Continue of Cuts

This is the continuation of Cuts. Now that Sherlock is at home safe, what will happen to the gang? What new evils will pop up?


8. Chapter 7

A little while later, I sit up and shake my head. No I wouldn’t think like that. I needed to get out of here. I could deal with Irene later. I grab my notebook and start planning my escape.

Plan for escape

Step one: find out the times Sebastian comes in

Step two: find out the times when others come in

Step three: attack one of these people as the they come in

Step four: find way out

I put my notebook away. I start looking around for something to help me knock out someone. I look under the bed and see nothing. I look at the TV and see a DVD player. I could lift that and knock someone out. Now it was time to do step one and two.

Over the next few days, I collected my data.


Comes in at 9 a.m. 2 p.m. and 9 p.m.


Cook comes in at 8 a.m. 12 p.m. and 5 p.m.

I could over power the cook. She was weaker than Sebastian. I just needed to get out of the building before Sebastian got me. I was planning on running at 8 a.m. Hopefully Sebastian was still asleep since he always looked like he just woke up when he comes to see me at 9. I needed this plan to work. I needed out have here.

The next day, I wake up at 7 a.m. I get dressed in an outfit that I could run fast in. I grab the DVD player at 7:50. I stand by the door way and wait for her to come in. She comes in at 8 a.m. like every other day and I hit her over the head and catch her as she falls. “Sorry.” I whisper. I see some keys hanging from her waist band and I grab them. I lay her down and leave the room. I shut the door and look around. One way lead to a t shaped hallway and the other way lead down very far. I bite my lip and run towards the T-shaped hallway. I look down both ways and see a door to the left. I run to it and see it is labeled kitchen. “Idiot.” I rush inside and shut the door softly. I look around and don’t see anyone. That woman must be the only one. I look around and see some food lying around. I look and find a bag. I grab some food and put the bag on my back. I look around and see a window. I run over and get on the counter that is under the window. I open the window and look out. Not a far jump down. I could make it. I move my legs up to the window and slide out the window. I land on my feet and look around. There were forest in the distant. I start running towards the forest.

“Stop her!” I hear behind me. I look back as I run and see Sebastian at the door of the building and three men running after me.

“Shit.” I say softly and run faster. If I get to the forest, I could hide. I couldn’t look back without falling, so I didn’t know how close the men were. I try to run faster and finally get into the forest. I keep running and start looking for places to hide. I see a tree with some low branches. I grin and jump up. I get on the first branch and start climbing. I get half way up the tree when I hear the men approaching. I stop climbing and rest on a branch. I look down and see the men running past my tree. I let out a breath. Now, I just need to wait it out. I wonder where I was. I look around and frown. I start climbing up higher. I get to the top and look around. I couldn’t see anything. I needed to get to a town or a house. Somewhere I could call someone. I start climbing down and rest on the branch I was on before. I pull the bag off my back and look inside. I had grabbed a couple things of bread and a thing of jam. John would have been happy. I frown. John. I missed him. I missed everyone. I sigh and eat a little bread. I would wait till night and then go.

After the sun sets, I slowly climb down the tree. I didn’t hear the men walk back past my tree so they might still be in here. I couldn’t let them find me. I wouldn’t let them take me back. I slowly start walking through the forest, keeping an eye out for the men. After thirty minutes of walking, I hear someone walking. I freeze and hide behind a tree. I hear them laugh. “You can come out.” I frown and shake my head. I wouldn’t get tricked. “Come on. Calliah, that’s your name, right?” He asks. After a couple seconds, I hear the person start walking towards the tree. “I am not going to take you back. I want to help.” I shake my head. He wasn’t going to trick me. I wouldn’t go back. As the man walks around the tree, I walk the other way and try to feel for something to knock him out with. My hand presses against a branch. It wasn’t that big, but maybe I could knock him out. He comes into my view and I swing the branch and he catches it and rips it out of my hands. “Nice try.” He says and smiles.

“Leave me alone. I’m not going back there!” I say and start going backwards.

He smiles softly. “And I’m not going to make you. If I was, we would be half-way there already.”

I frown and look for another branch. “You aren’t going to trick me. I don’t believe you.”

“Calliah, please believe me. I’m part of MI6.” He says. I stop and look at him. “I can prove it.”

“Okay, go on and prove it.” I say softly. He gets out his wallet and gets out a card. He holds it out to me. I look at him and then the card.

“It doesn’t bite. I swear.” He jokes.

I slowly reach out and snatch it from him. I walk back more and look at it. It was a MI6 ID. I look up at him. “Why are you there if you work with MI6?” I ask.

He reaches out for the badge and I hand it back. “To get you. Mycroft Holmes put a reward for you and I need the money. Some of these guys I knew have friends in there. They were talking about this Sebastian guy and then on the letter, it said that you were taken by a Sebastian. I thought I would take a look and see what if you were here.”

“Mycroft is still looking for me?” I ask softly.

“Yes, he is worried. I see him from time to time, and he is worse than before he was married. You need to get back to him.” He says.

I nod. “Fine, but if you are tricking me, I will kill you.” I say.

He chuckles and nods. “I swear.” I nod. “We need to go this way. I sent the other two men in the wrong direction. They will be out here for hours.” We start walking, him leading me to hopefully safety.

After thirty minutes of walking, I look at him. “You know my name, but I don’t know yours.”

“Matthew. Matthew Branson.” He says.

I nod. “Why do you need the money? You said earlier that you were doing this for the money.”

“My wife. She wants kids and a house. My pay could only afford one. The amount Mycroft is offering could give us that and more.” He explains.

I nod. “How long do we have to walk?”

“Not long. We should be in a town in twenty minutes. There we will call someone and sleep for the rest of the night.” He explains and I nod.

True to his word, in twenty minutes we got to a small town. I saw a pub and run to it. The faster I get to that pub, the fast I get back to Mycroft. I get inside and rush to the counter. I bang on it to get attention. An old man comes over. “What can I do for you?”

“A phone please. I need to make a call.” I say and he nods. He goes in the back and comes back out with a phone. “Thank you sir.” He leaves and I look at the phone. I dial the home number and wait.

“H-Hello?” Someone says.

“Hello? Is Mycroft Holmes home?” I ask.

“He is asleep. May I ask who is calling?” The person asks.

“His wife. Calliah.” I say.

“C-Calliah?” The person asks.

“Yes. Who is this?” I ask.

“It’s Anthea. Oh my… Hold on. I’m going to get Mycroft.” She says and I hear the phone getting set down.

I smile at Matthew as he sits down. “I got you a room.” I nod.

“Hello? Calliah?” I hear on the phone.

I start crying. “Croft…” I say softly and close my eyes.

“Where are you?” He asks.

I look at Matthew. “Where are we?”

“Two hours south of London. It’s a town called Liverspot.” Matthew tells me. I tell Mycroft.

“I will be there in two hours. I am leaving now.” Mycroft says.

“Ask for me at the desk. I will be in my room.” I tell him.

“Okay. Calliah, I love you.” Mycroft says.

“I love you too. Now hurry up and get here.” I say and we hang up. I place the phone on the counter and put my head in my hands.

“Are you okay?” Matthew asks.

I look up and grin. “Better than okay. I get to see my husband and baby.”

He grins. “Let me show you to your room. We will lock the windows and I will guard the door.”

I nod and we go up to my room. I was nothing special but I wouldn’t be here long. We lock the windows and pull the curtains closed. “I will be right outside the door. Just yell if you need anything. Maybe try and get some sleep.”

I nod and hug him softly. “Thank you Matthew.” He nods and leaves. I lock the door and check in the bathroom and under the bed. I wasn’t taking any chances. I sit on the bed and turn on the TV. I didn’t want to sleep but I was so tired. I feel asleep after a couple of minutes.

I feel the bed sink down and I push the person off of the bed. “Ouch.” I hear. I open my eyes and see Mycroft sitting on the floor by my bed. I grin and rush to him. I hug him and we fall backwards. I kiss him deeply and he kisses back. He wraps his arms around me and pulls be closer to him. I pull my head back and grin.

“Croft.” I say softly.

“Calliah.” He says. I grin and kiss him again. He kisses back. We hear a cough and look up. Matthew was standing there, looking at us, with his hands on his hips.

“Hi Matthew.” I say and grin. He smiles at us and laughs.

Mycroft pulls us up but keeps his arms around me. “Matthew, I cannot thank you enough for helping Calliah get out of that place and help her get home. We will get your money, and if you ever need anything, do not be afraid to ask. You are in my debt.” He says and holds one hand out to me. Matthew shakes it and I grin at them. Mycroft looks down at me. “Ready to go home?”

“More than anything.” I say and he picks me up. He carries me out to the car and sets me inside. He climbs in after me and Matthew follows in. I lean against Mycroft and he holds me all the way home. We drop off Matthew at his house and finally go home. 

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