The hunger games 73rd

This is the final game that will be played probably. This is the game before Katniss everdeen has not even stepped into the capitals walls.


2. chapter2

My feet are stuck to the floor. My heart kept on beating I look over to see Bradley. He isn't staring at me like every body else is. I get pushed into the middle where there is no one. A peacekeeper comes and shows me to the stage. A tear starts to fall down my face. I wipe it away because I don't want to show my weakness to the other tributes. I walk on to the stage and the only thing I can see is thousands of pairs of eyes on me.

Districts 10 person shouts out to all of the boys," now let's go to the boys."

She goes to the bowl and picks out a name then goes back other to the microphone.

She opens her mouth to tell every boys who's nightmare is going to come true. My heart is beating even more then normal because I'm scared it's going to be Bradley.

She says,

"Leo Malden!"

I am more relieved then anything because that isn't Bradley. And better yet I don't know who he is. In school I don't like to say but I am kind of the most popular girl.

As he gets onto the stage. His hair is shiny brown. His face hands and skin showing has never been touched by sun. Eyes so green as grass. I guess he's from the more rich end because what he is wearing is smart and costs lots of money.

I look back at the crowd and see everyone doing the sign were they but their right and up with the thumb down and your little finger down. We get moved off the stage into a little room by our selfs but Leo is in a different.

First my sisters and brother come in first.

My younger sister and brother come in and hug me. Tears start running down my cheeks. Now there crying.

"You'll survive right?" They ask me.

I reply,"I promise."

My older sister whispers to me," I'll make sure they don't watch in case and try to win."

I whisper back," thanks."

She thinks I won't survive that does not help me at all.

Tears fall down my face. Again.

They go then my mum comes in she is crying so much she whispers,"your gonna win, I fell it."

Lots more tears come down her cheek my eyes start to water.

She says," take this."

She passes me me a letter.

I whisper back,"why?"

She says back but whispering,"I don't know."

Then she pauses and whispers again,"if you read it you might understand why."

"Hide it in your secret dress bit." She whispers as if what she says could kill someone.

"What,"I say.

She shows me this secret thing. I threw it in without even looking down.

A peacekeeper shoots in threw a door and shouts right down our ears,"you have to go soon and there is another visitor so."

My mum says,"I'll go."

My mum hugs me and then opens the door and steps out.

The final person is Bradley. He hugged me and whispered," survive because I love you."

I whisper back,"I love you we could have been together if this hasn't happen."

"I should go," he says then goes out the room."good bye."

I mouth it saying," goodbye." Because no words could comes out only tears. Then I fall down onto the chair in there.

Soon as I can feel the material of the seat I get pulled out.

I walk straight to the car that will take us to the train. This journey will be the longest one yet and it was. Soon as wee got onto the platform. I realised this was real not a dream.

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