Covers Common Core Standards for 1st Grade.



CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.RL.1.1: Ask and answer questions about key details on a text.

NOTE: THIS SHOULD BE DONE WITH AN ADULT HELPING. Adults should read the bold and read along with them for the best experience. Underlined words have definitions at the end.


Mary likes apples. They are fruits. Her friend, Bob, likes oranges. Mary says oranges taste bad. 

Write down one question you have about the text. Then find the answer to your questions. Sometimes you can't find answers to your questions, so you should look in different books or ask someone you know.

Example: What are fruits? Is orange a fruit? A fruit is food that grows on trees and can be eaten. They are sometimes sweet. Orange is a fruit because it grows from trees and you can eat it.*

See? This is a picture of fruit. Do you see an apple and orange? Point to it.*

YouTube link for this lesson:


Tommy can't go to sleep because he is scared of the dark. He thinks there are monsters. His mom says there are no monsters and it's just his imagination. But if Tommy is still scared, he can go to his parent's room.

Question 1: Why can't Tommy go to sleep?

Question 2: Have you ever been scared of the dark?

Question 3: What can happen if Tommy is still scared?

Question 4: What is one question you had while reading the text?

Answers below.



1: Tommy is scared of the dark.

2:Yes or No

3: He can go to his parent's room

4: (Possible Answer) What does imagination mean?

ImaginationWhen you make things up from your mind.

*Sorry, couldn't hyper-link it. Hoped you enjoyed it. Leave comments on the website.




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