Twin Confusion

Ashley and Carly Lopez are dating Justin and Jason Bieber but Justin's fans get confused about him and Jason so Ashley and Carly try to convince his fans that Justin is not Jason and Jason is not Justin but it's not working


11. It's time

Carly's Pov: I'm now 9 months which means my second little girl is coming oh I'm going to be a mother of 3 children now bummer Justin doesn't know I'm due Scooter made him go on tour after releasing Music Mondays 15 songs in all. The kids and I miss him a lot I hope he can come for the birth of his daughter.

Selena, Ashley, Mary, Veronica, Diamond, Crystal, Pattie, Erin, Jasmyn, Juliet, my mom, and I were all at the mall while Jason, Derek,  Chaz, Twist, Za, Jeremy, Jaxon, and James were at Justin and I's house probably planning something I felt something wet on my leg I panicked causing Selena and Ashley to look at me I screamed," MY WATER BROKE GET ME TO THE HOSPITAL NOW AND SOMEONE PLEASE CALL JUSTIN" as I screamed my mom and Pattie carried me to the car while Ashley called Justin but Kenny picked up.

Ash: Kenny It's an emergency

Ken: What's wrong ?

Ash: My sister is in labor so stop what your doing and get Justin on a plane now

Ken: Ok what hospital are you going to be at ?

Ash: The one Justin was born at

Ken: St. Jude's got it on my way


Ashley was pacing back and forth wondering what was going on Then Justin ran in with the whole Bieber crew behind him Justin said," How's Carly is she ok" as he looked worried. Ashley said," I don't know but you can't go back on that tour she needs you and Scooter don't you dare make him go cause I can have you arrested" as she looked worried and mad. The doctor came out meaning it was time for us to go in for the birth Justin and I walked into the room ready Kenny and Scooter video taped from outside the doctor said," ok let's deliver this baby ready Carly ?" as she got in her position while Justin and I held her hands mom and Pattie held her legs Carly started pushing until she couldn't anymore Justin said, " come on babe you can do it you gave birth to twins your strong please do this for me for us now push as hard as you can" as he kissed her forehead. Carly smiled beginning to push again "I see her head one more great big push then she's out" as she looked at Carly my mom laid a towel on her forehead from her sweating a lot Carly screamed," AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" as she started crying. I kissed her tears away feeling her squeeze my hand really tight then I gasped seeing my little girl coming  the doctor asked," Justin do you want to deliver your daughter" as she looked at me I shook my head crying then the doctor showed me what to do she handed me scissors as she held my daughter I slowly cut the umbilical cord then laid her in the pink blanket holding her in my arms I said," It's a girl" as I smiled. Ashley snapped a picture uploading it on twitter @AshleyLopez: Welcome Cheyenne Rosemary Bieber my new niece.  Jeremy, Erin, Derek, Selena, Jasmyn, Jaxon, Jason, Yael, Juliet, and James walked in Juliet said," Mommy is that my new sister is it true I'm a big sister and James is a big brother" as she looked at Carly. I nodded my family is now complete


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