Louis Tomlinson was the boy with the smile that would never fade away... Until one day, he's attacked, and he has the scars of a Chelsea smile of proof. His smile faded, everybody as afraid of him... Until one day, Harry Styles comes and helps the boy who's giving up.


1. Prologue

"Niall!!" I laughed as he sat on top of me, tickling me. "Stop!!"

"Not until you give me back my phone," he told me, then our friend, Liam, came into the room.

"Li, help!" I yelled, still laughing. Liam chuckled, shaking his head, then helped Niall torture me. I screamed and kept continuing to laugh.

"Boys," My step Father groaned, then gave Niall his phone. Liam and Niall got off of me and I gasped.

"Dad!!" I snapped. "That is not cool." I playfully pouted and crossed my arms. He chuckled chuckled and patted my hair.

"You 3 go get ready, we're going to leave in an hour," he said. I smiled and the three of us ran upstairs. American Sniper came into theaters today and we're going to go see it.

We all got ready and lied down in my bed, spread across everywhere. "So, Louis. Did you hear about the dude in town who's attacking people?" Liam asked. I shook my head.

"Wow, you're slow!" Niall exclaimed.

"In case you haven't noticed, I don't like people who hurt others. I don't care about him," I simply said, getting out my phone and texting my boyfriend, Andy.

"Wow, that's nice," Niall said sarcastically.

"You aren't worried at all?" Liam asked, then I looked at him.

"No, Liam. Nothing will happen because the three of us are smart, unlike those people he hurt. We can defend ourselves, and obviously those people who are probably dead can't," I told him. I may be a very positive person, but I also speak the truth. Those people obviously didn't defend themselves and they got into trouble from that.

"That's harsh," Liam mumbled.

"It's the truth. Imagine; you were being hurt and didn't do anything. You're obviously going to get hurt, maybe killed. Imagine; you were being hurt and you did something. You won't be so hurt," I said.

"You have a point," Niall said. I nodded and my phone vibrated. I texted Andy saying that I was going to the movies alone and put my phone away. 

"I know," I said, smiling.

"Boys, come on, let's go," my Dad shouted. We all got up and ran downstairs, out the door, and into the car, ready to see the movie.

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