Starting New

Kim moves to Australia to be with her best friend. She meets this cute boy that she can't stop thinking about. His red hair is absolutely memorizing and she can't help but hope he likes her back.


59. Ankle

Michael's POV:

We all came to cheer Kim on and the team. They were doing great and with 2 minutes left the score was tied 2-2. Kim and Katy are both moving to make another goal, Katy has the ball but then gets surrounded by the other team's players. She kicks the ball forward and Kim rushes to it, she kicks the ball and we all watch it soar into the net, we look expecting to see Kim cheering but instead we see her on the ground. The screens replay the kick and you can clearly see Kim's foot interact with the other persons foot.


Kyle's POV:

That collision looked like it really hurt, we all stare at disbelief towards Kim. I've never seen that look on my sister's face. she can handle pain very well but right now she's not. We all rush down but Kim's driven out before we can get to her.


Calum's POV:

We all saw Kim score the goal but it wasn't until we saw the goal replay that we noticed Kim got hurt. We all stare at her and we can tell she's in pain. This can't be good, I've been injured before but not that bad, and especially not when this is her career. This could be really bad.


Michael's POV:

The paramedics make their way over to Kim and lift her up to the stretcher, at this point we all rush out of our seats to the field. Kim's rushed out of the field and we all head to the cars to follow her. We arrive at the hospital and are told that she's being taken care off and have to wait.


The rest of the team and coach walk in and wait with us. About an hour later a doctor walks out, "Kim Johnson?" he asks. Kyle and I walk up to the doctor, "Yes doctor what's wrong?" we both ask anxiously. "Well luckily it was only a sprain and not broken, now that would have been bad for her career. She will have a brace to hold the ankle in place and crutches for about 2 months. She's being discharged right now but we recommend she spend the least amount of time on her foot. Also she will have therapies to attend." The doctor tells us before walking away.


We all sigh in relief. A couple of minutes later Kim walks out on her crutches, the coach beats us to her. "Kim thanks for winning us the game and we're really sorry about your ankle. We decided to give you the trophy and game ball. Don't worry about you leg, you get paid up until the recovery period is over and then after that if doctors decide you can't play that's when you stop getting paid. " the coach tells her.


The rest of the team all give her balloons, flowers, etc... then we walk up to her. We all hug her, we all ask her if she's ok and she says yes but that she wants to go home. I take her crutches and give them to Kyle, she gives me a weird look before I pick her up bridal style and start walking. She's about to to protest but I interrupt her, "Don't you think about saying no, you're being carried by me to the car and anywhere else I feel like carrying you too." I tell her joking. She gives up and rests her head on my chest, she so cute.

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