death by sight

This is a story about someone in one one direction red more and find out


2. Knock on the door

Elizabeth's P.O.V

We had finished eating our Nandos when we heard a knok on the door."who is it? " I shouted still a bit shaken after  what had happened to us.We heard an unfermler voice saying"it is the guy from the shop you droped something"Lea and I said we are coming qukily taking a knife from a cuboard we opened the door slowly and their he was standing with a handbag I gasped we took the handbag from him and shut the door now we were really scared.

Lea's P.O.V

We went to go and sit down when we heard a knock on the door again Elizabeth was to scared to go so I stood up and went to the door and opened it the minute i opened it the dude just came walking in.Know I was angry becuse I had to stand up to my sister who was a few months older than me but that does not matter.I went into the room and there I saw the boy kissing my sister she was terrifyed you could see it in her face. I walked up to the dude tapped his shoulder and asked him what his name was and he  said his name was Louis I asked him why he was kissing my sister and he said because I knew it was death at first sight.Then I said get away from her and kicked him were the sun dont shine he ran out and slamed the door. My sister asked me what was going on and I said I dont know.





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