be with her best friend. She meets this cute boy that she can't stop thinking about. His red hair is absolutely memorizing and she can't help but hope he likes her back.


75. Dun-Dun-Dun!!!!!!

Last update. Maybe it's Friday and I don't have plans. I have more chapter pre written so I may or may not post them. 

Also take this opportunity, you guys should definitely Ready Out of My Limit, by cream&SUGAR its my favorite at the moment 👌

Kim's POV:

Michael I'm..... pregnant!!! I tell him. Michael's eyes widen, "you're pregnant? For how long? What this is amazing! I can't believe I'm gonna be a dad!" he says happily and shocked. "Well now its about a month and a half." I tell him. Michael runs over to me and embraces me in a long hug before giving me the longest most passionate kiss ever.


His expression suddenly turns serious, "Kim why would you think I would leave you just because you were pregnant? I would never do that, I love you Kim." He tells me while holding my hand. I guess its time to come clean on my other secret.


Damn Kim has a lot of secrets!!!!!!!!! Almost as much as the Pretty Little Liars! Lmao xD

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