Moony, Padfoot, and Prongslet

Harry being raised by Remus and Sirius after he lives at the Dursleys for 3 years. (Not a Sirius and Remus slash.)


3. Chapter 3

Disclaimer- Queen J.K. Rowling owns Harry Potter, not I.

3rd P.O.V. 

With another 'pop', they arrived at their house. Harry smiled happily at the reasonably sized house. They walked up to the door. 

"Ready, Harry?" asked Sirius. Harry nodded and inside they went. Harry smiled, awestruck at the house. It was one of love, not discipline, or hatred. He would love it here. They went through the den, and into the kitchen. 

Remus stopped suddenly. "Harry, are you hungry?" he asked. Harry nodded shyly. "What would you like?"

Harry froze, unsure of what he should say. Remus noticed, "Anything Harry. What sounds good to you?" Harry's eyebrows furrowed together as if he was deep in thought. "Er-" He looked around helplessly. 

"How about a burger?" Harry nodded. Within minutes they were ready. The table was set and Harry wasn't sure what to do. Sirius was already halfway through his burger. "What's the matter Harry?" asked Remus quietly, which caused Sirius to look up. "Dig in, Harry! It's not gonna eat itself!" Harry smiled and ate quietly and neatly; exactly the opposite of Sirius.

Remus froze, he turned to Harry. Hesitantly he asked, "Harry, when did you last eat?" Sirius and Harry froze too. "Umm, what's today, sir?"

"Saturday, the 28th." "Oh," he looked deep in thought. "Tuesday, sir." Harry looked like he was waiting for a scolding or a beating. Sirius and Remus froze with identical looks of horror on their faces. Harry flinched feeling their anger rolling in waves off of them. He did not know that it was not directed at him. 'Good job Harry. They're already angry with you. They'll probably take you back to the Dursley's.' The thoughts made Harry freeze. He learned that, long ago, it was stupid to make hopeful thoughts, they only make you more sad and disappointed when nothing happens. 

Remus unfroze first and looked at Harry. He noticed that the boy looked sad and scared. He reached an arm out to Harry, "Harry?" The small boy looked up and flinched, seeing the arm. "Are you still hungry?" He didn't want to bring the Dursley's back up to Harry, figuring that there would be more time to talk later. Harry nodded then finished his burger. 

Sirius had looked up when Remus began moving towards Harry. He wanted to murder the people who had tortured his godson. He became angry again, then he noticed his godson shift away from him. 'Later,' he told himself.

Harry had finished so Remus waved his wand and cleared the dishes away. Harry was excited to see the rest of the house, though he hid it. Showing too much emotion had always been a bad thing for Harry. Usually it made Uncle Vernon madder. 

~~mini flashback~~

Harry was standing at the stove, trying to make the bacon for breakfast. It was hard for him to see what he was doing, being so young and small.

Uncle Vernon walked in, making Harry jump. To his horror, the pan got knocked off of the stove, the bacon fell to the floor. Harry knew what was coming, his face was fearful. He was thrown against the wall. He made a whimper. Quiet, but heard, nonetheless. "Boy!!" he roared. "Freaks don't get to whine!" He made his way over to a drawer, pulling out a pocket knife (AN- Warning, abuse). He picked Harry up and made his way to the bathroom. Pulling up Harry's shirt, he saw the words that were already carved there. When he was finished, the words 'freak', 'brat' and 'ungrateful' were added. 

~~end flashback~~

Remus and Sirius saw Harry's eyes glaze over. They began talking about their plans for tomorrow. All of a sudden, Harry whimpered, bringing them back to him. He looked scared and fearful. "Harry, are you alright?" Harry nodded but Remus knew he was lying. Remus decided to change the subject and distract Harry.

"Harry, are you ready to see your room?" Harry looked puzzled. "My woom? Fweaks don't get wooms." said Harry, confused. Sirius tried to contain his rage, but some of it leaked into his voice. "Harry, you are NOT a freak. Alright? The Dursley's are freaks, you are normal. They're just jealous. Do you understand me?" Harry had started to shake when he felt Sirius' anger, but calmed down some when he realized that Sirius was not angry at him. Harry smiled and nodded, he wanted to know what HIS room would look like. His very own room. Harry smiled at that thought. He grabbed Remus' and Sirius' hand, showing that he was ready. They made their way up the stairs.

"Harry, this is my room (first door on right), this one is Remus' (first on left), and this, this is yours." Sirius said, pushing Harry's door open. Harry's jaw dropped, then he grinned. Sirius gently pushed him from the back into the room. Harry looked around his red and gold room, not knowing what the colors meant. He saw toys, books, and a huge bed. There were even clothes his size in the closet and dresser. He wouldn't have to wear Dudley's castoffs. Harry turned around, and asked hesitantly, "Is this awl mine?" 

Remus smiled, "Yes Harry. It's all yours. Now, a bath and then bed." Harry stiffened. 'A bath?!' Harry turned to Sirius, pleading with his eyes to not have to take one. Sirius looked quizzically at Harry, then at Remus. They both wondered what was so bad about a bath. 

"Come on Harry, it'll be quick. Ten minutes tops. Please." Harry knew it was no use. He would have to get a bath, and they would see his scars. Then they would yell that he was a freak and that they should have left them at the Dursley's. That he deserved to be punished. He sighed. 

"Come on Harry, let's get you washed up." Remus held out his hand. Sirius knocked it way. "Nooo Remus! I wanna do it!!" 

Remus laughed, "All right, but next time it's my turn." 

Remus made his way to the den while Sirius helped Harry pick out pajamas, then led him to the bathroom. He shut the door behind him, then turned to Harry. He noticed Harry was very pale, but didn't comment. He began running the water, then turned to Harry. Harry was watching the water, deathly pale and breathing fast. 

Sirius decided to get his mind away from the water for now. He shut off the water. "Come on Harry, let's get you undressed." Harry's head snapped towards him, fear unmistakable in his eyes. "It'll all be over soon." reassured Sirius, as he stepped towards Harry. Harry backed up towards the wall. He saw hurt flicker in his godfather's eyes, but his own emotions were in the way for him to see it. 

Sirius reached Harry and looked him in the eye. "Harry, I'm not going to hurt you." Harry did not fear them hurting him as much as he did them rejecting him. Sirius grabbed the edge of Harry's shirt and he stopped breathing. 'Oh no oh no oh no' he thought, panicking. Harry looked down as Sirius took his shirt off. 

Sirius gasped, horrified. There were so many scars all over his tiny body. He reached towards Harry and traced one of the scars, 'FREAK'. Anger building inside him. He then looked at Harry, tears were falling down his face. Sirius pulled him close and held him until Harry stopped crying. He looked Harry dead in the eye, "Harry, were you scared of me seeing these, or the water." Harry was shocked, Sirius didn't reject him. He had felt the anger coming off of Sirius, but Sirius didn't shout or hit him. Harry whispered, "Bof." 

Sirius wondered what could have happened to him to make him hate baths, but he wasn't going to bring it up now. "How about after the bath, Remus can come help you get dressed then tuck you in? I'll come to tell you good night. Would that be alright?" Harry nodded, he didn't want Uncle Moony to feel left out. 

The bath went by quickly. Sirius tried to ignore Harry's wincing, but it was difficult. He didn't use soap, for fear of it hurting Harry more. When he was finished, Harry felt better. All the dirt and dried blood was finally off of him. He was wrapped in a fluffy towel when Sirius left to get Remus.


"Remus?" Sirius called from the top of the stairs. "Yeah?" Remus called back, walking out of the den. He noticed Sirius' grim look and immediately started to panic, but didn't show it. Remus walked up the stairs, meeting Sirius at the top. "Dress Harry please," seeing Remus' questioning look, he added "you'll see."

Remus walked into the bathroom and knelt down by Harry. Harry looked up, startled. He hadn't heard Remus walk in. He smiled at Remus, then remembered his fear of being rejected. His smile faltered.

Remus grabbed Harry's pajama bottoms, then turned back to Harry. "All dry?" Harry nodded. "Then towel off please." Harry took his time taking the towel off, he was scared of Remus' reaction. When the towel fell, Remus' reaction was much like Sirius'. Harry heard a sharp intake of breath, and felt the feelings of horror and reigned anger coming off of Remus. He had tears in his eyes threatening to fall when he looked at Harry, who looked down. He felt ashamed for being weak and waited for rejection. Instead of being pushed away, Harry was pulled in to a tight hug.

After a few minutes, Remus pulled away. He kept his head down so Harry wouldn't see his tears, and quickly wiped them away. He helped Harry into his pajama pants, then into his shirt. Now hiding the scars from view. 

"Bedtime Harry." said Remus, taking him back to his red and gold room. Remus picked Harry up and tucked him in. After placing a swift kiss on Harry's forehead, he made his way to get Sirius.

Sirius came in the room, while Remus stood in the doorway. He smiled as Sirius did the same as he, but also adding, "Goodnight Harry. Sweet dreams." 

They left the room with smiles on their faces. Neither one of them heard Harry's reply of, "'Night Uncle Padfoot. 'Night Uncle Moony."


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