Save You {Book 3} ON HOLD

*Third Book in the Only You series* Some people just never leave. They keep coming back again and again. Ally ran away from Damen on many occasions, but he kept coming back. He always found her. Until one day it all stopped. Ally finally settled down and life was good. However, now that she has a family of her own, will they be safe? When Ally's past comes crawling back, it's not her he wants.
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2. Scrapbook, Pictures & the Past

Ally's P.O.V           


 “Tessa, I'm home!” I called, closing the front door behind me. Putting my keys in the bowl, I shook of my coat and hung it on the pegs. “Tessa!” I called once again. I could hear the slight buzz of the TV down the hall. “Tessa?” I said quietly, pushing open the wooden living room door.

            “Oh mum!” Tessa stood up from her cross legged position on the floor and started towards me. “I’m so sorry, I didn’t hear you come in.” her voice muffled against my shoulders as she wrapped her arms around me. I hugged her back all the same and smoothed her hair.

            “It’s okay, sweetie.” I said pulling away. “How was college today?” I questioned in a teasing tone. Her big green eyes looked at me. She reminded me of myself when I was younger. She had my eyes, my hair, even my figure! Her skin completion was a lot more like Liam’s than mine though. That wasn’t the only thing she had like her father. Tessa had her father’s nature, personality and sometimes even her actions reminded me of Liam. All in all she was a very beautiful young woman.

            “College was fine mum.” She said pulling me towards the couch. “Sit down.” She said pushing my shoulders down until I took a seat. I laughed at her actions.

            “What are you doing?” I questioned. She was such an odd child. Tessa had this excitement in her that I haven’t seen in anyone else, but then Louis popped into mind. Louis did have a lot of excitement and he had a funny way of containing it. Tessa has been hanging around her uncle a lot lately. Soon she’ll turn out to be exactly like him; her uncle Louis.

            “Look.” Tessa said. She kneeled on the floor where she was sitting before. There were family pictures spread out. There were pictures of Liam, myself, pictures of Tessa when she was small. Some photographs were of family friends – Louis seemed to be in a lot of them.

I looked up from the pictures at Tessa. “What are you going to do with all these pictures, sweetie?” I asked. My daughter just smiled back at me. Next to all those pictures was a scrap book.  It was open and the pages seemed so bear. I think I knew what she was going to do, but I wanted to hear it from her own mouth.

“I want to make a scrap book mum. It’s going to be a project for college; an art project to be precise.” She said. Her eyes gleamed in the sunlight that shone through the window. I gave her a warm smile.

“That’s a lovely idea, but what do you need me for?” I questioned. I didn’t know a thing about art. What I did know about was writing. I loved writing; it was my kind of art.

“Mum, I just need you and dad to help me arrange the pictures in a sort of timeline.” She explained. I was still confused. Tessa must have obviously read my expression because she sighed and spoke again. “I want to begin this scrap book from the moment you and dad met to the present.”

            I pursed my lips at her idea. I had no problem in doing it, but my past wasn’t always happy. When Liam and I met, it wasn't at the most safest of time for any of us. I got kidnapped, raped, Liam got stabbed, and I was trapped in a fire to the point where I almost died. There were many complications in our relationship when it all started off and it was all down to one man. Damen.

            Damen, used to be my boyfriend a long time ago. It was a big mistake every meeting him, because from the moment I met him, my life was hell. He was crazy, mental, a psychopath. I ran away from him so many times, yet he continued to find me. It was only now that things had started settling and I hadn’t seen or heard of him for a long time now. The last I’d seen him was in a fire. But his body was never found; like he was never inside a burning building in the first place.

            Tessa knew nothing of my horrible past, and I wanted to keep it that way. I wanted her to have happiness guaranteed in every day of her long life. I wanted her to be with her family and loved. Unlike me, where my mother died when I was young, my dad and brother followed soon after, dying in a car accident. I had no family left. I wasn’t going to let my daughter experience any pain.

            I was pulled out of my thought when a hand waved in front of my face. It was Tessa. She sat beside me now, clutching my arm. “Mum, are you feeling okay?” she asked. I looked towards her and smiled.

            “Of course sweetie, I was just in a daze.” I said smiling. Tessa looked at me sceptically and then slowly smiled. Her smile was so adorable. It was just like her fathers.

            “You were thinking of a new story plot, weren’t you?” she asked, teasing. I nodded my head and laughed agreeing with her assumption. There was no way I was going to tell her what I was really thinking about. I refused to think about it again. I was going to smile and more forward. That was my motto ever since Tessa was born, and so far it was working well.  

            “An author’s got to think, right?” I said finally before looking at the pictures on the floor. “So you’re making a scrapbook, timeline sort of thing?” I said gesturing towards the pictures still scattered on the floor. Tessa nodded her head eagerly, dimples visible. “Why don’t you start from the moment you were born?” I asked, hoping she would agree to the suggestion.

            “No mum.” She shook her head. Well, that went well, I thought to myself. “You see, I want to go way back. It would give me a chance to know what things you and dad were up to back then.” She said wriggling her eyebrows. I shook my head, but still felt my cheeks burn.

            “You have defiantly been hanging around with your uncle a lot.” I stated. Tessa laughed.

            “Mum, you can never hang around with Uncle Louis too much. He’s like the best uncle ever!” she cheered, sticking her hands up in the air. I chuckled at her actions. “So mum, are you and dad going to help me out?” she asked eager, back on the same subject again. She have me a longing look; I couldn’t say no to that face.

            “Sure sweetie. We will try our best.” I said nodding my head. Tessa squealed and pulled me into a tight big hug. That’s another thing she gets from her dad; hugs.

            “Thank you, thank you, and thank you!” Tessa said repeated, pulling away from me. I gave her a smile and kissed her head.

            “Anything for you, sweetie.” I mumbled. Tessa gathered the pictures and her empty scrapbook, and took them upstairs. I looked at the clock. It was going to be 6 o’clock soon. Liam would be home any minute. His shift at the swimming pools ended at half five. You’d think after all these years as a lifeguard he would change his profession, but when a guy loves his job he keeps his job. Right, that was enough day dreaming for one day. I needed to make dinner before my other half came home. 

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