In My Dreams

Diana is having dreams about Harry, and Harry is having dreams about her too. He doesn't know who's she is but she does. There is hope, but will she take the chance and find him? Or will he?


3. maybe a new beginning ? Pt.1

Diana's POV

As I said I woke up to a very concerned voice, and what was odd was that it was over me. And that rarely happens,I guess he heard me and took off the blindfold. I was able to see once again and I was not shocked at who took me away from my somewhat miserable life. It was Harry Again, I was so happy in that moment. He then asked if I was ok and obviously I said I was a bit shaken up and he gave the two men glares. Harry promised that would never happen again. Obviously I believed him so after everything he took me I. His jet and started to explain everything to me.

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