Ghostly experience

"You will never influence the world by being just like it." - Unknown

Ever since Amanda was a little girl she knew that she was able to see dead people. But as the years went by, and the power got stronger and stronger, she was able to hear what others couldn't, and talk to who others wanted to.


4. Chapter 3

My mum was forcing Drew and I to "spent some time together".

"Have some fun!" Was her exact words that morning. 

"Why would I want to spent time with him?!" I had exclaimed the same time Drew had uttered a simple 'okay'.

"Because you're twins! You're siblings even if you like it or not!" Grr. 

So that's how I ended up in this lousy diner with Drew, the egocentric asshole I dare to call my brother. It was silent between as none of us had anything it say to one another. 

"So how's school?" Drew finally asked after what felt like hours. I looked at him weirdly. Seriously, school? 


He nodded. "Yeah. Since I'm not there that often I thought I would ask." 

"It's not my fault you're a lazy ass in the morning," I answered avoiding the topic as always. 

"You can't keep avoiding the topic Manda. Sooner or later you'll have to talk about it," Drew stated, using a nickname I haven't heard in years. 

"Then I prefer later!" I spat, pissed off. He smirked, raising his hands in surrender. Ugh bastard. 

"Can I go now?" I asked impatient as we fell into yet another silence. He shrugged and nodded once. I sighed, but before I could get out of my chair, something, or someone, stopped me. 

"Who's your friend? He looks a lot like you! Are you twins? That's so cool!" It's really not the time for this. 

"Fuck off!" I answered rather loudly startling both Drew and Keith. 

"What? Amanda it's you that's leaving, not me," Drew said looking at me weirdly. 

"Idiot," I replied and stalked out of the diner. I can't be in a room with Drew for just 10 minutes without wanting to rip his head off. 



When I got home I slammed the front door behind me and practically ran towards my room. 

"Amanda? Is that you?!" But my mother's voice stopped me. How did she even know it was me? Maybe I'm not the only freak in this house. Hm..

"What?" I called out not moving from the stairs. Footsteps neared and my mother came into view short after. 

"Is it only you?" She asked leaning against the railing. I nodded and turned around. 

"How did it go?" She shouted after me. 

"Fine!" I yelled before slamming my bedroom door shut. I threw myself onto my bed, and covered my eyes with my arms. 

"Drew seems nice." I jumped and fell of my bed in the progress. 

"You have got to stop doing that!" I groaned, but didn't get up from the floor. 

"No can do. Its way too funny," Keith laughed. 

"Ha ha ha," I Saud sarcastically. "And Drew is just as nice as my grandmother's ass." 

"I like him. He's hot." I choked on air.

"What?!" I squeaked getting of the floor. I looked at the laughing boy on my bed. "Are you serious?!" 

"Deadly," he said, and continued to laugh. "You should have seen your face! Priceless!" 

"Ha ha ha," I laughed sarcastically.

"He's only hot because he looks like you," he added after he stopped laughing. I stopped breathing for a second. Okay, so a ghost is flirting with me now? Look what my life has come to. 

"I actually thought for a second that you were gay," I said thoughtfully. He shrugged nonchalantly. 

"I'm as straight as my hair."

"That's pretty damn straight." 

"A lot of people thought I was homosexual. I'll have to remind you that I was born in the late sixties. No one wanted to be gay in the seventies, or the eighties, so I was basically the outcast," Keith said casually. 

"Because they thought you were gay?" I asked dumbfound. 

"Yes pretty much." 

"But you're not gay right?" I just had to be sure. 

"No I'm not gay. Jeez, how do I look like a homo?" 

"Well," I said dragging out the word. "There's your hair, your eyes, your nose, your mouth, the shape of your face, your voice, your ears, yo-" I listed up until I was interrupted. 

"I got it, I got it!" He yelled at me. I giggled and sat on the bed. 

"Why do you need my help?" I asked after a long silence. 

"I-I have to go now," he whispered slowly getting up from the bed. 

"What? Wasn't it you that was desperate for my help? And now you're just going to leave when I'm asking about it? Unbelievable. Un-fucking-believable," I asked furiously. But he just left. Again he just -poof- gone. Ugh! That's why I hate those things. Grr.

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