Save You {Book 3} ON HOLD

*Third Book in the Only You series* Some people just never leave. They keep coming back again and again. Ally ran away from Damen on many occasions, but he kept coming back. He always found her. Until one day it all stopped. Ally finally settled down and life was good. However, now that she has a family of her own, will they be safe? When Ally's past comes crawling back, it's not her he wants.
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4. Bryson, Memories & Jelly Babies

Bryson’s P.O.V

I sat at the back of the car, my ear phones plugged in my ears, playing music to the in the background. I’d just finished up from the gym, when I found out my parents were coming to pick me up. I knew we were going to Tessa’s place; my parents kept talking about it.

“Ally says that Tessa is starting to mould into another me.” My dad said with a big grin on his face, before sticking his tongue out at my mum. I rolled my eyes as he turned another corner on the road.

“That’s because you’re a big manipulator and you influence people without even knowing.” My mum replied smirking back at him and playfully punching him in the arm. My dad faked a hurt look before bursting out laughing. Honestly, my parents were so immature. To be honest I think I am more of an adult they are.

We turned another corner and came onto a clean and empty road. The houses were silent. All you could hear was the light breeze and the leaves rustling. Even the birds didn’t dare to make a sound. It was a perfect place to live in my opinion; it was peaceful.

“I always think why did Ally choose such a depressing road to live on. It’s so silent.” My dad thought out loud. He called it depressing and silent; I called it peaceful and relaxing. There’s a big difference.

Finally we arrived and parked our car into the double parking space right in front, right next to Uncle Liam’s car. The engine died down and doors started opening. I guess it time to turn off my music completely. I pulled out my earphones and left them hanging around my shoulders. Once I stepped out the car, the double beep sound indicated that the car was locked.

We all slowly walked up to the front door. I lagged behind my parents until my mum suddenly turned to face me. “Bryson, please behave.” She told me as my dad knocked on the door. I rolled my eyes and nodded my head once. I wasn’t the one that didn’t need to be told to behave; it was my dad.

Soon enough the door opened to reveal a smiling Tessa holding the door open. “Uncle Louis!” she cheered jumping up to hug my dad and give him a kiss on the cheek. Honestly, I didn’t have that kind of relationship with my dad. What Tessa and my dad had was special, and sometimes I couldn’t help but feel a little jealous.

“Hey Aunty El!” Tessa greeted again, giving her a side hug. My mum hugged her back but pouted playfully.

“So your Uncle Louis gets a kiss on the cheek and I don’t?” My mum said with fake hurt in her voice. Tessa giggled and gave my mum a peck on the cheek. Wow, she may as well have been their daughter. I had a really good idea of having a child swop. I could live with her parents and she could live with mine. I quickly shook that idea out of my head. What I concentrated on was the kisses Tessa was greeting us with. I sure hoped I got one; on the lips.

Suddenly I heard someone clear their throat. I turned my attention to the petite girl with a pissed face, standing in the door way. I gave her a crooked smile. The girls fell for my smile; all it’ll take it one look at they would be on their knees.

However, Tessa wasn’t any kind of girl. She was Tessa; my Tessa, even though she did know. Tessa was totally different from other girls. Normally I would be a really cocky bastard; I’ll admit it myself. I’ll get the girl hooked onto be, use her and then dump her off. I was kind of known as a player and that was a title that wasn’t leaving me anytime soon. But when it came to Tessa, another side come out of me. I actually care for her; I really do. Sometimes I just didn’t know how to show it.

“Are you going to come in nincompoop?” Tessa yelled, one hand on her hip and the other still opening the door. Her beautiful eyes narrowed and her pink plush lips were in a line. She was beautiful.

“Hey, where is my greeting kiss?” I asked as I slowly walked in, but Tessa walked off long ago. Her long, curly, brown hair swished from side to side as she walked down the hallway, and then disappeared through the living room door. Damn, I was really looking forward to that kiss.

I followed in her footsteps and walked into the seating area. My mum and dad were seated yet and Uncle Liam got up and embraced my dad in a hug. “Hey Lou, long time no see!” he smiled. My dad replied back complementing him on his muscles.

“Still as a life guard I see?” he questioned. Uncle Liam nodded his head, but soon turned his gaze on me.

“Hey, Bryson! How are you little man?” he greeted. I hated the nick name he gave me. ‘Little man’, was so weird. But he started called me that ever since I was little. It was fair to say that I was used to it.

“I am fine Uncle Li, just tired that’s all.” I replied. He patted me on my back and them continued talking to my dad about something. I heard Tessa scoff sitting on the couch, avoiding eye contact with me. I tore my gaze away from her and tuned into the conversation my dad and Uncle were having. I heard ‘drama teacher’ being mentioned; it was the obvious subject. My dad was a drama teacher, and quite frankly he loved his job. I zoned out as I had heard this conversation on many occasions.

I turned to face my mum and Aunty El. They were in deep conversation about something, but it wasn’t soon enough where my Aunty caught my eyes and a smile spread out across his face.

“Awh, hey Bry. How have you been, honey?” she asked with a sweat voice. Now I was much happier with the nickname that she gave me; Bry, not honey. I smiled back and said the exact same thing I said to Uncle Liam.

My Aunt then spoke up again. “Li and Louis, lets go into the kitchen and talk.” She them turned her face to myself and Tessa and smiled. “We’ll leave you two to chill out.”

A flat look came onto Tessa’s face. Oh no. “Talk about whatever you young kids talk about these days.” My dad added with a wink. I mentally slapped my self, while they walked away. For some odd reason, Tessa didn’t like me as much. She didn’t hate me, at least I hope not. I smiled and sat down next to Tessa on the couch. She scooted a little away from me, while I rolled my eyes.

“So Tessa, how was your day?” I attempted to make conversation.

“Don’t you have some chick to be chatting up somewhere?” she answered back, a scowl evident on his face.

“Why would I be chatting with some random chick when I am sitting right next to a sexy girl right here?” the worlds rolled off my tongue before I could control myself.

Her scowl deepened “Really, Bryson, your chat up lines won’t work on me.”

“It was worth a shot.” I stated and then sighed. I looked towards her again. Tessa’s hands were in her lap and she was twiddling her fingers. It was obvious it was just as weird for her as it was for me. Well that was going to change.

I scooted closer to her, she attempted to move further but it was the end of the couch and there was no where for her to go. Score! “Hey, Jelly Baby, can I ask you something?” I questioned.

Tessa turned to look at me again. “No and I have a name!” she said bitterly. Wow, was someone on their time of month already?!

“I like calling you Jelly Baby, it has memories attached to it. And I’m going to ask you a question anyway, because I feel its necessary.” I said, totally ignoring her answer.

Tessa kept a straight face, “What does any memory have to do it Jelly Baby?” she asked.

I smirked. “Well, Jelly Baby.” I started, “Remember when you were small and it was your fifth birthday and you made a wish on your cake?” I asked her confirming if she still remembers.

The look on her face softened and she nodded her head. “Well, straight after you blew your candles out, I asked what you’d wished for. You being you, wouldn’t tell me and it took me like a week to figure it out.” I explained.

Tessa shook her head. “It took you a month, but carry on.” She corrected. Well, at least she remember that. If she remember that then she would also remember all the troubles I went through to get that secret wish out of her.

“Anyway, after a month, you finally gave up hiding it from me…” I said but was interrupted once again.

“I didn’t give up. You tried drowning me in the pool!” she yelled hitting me on the shoulder. Her small hand didn’t impact any sort of hurt whatsoever.

“I wasn’t trying to drown you. Anyway, back to the point, you told me what you wished for and it was that you wanted to have jelly baby’s everyday.” I paused. “and from them on I decided to call you Jelly Baby.

“But it’s embarrassing when you call me that in public.” She mumbled underneath her breath.

“Come again? I didn’t hear you.” I said in a mocking tone, holding a hand to my ear. He shoved me once again. God, this girl was violent.

“Nothing.” She said, but then spoke again. “My wish actually came true you know!” Tessa jumped. “Everyday I used to find Jelly Baby’s in my school bag, but it stopped later on.” She finished with a smile on her face. I smiled back at her.

Truth be told, I used to spend all my pocket money to by her Jelly Baby’s and then I would secretly put them in her bag, just to see her smile. I always cared about her and I still do. I was happy she still remembered that and she still doesn’t know it was me. “Now going back to the first question I was going to ask you.” I started; I didn’t realize we went off on such a tangent. Tessa rolled her eyes.

“Why do you hate me?” I mumbled quietly, my tone dead serious.

“I don’t hate you.” I heard her mumble.

“Huh?” I asked, were my ears deceiving me?

“Don’t make me repeat it.” She said flatly. I smiled at her. I definitely wanted her to repeat it again and I wasn’t going to let this go.

“Jelly Baby, I really didn’t hear you.” I said putting a finger in my ear, pretending something was wrong with it. Oh Tessa just say it again, please.

She sighed, “I don’t hate you Bryson.” I smiled at her statement.  “But I do dislike you.” And there it goes. Tessa smiled satisfied with a malicious smirk on her face. This girl was going to be the death of me. 

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