Moony, Padfoot, and Prongslet

Harry being raised by Remus and Sirius after he lives at the Dursleys for 3 years. (Not a Sirius and Remus slash.)


10. Chapter 10

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The weeks passed quickly, Harry was adapting well. He opened up and expressed his thoughts a bit more. Harry's bruises were gone and only light scars littered his body now. He was also gaining weight, much to the delight of his guardians.

Harry was worried about his Uncle Moony. He hadn't called either one of them his secret names because he was worried about their reactions.

Anyway, Remus didn't look good. He had been becoming sick the past couple days and looked weak. Harry hated seeing one of the strongest men he knew looking so fragile and small.

Harry had enough and walked up to Sirius, who was sitting in the den reading the Daily Prophet. "What's wrong with Remus?" He asked, cutting right to the point. 

Sirius looked up from the paper, and looked to Harry. "What about Remus?" He asked, only hearing part of the question and the worry in his voice.

"What. Is. Wrong. With. Remus?" He repeated spacing out his words as if he was talking to a child. 

Sirius looked at him for a while, then spoke. "Let's go ask him," he said, slinging Harry up over his shoulder. Harry giggled and squirmed but Sirius didn't let go. He ended up crossing his arms in hopes that he would be put down sooner.

Sirius climbed the stairs quickly, jostling Harry slightly. He didn't know what to say to Harry and didn't envy Remus in the slightest. They arrived at Remus' room where Sirius knocked on the door. 

Remus was sitting on his bed, reading. He was exhausted but didn't want to sleep. He and Sirius had been trying to think of a way to tell Harry about Moony, but weren't sure how. Severus, thankfully, had been sending him Wolfsbane. 

A knock at the door roused him from his thoughts. "Come in," he croaked. Damn, I sound worse than I thought. He cleared his throat and looked at his door.

Sirius was standing in the doorway with Harry slung over his shoulder. Remus snorted at the sight, causing Sirius to bring Harry forward and deposit him on the bed.

Harry was dropped on the bed with his arms crossed, hoping to retain some dignity in front of his guardians. He didn't know why Sirius had brought him up to Remus' bedroom. All he did was ask what was wrong with Uncle Moony. Now he was sitting on Uncle Remus' bed, looking expectantly at Sirius and Remus while waiting for an explanation.

"Well, kiddo, where should we start?" Sirius asked, sitting on the bed next to Remus. 

Harry looked at him as if he had grown another head, "At the beginning, where else?" 

Sirius glared at Harry for his cheek. This didn't bother Harry like it would a month ago, his confidence had grown. 

Remus howled with laughter, despite not feeling well. Harry joined him, though not sounding as loud as Remus. 

Sirius pouted, looking put out that Remus was siding with Harry, not him. Sirius just shook his head and decided to let it go, more important matters were at hand. 

Sirius cleared his throat to get their attention. They stopped laughing when they heard the serious tone to his voice. "Remus, Harry would like to know why your sick."

Remus paled considerably, hoping to avoid this moment forever. He didn't know what to say to Harry; the little boy who he loved as if he were his own. The thought of terrifying the boy in front of him was heart-shattering. 

Harry's worry for Remus flared up again upon seeing him so pale. He looked ghostly and scared and Harry wanted to comfort him like he had comforted Harry so many times before. It couldn't be that bad could it?

Remus wracked his brain for an excuse but gave up quickly. He didn't want to lie to Harry, the boy who had unwavering trust in him. Remus leaned over and sat Harry on his lap, ignoring his sore and stiff muscles. He sighed, considering where to start. 

"Harry, when I was a boy, my father had a disagreement with a bad man. One night while I was outside, putting my toys away, the man came out from the woods; except for he wasn't a man," Harry looked confused, but Remus continued, "He was a werewolf. He bit me because of my father. That man's name was Fenrir Greyback. Now I am a werewolf. Once a month I turn into a monster." Remus finished, deciding to go with the simple, abridged version, sparing Harry the gory details. He turned away, not wanting to see Harry's scared and disgusted face.

Harry sat in stunned silence, sad for his Uncle Moony. Without warning, he launched himself at Remus, hugging him tightly around the neck. Harry pulled back, grabbed Remus' chin, and looked him in the eye, "Uncle Moony, you are NOT and monster. Feni-Fren-Finri-" Harry struggled to say the name, "He is a monster."

Sirius watched their conversation, waiting to see if he needed to intrude. He was very proud of Harry, the boy who now sat comforting Remus. Sirius sighed, He's becoming more like James with each coming day.

Whatever Remus was expecting, this wasn't it. No matter how many times he had told somebody about his condition, He always expected the worst outcome: the loss of a friend, someone he could trust and didn't want to lose. Remus wanted to cry, James had said nearly the same thing and he still had Harry. Remus reached around Harry and pulled him into as tight of a hug as he could without crushing him.

"Thank you, Harry. That means a lot to me," Remus said, smiling softly at Harry. Harry smiled shyly up at him and then frowned, as a thought crossed his mind. He seemed to fight internally until Remus saved him the trouble by asking what was wrong.

"What am I supposed to do while you're Moony?" Harry voiced, a bit confused. Remus turned to Sirius, all but forgotten, in the doorway. 

"That's what I wanted to talk to Remus about, Harry," Sirius explained, looking towards Remus. "You can stay in your room here if you do not leave it. Understood?" Harry nodded. "I will be with Moony in the basement, as Padfoot." Sirius further illustrated his point by turning into Padfoot and hopping onto the bed. He jumped on Harry and kicked his face, causing uncontrollable giggles to escape from the small, black-haired boy.

Remus smiled at the moment between godfather and godson. He summoned the camera with a silent spell and took a picture. He was rewarded with a green-eyed glare from Harry and a growl from the shaggy, black dog that was also known as Padfoot.

Remus found himself attacked by the two victims of the camera, doing something worse than punching or kicking or scolding-


Remus John Lupin, werewolf and Marauderer, was being TICKLED to death. Of all things, tickled. Is this what he had come to; being taken down by laughter? Oh, the joys of living with a Marauderer. 


The night of the full moon had come and preparations were being made. The basement was cleared and protective wards and spells had been placed. 

Remus had gotten weaker as it got closer to the full moon. He had needed Sirius' help getting out of bed and down the stairs. Remus had tried, and failed, to get Sirius to stay with Harry while he transformed. Sirius refused and said that Remus would need him more and that Harry was a big boy, who understood the rules.

Remus found himself in the basement that night, an hour before sunset. He didn't want to take any chances with Harry in the house. School had started so it was out of the question to ask one of the professors to watch Harry. They believed that the rule-abiding little boy would listen and stay in his room. 

Remus looked at his watch and decided it was time to get ready, the moon would be up in a few minutes. He undressed, folding his clothes and putting them on the shelf by the stairs. Sirius had already turned into Padfoot and looked away, giving Remus privacy. 

Remus felt the pull of the moon - calling out the wolf inside of him - and changed, praying to whatever gods were out there that the Wolfsbane worked.


Harry was told by both of his guardians multiple times, 'Don't go into the basement.' 'Stay in your room when Remus transforms.' 'It's dangerous.' Harry understood the first time they told him, Geez. 

Harry fully intended to be a good little boy and listen to them, but things change. 

Harry was put to bed early that night since both men had to go to the basement early. He couldn't sleep, knowing that it would be a long and painful night for Uncle Moony. Harry was still painfully shy - not that he showed it to his guardians - and was still afraid that he would mess up and they would ship him back to Hell. 

Harry's Gryffindor bravery won in the end, telling him to get up and put on his fuzzy slippers. Harry checked the clock before he left, reading 8:30. The moon was out, bright and full. Harry had no greater wish at that moment then to destroy the moon for all the pain it was causing Uncle Moony. 

Sirius and Remus didn't tell Harry that it hurt to transform, but Harry wasn't an idiot. The scars, how sore he got before, the weakness... Yes, Harry knew that it would be painful and he wanted to help.

And that is how Harry James 'Prongslet' Potter found himself at the basement door; his hand on the knob, and the door ready to open.

Harry was surprised when he found that the door opened easily and didn't make a sound. He didn't know, however, that his accidental magic let him open the door and not that it wasn't locked in the first place. 

Harry crept into the darkness, carefully making his way down the stairs. He couldn't see much but he could hear soft breathing. Harry was glad he had brought a blanket with him; it was cold in the basement. 

Harry first saw Padfoot, who was asleep on the ground, close to a dark, furry shape. He walked closer, realizing that this was Moony. Harry hugged the blanket closer and walked faster to Moony. Luckily for him, neither one of the canines were awake. Harry kneeled by his uncle and unwrapped the blanket from around him and covered him.

Moony opened his eyes and looked around. Harry. Man, Remus wished he could tell Harry to go upstairs and never come down here again. He also believed that this would scare Harry and that Harry would be terrified of the monster that was Moony. 

Remus tried to plead with his eyes and communicate to Harry. Go upstairs, Harry. Now. It's not safe. Leave. Remus nudged Harry with his snout in an effort to get his point across. Harry smiled at him and patted his nose, hand trailing to the spot between his ears. Moony's eyes closed involuntarily; he understood why Padfoot loved it so much. His eyes began to droop but not before he noticed Harry curl up by his side and snuggle in closer. This was by far, one of the best full moons yet.


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