death by sight

This is a story about someone in one one direction red more and find out


1. Wrong turn

Elizabeth's P. O. V  

Lea and I were walking around in the mall looking for a preseant because it was our sister's birthday. We saw a store with the name of THE GIFT STORE we went inside and looked around to see if we could see any Monster High dolls any were.When we came to the second row we saw  someone staring at us so I told Lea we should get out there.

Lea's P.O.V

I thought Elizabeth  was over reacting but when he stared to walk towards us we begane to run. We ran out  of the store had to stop for Nandos because I was starving then we ran out of the mall with a bag of Nandos screaming "HHHEEELLLPPP." Everyone stared at us like we were mad.We ignored them all. We finally got home and sat at the table and ate our Nandos.

Elizabeth's P.O.V

I asked Lea what was going on she said "I don't know ." 

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