Continue of Cuts

This is the continuation of Cuts. Now that Sherlock is at home safe, what will happen to the gang? What new evils will pop up?


12. Chapter 11

I go over to Sherlock and place a hand on Sherlock’s arm. “Sherlock? What’s wrong? Do you know this guy?” Sherlock ignores me and just looks at the man, who I am guessing is Victor Trevor. I look at Mycroft and see that he is glaring at the man. “Mycroft?” He also ignores me. I roll my eyes and walk to the man. “Who are you? Mycroft hates you, Sherlock is shocked to see you, so I am going to say a person from their past. Someone who left without notice. I know a lot about their past, but I have never heard of a Victor Trevor, which means you are someone who shouldn’t be here.”

He smirks. “You are a smart cookie.” He says and holds out a hand. I raise an eyebrow and cross my arms. “So not a happy cookie. Like I said, I’m an old friend. Sherlock and I have known each other since we were ten. I was in school with him. We were in University together before Mr. Holmes” He glares at Mycroft and then looks back at me. “had me leave. He didn’t like me and got rid of me.”

“You were giving Sherlock drugs! And taking advantage of him!” Mycroft yells.

Everyone in the house goes quiet and I look back. Everyone was staring at us. I look back at the boys. “Maybe we should take this somewhere private.” I say and take Sherlock’s and Mycroft’s hand. I look at everyone and smile. “We will back soon. Don’t worry.” They all look at me and I just smile. I look Victor. “Shut the door behind you and follow.” I tell him and drag the boys to Mycroft’s office. I sit Sherlock down in one of the chairs, and lead Mycroft to his desk. I sit him down and kiss his head. I grab the gun from under his chair and the one in his desk drawer. He glares at me and I smirk. “I am not going to let you kill him… yet.” I whisper to him and stand up. I put on gun in the safe and hold the other one. Victor comes in. “Shut the door and sit on the chair, on the opposite side of the room.” I say and sit on the desk. He looks at me, sees the gun and nods. He walks over to the chair and sits. “Why have you come back?”

“I have been hearing about Sherlock for a while, through the papers. I wanted to come then but I was worried. Worried that he wouldn’t remember me, worried that he was dead, and worried that Mr. Holmes would kill me dead.” He explains.

I nod. “What was your relationship with Sherlock in university?”

“We were lovers.” He says and looks at Sherlock.

I turn to Sherlock. “Is this true?”

He looks at me and gets up. “Flower. Can I talk to you in my room?”

I nod and get up. I go over to Mycroft and smirk. He looks at me worried. I grab the cuffs out of his desk drawer and cuff him to the chair. “Don’t want you to do something that you would regret.” I say and wink. He glares at me and I walk over to Victor. I bring out two more pairs of cuff and cuff him to the chair.

“You know, I’m not one that goes for girls, but for you I would make an exception.” He says and winks at me.

“That’s my wife you ass!” Mycroft yells at him.

“You married him?” Victor asks me as I stand up.

“Yes I did. I love a man in uniform.” I say and wink at Mycroft.

“I would put on a uniform for you baby.” Victor says and winks at me.

I roll my eyes. “You wouldn’t be able to handle me love.” I say and walk over to Sherlock. I take his hand and we go to his room. I sit on his bed and look at him. “What happened between you two?”

Sherlock sighs and sits down by me. “I did meet him when we were ten. We were lovers. He hasn’t said a lie.” He says softly. I take his hand and squeeze it. He smiles softly and squeezes it back. “He was the only person to accept me for me until I met you and John. He liked my deductions and we even made games with it. He was my best friend. Mycroft was going off to university so I spent all my time with him. Once we got to university, he told me that he was a homosexual and he was in love with me. I didn’t know what I wanted. I was just confused. I told him that and he was okay with it. After that he took me to some parties…”

“Wait, you were a partier?” I interrupt.

He rolls his eyes. “He took me to some parties. He and a couple of other guys were doing cocaine and Victor wanted me to try some. At first, I said no. I knew that it wasn’t safe or good for the brain. He eventually talked me into it. It was… remarkable.” He says and closes his eyes. “I wanted to get that high again and again. The drug slowed my brain down for a while and made me normal.”

“You are normal Sherlock.” I say softly. He looks at me and smiles softly.

“I liked taking it after a while and I was addicted. After I got high, Victor would lead me to a room and we would have relations. And it was nice. I had someone who loved me and wanted to be with me. I felt accepted for once. We did that for about a year. We would go to parties, get stoned, and have relations. It was a pattern and I enjoyed myself. I fell in love with him. I fell hard Calliah.” He says and looks at me. I could see the pain in his eyes. I move closer and hug him tightly. He hugs me back and sighs. “After class one day, I go back to my dorm and see Mycroft sitting on my bed. He had gotten rid of Victor. He offered him money and Victor took it. I was alone again. I went to rehab and then came here and joined Lestrade with the cases. I haven’t seen him since the night before he left.” He finishes.

I stay silent and let everything sink in. “Wow.”

“Are you ashamed of me?” He asks softly.

I frown and look up. “Why would I be ashamed?”

“I had relations with a man.” He says and looks away.

I sigh and get on my knees. I move his head so he was looking at me. “I would never be ashamed of you. I don’t care who you had relations with. I don’t care who you love. I just want you happy. I don’t care what you did, well I do hate that you did cocaine, but it is in the past. I care about your future and how he is affecting you now. Do you want him gone?”

He looks at me and sighs. “No. I should talk to him.”

I nod. “I can’t believe Mycroft would do that… Wait yes I could.”

“And you married him.” He says and smirks at me.

“I have a thing for uniforms.” I say and smirk back.

“Oh I know.” He says and stands up. I stand up and take his hand. He smiles down at me and pulls me to him. “If you weren’t my sister Calliah, I would treat you like a queen.”

“I already am treated like one.” I say and smile.

He nods and we go back to the room. I smirk when I see Mycroft trying to getting his cuffs off. “Oh love, you won’t be able to get out of that. I made sure of it.” He looks up at me and glares.

“Let me out Calliah.” He demands.

I smirk and go over to Victor. I kneel down and remove his cuffs. “Sherlock wants to talk to you. That is the only reason I am not making you leave.” I look at Sherlock. “Do you want us to leave? Or you to leave?”

“No stay. I need my flower.” He says and smiles. I nod and go over to Mycroft. I smirk at him and sit on his lap.

“Let me out of these cuffs Calliah.” He demands.

“Nope. Not yet.” I say and kiss his head softly. “Don’t want to have to bail you out of jail.” He groans and I look at Sherlock and Victor. “Okay talk.”

Sherlock roll his eyes and turns to Victor. “Why did you leave?”

“Because Mycroft told me to.” Victor says.

“And you just did as your were told?” Sherlock asks.

“He threatened me and paid me.” Victor says.

“How much?” I ask. Sherlock looks at me and shakes his head. “Sorry. No comments from the peanut gallery.”

Sherlock nods and looks back at Victor. “But yes, how much?”

“A million dollars.” Victor says and shrugs.

“And you came back because you ran out of money?” I ask.

“Calliah.” Sherlock groans.

I frown and gets up. “No, he was your oldest best friend. I know you don’t trust people but you loved him once.” I go over to him. “You will forgive him easier faster than any other person.”

Sherlock sighs and nods. “Fine.” He sits down on the chair. I nod and smile at him.

I turn to Victor with a smirk. “Time for us to talk Victor. So did you come back because you ran out of money?”

“No!” Victor yells. I raise my eyebrow. “I didn’t. I had read about Sherlock in the papers and thought I would try and reconnect.”

“Sure… so what did you do with the money you got?” I ask and cross my arms.

“Finished university, bought a house, lived the nice life. I haven’t had anyone since we broke up.” He says to Sherlock.

“Hey we are talking. Leave Sherlock out of this.” I say and bend down to his level. “Why did you really come back?”

“I just told you!” He yells. I roll my eyes. “I do still have the gun on me. I am not afraid to us it.”

He stares up at me. “Sherlock, where did you find this one? A mental hospital?”

I smirk. “Nope. Mycroft found me on the street.”

“Oh even better. A homeless nut case.” He says.

“Just answer my question, truthfully this time.” I say.

He sighs. “Fine. I gambled all my money away. I still have school debt and need money.”

“So why here?” I ask.

“Well I tracked down Mycroft’s address and figured I could threatened to go back into Sherlock’s life if he didn’t give me money.” Victor says and shrugs.

“You worthless piece of ass.” I hear Mycroft say.

I look at Sherlock and frown. He was looking down. “So you thought you would just you would blackmail Mycroft and leave unnoticed?”

He nods. “Yes.”

I stare at him and sigh. “How much do you need?”

“Calliah! We can’t give him money.” Mycroft says to me.

“How much Victor?” I ask, ignoring Mycroft.

“Half a million.” Victor says.

I nod and go to Mycroft. “Calliah. Don’t give him that money.” Mycroft says as I get out his check book out.

“I want him out of our lives.” I tell him.

“He won’t. Who says he won’t just come back.” Mycroft says.

“I don’t know but this will make him leave for now. It is Mychela’s birthday. I want to go out there and have fun.” I say and go back to Victor. I put the check book in my back pocket and bend down to get in is his face. “I will give you this money, but you will leave and never return.”

“Sure. Yeah.” He says and nods. I stand up and write the check. I hand it over and he grabs it. He stands up and smiles. “Thanks. I’ll be leaving.” He looks at Sherlock and winks. “If you ever want to come back to me, just text me. I know you can find my number.” He looks at me. “You too doll.” He winks and leaves. I follow and make sure he leaves. I go back to the room and sit by Sherlock.  

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