death by sight

This is a story about someone in one one direction red more and find out


3. Dont open the door

Lea's P.O.V

Elizabeth still a bit shaken said "help me."before passing out.I phoned the hospital and the polise. Finally after 5 minutes the ambulance arived to pick Elizabeth up and then the polise showed up.They told me to not open the door unless it is our friends or parents.I said that would be fine and the polise left. I ran up to my room becuase my phone started to ring I qukily picked up the phone hearing sad news that my sister was in shock and she would need to stay in the hospital for a month.I asked the lady if I could stay with my sister and she said yes. There was no way in a million years that I would be sleeping alone. My younger sister Nicola finally arived with her friends mom and all her presents. She was smileing unil she saw me packing my clothes busy crying. SHe asked me what was going on and she saw Elizabeth was gone.

Nicola's P.O.V

I started to cry when Lea told me what was happing.I ran upstaris to my room still crying and stared to pack my stuff.When we were ready we locked the door climed into the car and drove of.We finally got to the hospital ran inside with every thing and went to Elizabeth's room.The nurse came in seeing how Lea and I were crying said to us she will be alright.When it was time to go to bed they brought in two beds for Lea and I to sleep on.We were really worried about what was going to happen to Elizabeth.


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