A New Madman, A New Me

It is now October 10th, 1973. Karl Shoemaker and the Madmen are all as close as can be, and everything is going well in the non-normal world. That is, until a random kid from Ireland shows up like a leprechaun magically appearing at the end of the rainbow. But it seems he's lost his pot of gold. Maybe Karl can help him find it.


3. Black Eye


The force of the obviously sprinting person colliding with me made my head bang painfully on the ground. I heard the other person fall, it sounded pretty bad, but my head felt like it had been split open, and I was positive my brains were spilling onto the floor.

My eyes were squeezed tightly shut, and when I opened them there were black spots clouding my vision. I blinked rapidly and tried to move my head.

BlinkBlinkBlinkBlink *Shift* *Pound* I saw a light slightly to the right of the stain I had just been staring at. 

BlinkBlinkBlinkBlink *Shift* *Pound* I saw the top vent of a locker that had been punched, or headbutted, maybe even kicked by someone have a fit. 

BlinkBlinkBlinkBlink *Shift* *Pound* I saw the middle of the locker, a dent the size of my torso bashed into it.

BlinkBlinkBlinkBlink *Shift* *Pound* The floor underneath the locker was stained with something redish brown, probably the blood from the idiot whjo bashed the locker.

BlinkBlinkBlinkBlink *Shift* *Pound* I saw someone moving and heard a very faint almost groaning sound.

BlinkBlinkBlinkBlink *Shift* *Pound* I saw the rapid rise and fall of a chest, silently hyperventilating. 

BlinkBlinkBlinkBlink *Shift* *Pound* I stared into the eyes of the boy who ran into me. His eyes kept shifting, squeezing tightly shutin pain and opening frantically. But something else shocked me.

One of his eyes was a calming blue, with little flecks of yellow embeded deep in it. The other was pitch black, no design, just black through and through. Briefly I wondered if he could see through it, before I decided there was no way. The structure and workings of an eyeball were very delicate. If disrupted even slightly, chances are the eye is useless.

The boy stared at me, and I stared back at him. It was like we were searching each other for something, which was weird considering this was our first encounter.

Another Pound from my head brought me out of my trance and I slowly got up, carefully making sure I didn't jostle my head anymore. I straightened myself out when I finally stood, and kept still so my eyes would focus properly.

I looked at the boy who was also picking himself up, and analyzed him more fully.

Apart from his eyes, his face was quite normal, albeit quite handsome. His hair was bleached blonde, with dark brown roots showing. He had a cute head shjape and his jaw was only slightly defined, making him seem boyish, but masculine. His cheeks were dusted with the faintest freckles I had ever seen, and he had a cute slightly pointed nose. 

I lowered my gaze a bit and saw a defined chest covered in a loosely fitted, long sleeve soccer jersey. It was greenm iwjt the number 18 on it, but I didn't see a name of a team and had never seen that type of jersey before. He was also wearing loose bit tight around the ankles black jogging pants with white stripes down the sides and a Nike symbol at the hip. To finish of his soccer outfit, he was wearing black Nike running shoes with green accents.

This guy was fine, in a total I'm-not-gay-but-if-I-was-I-would-totally-date-him kind of way. All in all, he was only about 1/2 an inch shorter than me.

I saw his feet shift and looked up to see him staring at me nervously. So I smiled at him.

"Hi. It's nice to meet you, although a bit painfully. I'm Karl." I said in a welcoming voice. The boy looked a bit apprehensive, but he smiled. 

"It's niced to meet you too, and yeah, that was kind of unfortunate. I'm Niall.' The boy, Niall, said, and held out his hand for me to shake. I extended mine in turn and took his hand in mine, giving it a form shake.

*Brriiiinnnnggg* Classes were starting. Time to finally face Darla. But maybe with a new friend at my side.

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