Shame On Me(oneshot)

"Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me"

There some friends you you could trust and not trust or believe at all it Doarha didn't know it and this is the outcome in her point of view

 (Cover by: Dreadful_Vamp:wattpad) Story on wattpad and miss literati


1. Shame On Me

I looked at the cop at as he locked me inside this sickening sentence for life.I slide down the  bars as warm tears fell down my face. I bet you’re wondering why and how I got in jail it depends if you’re ready for a long sickening story .I guess at first I should have not to done what I did in the first place but I guess you could tell I disdained my kindness and how I was back then. So, anyway  let me start from the beginning. It all started with my best friend, Ashton. We've been since we were two years old.I guess you could say it was like in the movies. Except as the years went on Ashton began  to act differently to the point why where at 12th grade he  barely hangs out with me anymore.This  story first begins with us at school trying to or me trying to ask him to hang out like olds Times. A Year before.... "Ashton please hang out with me". I asked for about the thousandth him. Like usual he ignores me, I tapped his shoulder and nothing he goes on .He promised me that he'll come after school in class said that we had to talk.So, why is he now acting like this ?. I frowned and walked home.I did my usual hello's to everyone as I  walked towards my driveway. Then I heard someone yelled,"Stop moving so you could make me feel more comfortable when I kill you". Then suddenly I see him at my door, he had this huge deep frown on face as he held a gun in front of his face. I gasped before he grabbed my leg when I tried to run away from him. I screamed before I felt him grabbed me by the hair. He pressed something cold against my skin. "Let go of the girl !" a police officer said, Except he didn't let go he just tightened his grip on me.He slashed me once ,twice before he was pulled off me.  I cried and murmured," You fooled me once now shame on you " as they handcuffed him and shoved him into the car . Six months later... I had forgotten about you-know-who now before I saw him back. Who bailed out that loser I thought .He smirked at me as I scurried away from him. "Please trust me your my best friend for life." He tried again for my forgiveness, but I didn't want to trust him but at the same time he was right . I was his best friend and best friends don't give up on each other."I'll you an answer after school Before we leave" I said before walking away leaving him and his dumbstruck look . I guess you know what I said to him, I forgave him. His parents said that he ran out of jail and that I shouldn't trust him. Even my other friends,parents,and siblings said the same we exact thing but I never Believed them.I wished I did . It was 9'o clock and it was Ashton's 18 birthday. He promised me that he had a surprise for me at first I honestly hesitated . "Remember the last time you were alone with him he tried to you ", the little voice in my head said. I ignored it as I saw him there I also hoped he asked me a out today , I mean I showed that I liked a lot. I open the door and he was at a table. Then I walked over to him as I say down. I looked down at my plate to see my utensils there was two spoons , a fork and a knife . My heart started to beat faster . "Here's my gift to you from me", he said . "No you don't have to give me anything it's your birthday " "No I insist " he smirked before he stabbed himself and groaned I screamed and he threw knife in my hands as he died slowly but surely.I cried as I am pulled off him. " Doarha George Denim,you are hereby sentence to life for the  murder of Ashton Liam Henson.'" The judge says as he  dismisses the case Now ... I sat in the  corner of the jail Cell, and cried . I'm never getting of out this never. Then I thought Ashton fooled me once , shame on him.  He fooled me twice now , shame  on me .
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