Just Breathe

Ivy hasn't had the best of luck. It seems like every time life starts to begin to look or feel good, it's ripped from her hands. She can't seem to rid herself from her past and move forward. Like usual, her life was going great till a disaster strikes with a bigger wake than the first. She's at a standstill not knowing what to do next or how to move on. To make matters worse, Blake Kingston the most arrogant jerk she's had the pleasure to have met will be living with her. When life keeps beating down will Ivy remember to just breathe or get crushed in the moment?


1. 10 years ago

Nothing and I mean nothing could ruin my excitement! I'm about to be twelve years old and I get to spend this monumental weekend with two people who I love the most; mom and dad. We're the three amigos. I'm not like most kids, I've never grown out of the "I love my parents" stage and into the "I'm way too cool for them" because let's be honest they're way cooler than me!

It's roughly six o'clock at night and we're on our way to Four Peaks Hotel in Aspen. My parents finally caved after almost a month of begging to go here so I can finally learn how to snowboard the higher parts of the mountain! The joys of being twelve is I finally get to do more "grown up" things. Instead being the only sixth grader whose stuck on the beginner level back on the slopes at home, I'll get to be just like every one of my friends! They'll be just as excited as me!

"Ivy girl, are you excited for tomorrow?" Dad said with this funny grin on his face. He still thinks I have no clue where we're going.. Jokes on him though.

"Ya! I bet I'd even be more excited if you would just tell me where we're going anyways.." I tired to persuade.

"Well then honey it wouldn't be a surprise then would it" mom says all rationally while giving me her "I know how you feel" smile. Mom is like me; both as equally impatient to know surprises or basically anything kept secret. Slowly, I just sit back in my seat and smile watching my parents continue on into their original conversation. Gosh, I just adore everything about them. I'm a total romantic or as my mom likes to call it love obsessed. You can't blame a girl whose parents are the prefect example of love I want.

One of my favorite stories of when my mom and dad were dating was the story of how they met. My dad was at a party and saw the most gorgeous girl he's ever laid eyes on. She was a tall blonde with the most gorgeous blue eyes anyone could see, or so that's how my dad tells it. Anywho, he tired all night to get up the courage to talk to her. Finally once he convinced himself that you only need five seconds of insane stupidity of courage he walked right up to her. Just as he was about to say his name, that brazen young girl smiled and said "about damn time you came over" and well, the rest of that night was history.

When you look at me, I'm not your typical blonde. All you see is an average girl with long blonde hair with the bright green eyes. I'm the perfect mix of both my mother and my father, or so that's what they say. Its the mix of "true love" I think they're just trying to be what they call nice parents.

A couple of hours go by and it's completely dark outside and starting to rain. I figured we'd almost be there by now.. "Mom, how much longer till we're there? I'm starving, tired, and my butt is starting to get numb!" Mom chuckles to herself, "Hun were about an hour away, think your butt can make it?" Now dad is busting up and as hard as I try to look mad, I can't. I end up laughing my head off along with them.

We're still laughing, when suddenly it feels like time has stopped. Bright lights are blinding my vision. Dad is trying to move away from the light while moms screaming at dad to watch out. One second goes by and all I hear is a loud crash. Next I know, I feel cold, freezing cold like I'm outside. Wait, am I outside? Where's mom and dad? Sirens are all I can hear.. Why can't I move? Where's my parents? Why can't I make any noises?!

I'm starting to panic when my moms face appears out of nowhere. She looks beaten and blood stained on her shirt and face. Relief washes over me knowing at lest she's okay. My vision is starting to get blurry, and the last words I hear are "I love you sweat heart, be strong please. Know we'll always be with you" then everything goes black.

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