Twin Confusion

Ashley and Carly Lopez are dating Justin and Jason Bieber but Justin's fans get confused about him and Jason so Ashley and Carly try to convince his fans that Justin is not Jason and Jason is not Justin but it's not working


5. Proposal 💍

A/N: I decided to skip to when Justin turned 21 and Carly turned 20 years old he recovered from his injury they were officially ready to start a family so they did Carly got pregnant then she gave birth to twins a girl named Juliet Rosemary Bieber and James Drew Bieber. As for Jason he was put into a mental hospital since he hurt his brother and mother so Carly told Ashley about him flirting with her so Ashley started online dating when she met Derek Justin and Jason's cousin they saw each other at Justin's concert Justin was shocked but happy for Ashley. Please enjoy, comment, like, and favorite

Justin's pov: Now starts our further life as a couple I've been getting questions on my twitter and Facebook asking if I was going to propose to Carly since we have a family and a beautiful house I thought long and hard about it so I'm going to propose.

I called my mom and told her

J:Hey mom can I ask you something ?

P:Sure son what is it

J: Well Carly and I have Juliet and James while she's still my girlfriend

P: Your not proposing are you

J: Yes mom I am so can you not let her know and tell her sister to help me

P: sure son bye

J: bye mom


Carly said," baby can you help me please" as she walked out of our room. I ran and picked up spinning her around she looked at me and laughed I kissed her cheek I said," with what babe ? " as I looked at her. She said," Juliet she's teething and James went in his diaper" as she held diapers in her hand. I said," um my mom and Ashley are on their way here my mom's going to help you with the twins while I go shopping with Ashley is that ok" as I looked her. She said," Don't be to long baby I'll miss you" as she put the diapers down and wrapped her arms around me. I said," I won't, I know you'll miss me a---" as I got interrupted by the door. I let go and went to get the door my mom and Ashley  walked in hugging me then hugged Carly and the twins I gave Carly a kiss and walked out the door with Ashley(5 minutes later)

We arrived at the diamond ring store we walked in and Ashley started looking for me as I looked at the other rings through the glass. Ashley said," Oh my what do you think of this one" as she pointed to it. It was a diamond with a J on it the owner  came over and asked if we wanted that ring I said," yes ma'am" as I looked at her. She took it out of the glass and put it in a purple heart ring box then quickly noticed I was a international pop star so she gave it to me for free I thanked her and walked out with Ashley. Ashley saw Derek and ran over to him I looked at them and they looked like they were swallowing each other. I said," Ashley let's go Derek you can come if you want" as I looked at him. He nodded following us to the car.

(Back home) I walked in with the ring in my pocket Carly kissed me I held her hand getting down on one knee I looked up at Carly then saw my mom, Derek, Ashley, and Nicolette shocked but Carly had tears in her eyes
 I said," Carly Amber Lopez you are the most beautiful girl I've ever met I know people have hurt you but now I'll make sure you don't I love you with all my heart so will you do me the honor of marrying me ? " as I opened the box.
 Carly was now crying she screamed," YES JAY I WILL MARRY YOU" as she jumped up and down. I got up and slid the diamond "J" initial ring on her left ring finger. She said," I love you so much Jay" as she jumped into my arms giving me a passionate kiss. I pulled away smiling knowing she was my Fiancé good thing Jason wasn't here to ruin the moment as I was about to say something there was a knock at the door my dad opened it then came Diamond, Crystal, Veronica, and Mary running in Mary said," Is it official are you soon-to-be-Mrs. Bieber" as she smiled.

Carly's pov: Oh my god I can't believe Justin proposed now I'm engaged but I'm shocked that Diamond, Crystal, Veronica, and Mary already know and I haven't even told them yet but oh well they're my best friends I usually don't have to tell them anything.

I looked at them and nodded showing them my engagement ring. They squealed then grabbed my purse taking my now mother-in-law, Pattie, sister, Ashley, and mother, Nicolette out the door not even letting me say goodbye to my Fiancé. Oh and I have to tell them and my Fiancé some great news I was starting to get bored so I texted my Fiancé, Justin

Baby: Jay I miss you already

Jay: I miss you too princess why did you leave so quickly?

Baby: It's not my fault you know how crazy Diamond, Crystal, Veronica, and Mary are when they hear something good

Jay: yea tell me about it Xavier, Christopher, Chaz, and Ryan they are going to pick out my suit and plan my Bachelor party

Baby: so your going to have a stripper other then me all over the body that's mine

Jay: Princess I understand if your mad then I won't go

Baby: no you can go the day of just don't have way to much fun I got to go now I love you

Jay: ok I love you too bye

*At David's Bridals*

We all got out the car and walked inside The employee said," hi how may I help you ? " as she walked over to us. Nicolette said," yes I ordered a dress for my daughter she's marrying her son" as she pointed to Pattie. The employee walked us down an aisle Ashley said," hey sis I found a beautiful purple dress didn't you Justin's favorite color is purple" as she took it off the rack.(A/N: I posted her dress on my instagram PrincessHoran2FF) I said," yes he's going to love it" as I looked at it. A guy came walking towards me he said," hey want to go to my place" as he kissed my cheek. I ran out of the store and called Justin

Baby: (crying) J-j-jay I-I N-n-need Y-y-your H-h-help

Jay: what's wrong baby did someone hurt you ?

Baby: Y-y-yes A-a-a G-g-guy F-f-flirted W-w-with M-m- me

Jay: (mad) stay right there I'm on my way

Baby: O-o-Ok I-I L-l-love Y-y-you J-j-jay

Jay: I love you too baby


 I sat outside and waited for Justin then I saw his car and that guy walk out the store along with Pattie, Ashley, Diamond, Crystal, Veronica, Mary, and my mom he said,"  hey beautiful need a ride home" as he sat down next to me and wrapped his arm around me. Justin ran out the car up to me his face turning red the guy said," whoa babe who's this ? " as he looked at me. I started crying then Ashley put her bag down pulling me away from the guy and hugged me Justin grabbed the guy by his neck punching him in the gut multiple times he yelled," I'M HER FIANCE SO DON'T YOU EVER FLIRT WITH MY FIANCE AGAIN OR I WILL HUNT YOU DOWN AND MURDER YOU" as he spited in the guy's face and threw him to the ground. He came over to me and hugged me tight whipping my tears away then he brought me over to the car putting me in then grabbed my bags driving home.

 *Back Home*

 I looked at Justin figuring out how I'm going to tell him then I pulled out my phone tweeting @CarlyBieber: good news @JustinBieber you know how you always wanted something from me a little me or you yes Jay I'm pregnant. I  tweeted then put my phone away walking into the bedroom and going to bed

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