Give Me Love

What happens when you fall in love with the hottest guy in school and all before you even know it


5. New Beginnings

Autumn's P.O.V:

I woke up to the smell of pancakes drifting through the door.

'Mmm... Sum get up' I say sleepily

'No! Just leave me alone' she really isn't a morning person. I know that pancakes are her favourite so I try to tempt her

'But mum is making here golden, delicious, tastefully brilliant pancakes'

'Ok, I'll be down in 5' she replies

I knew that it would have worked.

I head downstairs to the kitchen where I see my mum and Zac.

'Morning' I say addressing both

'Morning' only my mum replies.

See Zac was devastated that he had to love to Sydney because it meant that he had to break up with his girlfriend of one year Stephanie. I mean he's only 15, get over it.

'Oh Zac, come on it's not the end of the world. You wasn't going to be with Stephanie forever and who knows you might meet a really cute Australian girl at school tomorrow' I say looking over at him. Without a word he bins his pancakes and storms off upstairs. A minute later summer walks in

'Oh, what did you say to him?' She gives me a concerning look

'Nothing, I just it isn't the end of the world breaking up with Stephanie' I reply truthfully.

'Yeah, well aut you don't know what it's like to have a broken heart' she says walking over to the table.

'Rub it in some more why don't you?' I reply.

Before she could retaliate my mum places hot fresh pancakes on the table.I scoff mine down and then run upstairs to get dressed. I curl my hair and decide to shove on a pair of ripped skinny jeans and an ed sheeran t-shirt that I haven't worn in a while. I lightly apply makeup and wonder over to summer's room.

'Hey, you nearly ready?' I ask

'Just got to apply lipstick' she replies

'Oh you can do that in the car'

'Done now anyway!'

'Right now get downstairs' I say annoyed

'Okay! Chill' she replies

Summer is driving again. I can drive but she likes to do it more than me and I'm a lazy person so I don't mind.

Summer's P.O.V:

When we get to the opticians. I decided that since autumn was going to be awhile that I would look around at some of the other shops here. I make my way to my favourite store that we had in England to see if this one is any good.

Just as I was looking at some tops I caught my eye on a guy standing by the jeans section. He happens to work here so I casually make my way over to look at some jeans and "accidentally" bump into the guy.

'Oh my gosh I am so sorry! I can be such a klutz sometimes'

'Haha, it's no problem' he smiles

Oh, he has such a beautiful smile and a seductive voice, I literally want to kiss him right there. His golden blonde hair all quiffed up and a lip ring I notice, usually I don't like a guy with facial piercing but it looks so damn good on him.

'Hi my name is summer' I say introducing myself nicely

'Luke' he replies with a giggle

'What's so funny?' I ask

'Oh nothing, that's just the name of my band'

Oh my gosh, he's in a band. How hot is that, I play it cool.

'What? Summer?' Ok so not so cool.

'No, we're actually called 5 seconds of summer'

'Oh, why 5 seconds?' I ask

'I don't know really, I didn't pick it' he replies

'Oh.. Well at least you didn't go with my sisters name' I say smiling

'Why? What's her name?' he asks looking intrigued

'Autumn' I say with a giggle

'Wait? Summer and autumn?' He replies

'Yeah my mother's two favourite seasons'

'Cool' is all he had to say

'So anyway I best get going, see you around maybe?' I say

'Yeah, maybe?' He replies

I start to walk away when he call me back

'Wait, summer!'


'Can I have your number?'

'Sure' I reply and start to type my number into his mobile secretly excited.

Autumn's P.O.V:

After my eye test, I have to wait a couple of minutes to get my contacts so I browse through all the glasses in the store, I'm looking at a real nice pair when a guy bumps into me

'Oh I'm so sorry' he says

I look up and am suddenly shocked out of nowhere this gorgeous guy has just appeared, with his curly hair and really cute dimples. I see him staring at me and can't help but blush

'Its okay' I reply 'could of happened to anyone'

'Yeah, my look it happened to be you gorgeous'

I started to blush again

'Nobody has ever called me gorgeous before' I reply getting rather shy now

'What? Now that's hard to believe' i can see him start to turn the charm on

I was about to reply when I heard my name being called out over the counter

'Autumn? That's a beautiful name' he says smiling

'Thank you' I reply, blushing again

Nobody has ever made me blush and act as shy so much in my entire life

'Im ashton' he says holding out his hand

I delicately take his hand and shake

'Wow you have big hands' I say accidentally


'Oh I said that out loud?' He begins to giggle

Then I realise that I need to pick up my contacts.

'Well I gotta go...'

'Oh yeah, see you around?'

'Yeah sure'

I start walking to the counter when he calls me back

'Hey, autumn!'

'Yeah?' I say spinning around

'Can I have your number?'

'Sure you can' I say surprised at myself for typing in my number into a strangers phone

I leave the store and not knowing where summer is, I give her a call

'Hey, it's autumn. Where are you?'

'Oh hey, I'm just heading back over to the opticians now, oh wait I can see you now'

'Okay, bye'

'Byeee' she says rather happily

She comes rushing over with the biggest smile ever on her face

'What happened to you?' I ask

'Well I just met a guy' She say biting her lips together

'Well you'll never guess this, but I just met a guy too' I say

'Oh my gosh! What? That's great!' She screams at me

We both laugh and then I drive us back home.

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