Starting New

Kim moves to Australia to be with her best friend. She meets this cute boy that she can't stop thinking about. His red hair is absolutely memorizing and she can't help but hope he likes her back.


15. Alex

Kim's POV:

Alex shows up at my door with my purse that I forgot at his house last night, or should I say this morning. I get up and walk towards the door. I grab Alex's hand and lead him to my room past everyone. If Micheal thinks I'm a cheater than I'm gonna make him regret letting me go! 

I close the door to my room and lead Alex to the bed. "Thanks for returning it" I tell him. He smiles, " yea no problem but you know, me returning it was on an excuse to see you again." He says. Aw that's so cute! We smile at each other. He's really cute and charming but I can't help think about Michael. I really liked Michael. Alex grabs my hand and I snap out of my thoughts. I look up at Alex, deep down I know that I will always want Michael but he's got no intention of taking me back so I make a move with Alex. 

I move closer to him and then crash my lips onto his. There's no fireworks or Sparks like there was with Michael but the kiss isn't that bad. He looks at me surprised and then crashes his lips onto mine again. We make out for a while and things start to get heated, he's laid me down on my back and he's on top of me. I can here the television from the living room in my room and i can tell that the guys have moved from watching movies to playing FIFA. I'm suddenly startled by someone screaming GOAL!! We separate and then talk about random things. He leaves about an hour later and I head back into the living room after I fix my appearance so it's not noticeable that i just had a make out session with Alex. I sit back in my spot and watch the guys playing FIFA. I can feel Michael's eyes on me, I turn to look at him and he looks away. Yea that's what I thought! Lol 😂 


Michael's POV:

I've never seen this kid before, I don't like him. I wonder if him and Kim did it last night. No Michael stop it you have to get over her! Kim stands up and leads him to her room, that angers me more and I can't concentrate on the movie anymore, all I can think about is what they're doing behind closed doors. It's been two weeks already and I've never wanted Kim back more than ever right now.

After what seems like forever he leaves and Kim walks back into the living room, she sits back in her spot and watches Luke and Ashton play their round of FIFA. 


Mia's POV:

This is really awkward, no ones talking and I can tell Michael's jealous of that Alex kid. His faced turned really red when Kim lead Alex into her room. I know Kim didn't kiss Calum back but I wonder if Michael knows that, or if our dearest friend Calum "forget" to mention that. 

Kim walks back into the living room and it's even more awkward. "Hey Kim, do you think you could go to the store and get some snacks? I'm sure we're all pretty hungry" I ask her. "Um yea sure, Luke would you come with me I'm still learning my way around this place?" She asks Luke. He just nods and gets up. 

Luke's POV: (surprise)

I've been waiting for an opportunity to talk to Kim alone because I feel like Calum's hiding something that has to do with the break up and I need to find out. I follow her to the car and we get in. "Kim will you tell me what happened that caused the break up?" I ask her. "I'm pretty sure you already know Luke," I stare at her, " well yea, Calum and Michael's version but I want to hear yours!" I tell her. She stares at me and sighs, "Fine! So you know I have that tryout in less than two weeks so i thought I'd head to the park to practice, after a while Calum shows up and offers to help me. He said he'd play before and i could easily tell from his skills that he had. When I told him that it was almost time for me to go to work we sat down and i gathered my things to leave, as i started to walk away he reached out for my arm and pulled me into his embraced and kissed me, Luke i swear to you i did NOT kiss him back." she tells me.


"Is that it?" i ask her. "No, then Michael comes over to us and punches Calum in the face. then he turns to me and yells at me that we're over. i try to explain to him that I didn't kiss Calum but he wouldn't hear me out so i burst into tears and ran home." she tells me with a sad face. That little sneak I don't think its a coincidence that he forgot to mention that Kim didn't kiss him back. We arrive at the store and head inside. We decided to get chips and popcorn, along with sodas and some gummy worms. we pay for everything and head back to her and Mia's place. I'm gonna have to have a little chat with our dear friend Calum.

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