Moony, Padfoot, and Prongslet

Harry being raised by Remus and Sirius after he lives at the Dursleys for 3 years. (Not a Sirius and Remus slash.)


12. Harry's New Friend

Disclaimer- Harry Potter was created by JK Rowling, not lil ole me.

Sorry, I know most everyone liked B, but it's a lot of work. I don't have a whole lot of motivation for this story anymore and I apologize greatly for that. I've gotten dragged into other fandoms and can't find a way out. Send help. 

* * * 

Harry became different ever since his fifth birthday. It was almost like a new start for him: he was more confident around Sirius and Remus and other people in general. Which everyone was thankful for.

November 16, 1985

"Make sure to keep your coat and gloves on, Harry! Hat, too!"

Harry rolled his eyes but didn't let Remus see, "Yes, Uncle Moony." 

"Don't roll your eyes at me Harry James," Remus called, coming into the sitting room from the kitchen. He was drying his hands off with a towel, having just finished the dishes. 

Normally Harry would have panicked at doing something wrong, but now he just blushed at having gotten caught. "Sorry," he apologized, pulling on his gloves. 

"I'll call you back in when dinner's ready. Don't wander too far and stay out of the forest." 

"Yes, Uncle Moony." Harry repeated. He walked out of the door, pulling it shut behind him. Sirius was sleeping in the den, regretting having stayed up late the night before.

Harry ran towards the mini playground Sirius and Remus had set up for him a few weeks ago. He loved it; although, the slide was his favorite. 

Harry ran faster as he got closer to the slide and attempted to run up it. His fingers barely brushed the top of the slide before he fell on his stomach and slid feet first down the slide. With an "Oomph" he landed on the ground. Quickly, he stood up and looked around, desperately hoping no one saw Harry humiliate himself. His bright green eyes scanned the area around him. House, tree, bush, grass, another tree, dog, really big tree, grass-

Harry froze and spun around, nearly knocking himself over. A dog? It wasn't Padfoot, this dog was smaller. More reddish brown then black. The dog was sitting at the outskirts of the forest, about twenty meters away. 

The dog twitched it's ears, snapping Harry out of his frozen state. 

"Uh. Erm. Come here, boy," Harry said softly, patting his knees. He kept his eyes on the dog and patted his knees again. "Here, boy, it's all right. I won't hurt you. Come on."

Slowly, the dog started forward, limping slightly. One of his front legs was tucked up, underneath him.

Harry tilted his head to the side, confused. "Are you okay?" He stepped closer to the dog. Actually, it looked more like a big puppy. "Come on, I won't hurt you." Harry continued to encourage the dog. 

Slowly but surely the dog came closer. When he was about two or three meters away --

"Harry! Get away from the dog!" Remus shouted, running to Harry with Sirius close behind him. 

Startled, Harry looked towards Remus, forgetting about the rust-colored dog. He heard rustling and what he could assume was the canine running away. Harry frowned but decided he had other things to worry about. 

"Are you alright? Did it hurt you?" Sirius asked, checking Harry over for any injuries. Remus stood in a tense, protective stance with his back facing to Harry and Sirius, looking for any signs of his furry red friend. 

Harry found himself swept up into Sirius' arms, who was now standing next to Remus. "Do you see it?"  

"No," Remus replied, watchful eyes scanning the surrounding trees. His eyes, Harry noticed, looked less human and more wolf-like. "I can't hear it either." Harry had forgotten that Remus' hearing was more sensitive than a normal person due to his condition. He turned and looked at Sirius, "Give me Harry and go as Padfoot, see if you can find it. Find out if it has any intentions of coming back."

Harry was handed to Remus, "No, Uncle Padfoot! He wasn't gonna hurt me! Don't hurt him, please." Harry pleaded to Sirius, struggling in Remus' arms. Harry was panicked, his eyes wide and brimming with tears. 

Sirius looked at his, as good as, nephew and felt torn. He needed to make sure that the dog wasn't an animagus and wasn't searching for Harry. But, Harry was so convinced that the dog wasn't bad and Sirius didn't want his godson to despise him for something that was for his own good. Sirius flickered his eyes to Moony, an unspoken conversation between them. 

"Harry, I promise not to hurt it, but I need to make sure he wasn't spying on us. I'll talk to it and see what it -- he -- wanted. I'll be right back, okay?" Sirius stared into Harry's eyes as he said this, hoping he would understand. 

Slowly, Harry nodded and stopped fighting Remus' strong grip. Remus loosened his grip, glad that Harry had decided to cooperate. He was getting too old for this. Sirius nodded at Remus and transformed into Padfoot, trotting towards the trees where they had witnessed the dog disappear. 

Remus looked down at Harry once Padfoot was out of sight. "Hey, Harry?"

"Yes, Uncle Remus?" Harry answered, looking up at Remus with a forlorn gaze.

"How about we make supper for when Sirius gets back? I'll see if we have the ingredients to make some dessert. Cookies? Cake? Pie? Brownies? Your choice." Harry's mood brightened at the suggestion and he quickly forgot about why Sirius was gone, which was exactly what Remus was hoping for.

* * *

"HARRY JAMES," Remus mock-shouted, looking at his godson.

Harry looked wide-eyed up at his uncle, willing himself to look innocent; which he dearly hoped would work. 

The kitchen, which had once been painted blue, was now white from floor to ceiling. Somehow, the sack of flour had "exploded." Of course, there was a Remus-shaped outline in front of the oven. 

The two stared at each other before exploding, much the same as the flour had, into laughter. Remus was bent over at the knees, the cabinets supporting his weight so he didn't fall to the floor. Harry was holding his sides and desperately trying not to fall off of the table where he was perched. Tears were streaming down both of their faces, leaving tracks in the flour. This lasted a good ten or so minutes, ending with sore stomachs and faces. 

Once Remus recovered, he pulled his wand out from his pocket and cleaned the kitchen of flour. "Harry," he began, "the flour goes in the bowl." Harry giggled at Remus and pulled out a measuring cup for the flour. Remus glanced at him before rolling his eyes and handing Harry the correct size. Harry blushed then stuck the cup into the flour, under Remus' watchful eye of course, and dumped it in the bowl. 

After lots of careful measuring the cake batter was ready to put in the pan, then the oven -- which had long since been preheated. Remus stopped Harry from pouring the batter in just yet. "How about we make this a little more fun?" He looked to Harry for confirmation, who nodded vigorously. Remus pulled out his wand once more and waved it over the pan. They both laughed more when they saw that Remus had changed the pan to a dog shape which looked scarily similar to Padfoot.

Finally, the cake made it into the oven. Remus set the timer and took a tired Harry to his room. "'M not tired, Uncle Remus." Harry stated.

"Is that so?" Remus looked down at Harry with an eyebrow raised. Harry, who was currently fighting to keep his head up, nodded. "Okay," Remus agreed, setting Harry down. "If you can walk to your room without falling over or stumbling, you don't have to take a nap."

Harry gave Remus a dirty look for suggesting such an absurd idea. He turned around and started to climb the steps with Remus close behind. Harry made it all the way up the stairs, surprising both himself and his adopted uncle, then marched straight into his room and fell on the bed.

"Guess I am tired, Uncle Mooney," Harry mumbled into his pillow before sleep took over.  

* * * 

Harry woke to someone shaking his shoulder and prodding him to wake up. He shifted and squeezed his eyes shut, moaning, "I'm up, I swear." 

"Do you solemnly swear?" A deep voice asked.

Harry lifted his head and looked at Sirius. "Do I what?" He asked, confused at the unfamiliar phrase. 

"A story for another time," Sirius replied. "Come on, Harry, get up." When that didn't work, Sirius bent down and whispered in his ear, "That chocolate cake was really good Harry, too bad there isn't any left. As predicted, it worked. 

"You did what?" Harry asked in a menacing voice. Well, as menacing as a five-year-old can sound. Sirius was attacked by the Mini Marauders and pushed off of the bed landing on his back. They fell on the ground next to him when a wide-eyed Harry appeared over the edge of the bed. 

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry," Harry rambled, nearly falling off of the bed to make sure Sirius was okay. "Are you hurt? Did I hurt you? I didn't mean to, I promise. Please don't be mad," Harry was nearly in tears with worry now, sitting over Sirius and patting him down, checking for bruises or any other injuries. 

"I'm fine, Harry. You didn't hurt me. Come on, Remus is waiting for us," Sirius picked up Harry with ease and headed to the kitchen.

Remus was getting plates from the cabinet (cupboard?) when Sirius and Harry arrived in the kitchen. The cake was sitting on the table, iced to perfection. Probably by magic, not to insult Remus' artistic abilities, but he'd better stick to being the brains.

"Morning sleepyhead," Remus smiled at Harry before walking over and ruffling his already unruly hair. 

"'S not morning," said Harry, stating the obvious. Sirius and Remus chuckled quietly before Remus pointed out that it was an expression, a joke.

"So," Remus clapped his hands together and looked around the room, stopping on the clock. "It's six o'clock. What do we want for supper?"

Sirius and Harry exchanged looks, then grinned.



Again, Sirius and Harry exchanged looks. This time, ones of confusion and horror. "Nooo," Sirius began dramatically. "Not pizza."

Harry looked at Sirius and, just to be safe, Remus with his big, green eyes. Silently pleading to get his way. It wasn't long before Sirius caved and Remus had no problem with either choice. 

About thirty minutes later, the pizza came out of the oven. Harry, now fully awake, helped make it. Sirius took a deep breath and moaned. 

Within seconds, everyone was sitting at the table, a slice of pizza on their plate; well, in Sirius' case, two slices. Remus had to cast a cooling charm so nobody, cough cough Sirius, burnt their mouth. It was a quiet supper until Remus spoke up since Sirius had to much food in his mouth. 

"Harry, Sirius found the dog that we saw earlier." Harry perked up, looking eagerly at Remus then Sirius. 

"Really? Can we keep it? Please please please? I'll take care of it and look after it, I promise," Harry fired question after question at his guardians. He did his best to show off his big green eyes that had yet to be turned down. 

Remus and Sirius looked at each other for a moment before turning to Harry and nodding. Harry grinned widely before jumping down from his chair and running to hug his godfathers in turn. "Thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou," he rambled, extremely giddy with excitement. "Where is he?" 

"Outside," Sirius answered. "I need to run to the store tomorrow and get him some food, a collar, and other things that he may need," -- he bent down to Harry's level -- "or want." Harry giggled and ran to the door. 

"Wait, Harry." Remus called, standing in the doorway of the kitchen. "Don't you want some of that chocolate cake we worked hard on? I'd hate for Sirius and I to eat it all and you not get any." Harry quickly rethought his decision and ran back into the kitchen and sat on his chair. A piece was already on his plate and everyone else's. 

Harry inhaled his slice of cake and downed it with a glass of milk. Without waiting for Sirius or Remus, he jumped down from his chair and raced to the backdoor. He threw it open and ran into the backyard, searching for the beautiful dog. 

Harry jumped when he felt a hand on his shoulder, steering him in the right direction. With a grateful glance upwards, he ran to his new friend. 

* * *

AN- Wow, I feel like an awful person. It's been what? Six months? I'm not sure. Go ahead and throw your rotten tomatoes. I hope these two thousand words are alright and have fulfilled your needs for a while. Thank you for sticking with me through the thick and thin. 

For any of you wondering where this story is going, I am going to do a birthday and then an event that happened between the birthdays. If that confuses you, a birthday is a chapter, then the next one is the event. Some may be multiple events. His eleventh birthday will be included in a sequel (YAY) if I decide to do one. If I don't, it will be included at the end of this story. 

Hugs and kisses (I don't normally do either, but what the hay),

Amber :)

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