Twin Confusion

Ashley and Carly Lopez are dating Justin and Jason Bieber but Justin's fans get confused about him and Jason so Ashley and Carly try to convince his fans that Justin is not Jason and Jason is not Justin but it's not working


15. Ashley and Selena Pregnant

Carly, Mary, Veronica, Crystal, Diamond, Selena, and Ashley went out for a girls day they went to get Pedicures and Manicures then go get lunch while Justin, Chaz, Ryan, Christopher, Xavier, Jason, and Derek along with 6 years old, Juliet and James, and 4 month old Cheyanne were all at Justin's house. The guys were watching football Super bowl 50 the New England Patriots VS. the Seattle Seahawks the guys had not even noticed the girls came home the girls noticed Ashley and Selena acting funny like they would cry, yell, vomit, or even get hungry out of no where Carly, Mary, Veronica, Crystal, and Diamond ran in the kitchen "Ok am I crazy or are my sister and Selena acting weird "  said Carly. "How can you tell ?" asked Mary. " The restaurant they both ordered Baby back ribs, Baby carrots, and Baby corn" said Veronica. Carly thought are Selena and Ashley pregnant wow then Justin walked in " hey babe hey girls" said Justin then kissed Carly "sweetheart do you know anything about Selena or Ashley being pregnant ?" asked Carly. "well that day when I scared you and Cheyanne was born Jason called me asking about Juliet, James, and Cheyanne I wondered why he asked then he started saying stuff I heard his voice crack like he was crying and he was turns out Christopher had a party at the club for his birthday him and Selena went then got super drunk and had sex with her. He needed help being a father so I made a deal with him saying he had to come visit his nieces and nephew" said Justin. " What about Ashley ?" I asked. "turns out Derek and Ashley were at that party too" said Justin. I didn't say anything I was super mad that my sister and sister-in-law hid this from me I barged into the living room seeing Ashley and Selena eating ice cream I took both pints of ice cream from them "what the hell sis" said Ashley and Selena. I slammed pregnancy tests on their laps " GO INTO THE BATHROOMS NOW AND TAKE THESE I WANT TO KNOW IF IT'S REALLY TRUE" I yelled. They ran to the bathrooms and took the tests

15 minutes later they came out holding the tests up showing two + signs on them I blocked the television earning groans from the guys except Justin. "Sis are you ok" asked Derek and Jason. I slapped them "Explain why would you two go to Christopher's party, get drunk then bang my d*** sister and sister-in-law" I yelled. "We don't know but why are you even mad" said Jason. I slapped him again " get the f*** out of my house" I yelled then I picked them up by the back of their shirts throwing them out and slamming the door "that goes for you too Chris" I said he got up and left. Justin kissed my lips softly seeing how angry I was calming me down I gave in then pulled away smiling Ashley and Selena looked at me flicking me off then ran out the house I started crying "I'm a horrible person" I said.  "baby no your not your amazing that's why I fell in love with you then married you your just Ashley's older sister you protect her from things and now since Selena's your sister-in-law your protecting her too besides you do me the same way remember Caitlin crashing our wedding then Jason helping Caitlin kidnap you it was you making Jason notice he needs to change his ways and he did" Justin said. I grabbed my phone texting Selena, Ashley, Jason, and Derek

C: I'm sorry guys I talked to Justin and he's going to help me

S, A, J, D: It's ok sis

C: no I want to make it up to you guys we should all take a vacation away from everything my treat

S, A, J, D: ok where and when ?

C: Hawaii for 2 months

S, A, J, D: yea

C: ok we'll let you know when were leaving bye

S, A, J, D: bye

time to start planning and packing

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