The Fallen

It was just after 5sos opened up the One Direction concert for them, and One Direction were walking on stage when something horrifying happened. Something no one expected. The apocalypse. Sam rushed all nine boys into 2 cars. Lost and unknowing of what to do, Harry, Liam, Louis, Niall, Zayn, Michael, Luke, Calum, and Ashton meet people on they're journey to survive. These people were also striving to survive, just better at it. It's the apocalypse. Who will you trust?


2. Begin

Delilah's PoV

I sat playing Sims 4 on my computer when it started. "Buzzzz" rang my phone. I looked at it and all the number read was "666." I sat my phone down and ignored it. I was in the middle of creating Castiel from Supernatural as a Sim when it rang again.

I imagined, what if it was Crowley from Supernatural? I laughed at the foolish idea and shook it off. Then it rang again. This time, along with the phone ring, came a ding from my computer. It was my messages. My heart started to race a little. I clicked my message icon, and there it was.

The number, "666." I choked. It read, "Answer the next time I call!" Just as I finished reading it, my phone rang. My hand trembled as I'd reached to pick it up. I clicked the call button and answered it as I held it up to my ear. "H-hello?" I stuttered out. "Ah, darling, I'm glad you answered." A smooth, yet scratchy British accent called out.

Oh fuck.

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