The Freak ((COMPLETED))

"You will never understand what I'm going through every day." -Amanda Blue. Ever since Amanda was a little girl she knew that she was able to see dead people. But as the years went by, and the power got stronger and stronger, she was able to hear what others couldn't, and talk to who others wanted to. "I never asked for this!"


3. Chapter 2

After I got myself cleaned and calmed, I walked out of the bathroom. Shit, I thought as I looked down the empty hallway. I looked at the clock on my phone. The white clock flashed 8:30. Ugh! I hate walking into class late. Especially when I have nowhere to sit. I'll end up in the back with the jocks and nerds. Oh the joys in life. 

I jogged down the hall and towards my locker. I quickly fetched my books for the next classes and slammed the locker shut. I walked calmly down the hall to the classroom. I was already late so what was the point. 

"You're late, miss Blue," my teacher, Mrs Grimly, scowled, looking at me from above her slim glasses. I mumbled a 'sorry' and walked to the only seat in the back of the class, as I had predicted. 

Miraculously I could go through the whole lesson with no remark or note being thrown my way. But my luck only lasted 'till the next class. The occasionally "Freak", as well as notes, was thrown at me. As always I tried to ignore it. And as always I tried to ignore the 'unwanted guests'. 



I walked through the front door of my house, after school, and walked directly to my room. I just wanted to sleep all my problems away. Just as long as Drew isn't home. If I'm lucky he's at his friends place, hooking with some girl or doing something stupid.

"Why didn't you wake me up for school?" When you talk about the devil. I'm not lucky. 

I groaned. "Not now Drew," I said grumpily to him, getting out of my nice, warm bed. 

"What, I asked you a simple question, Amanda," he said leaning against the doorway. Let me see. Because you're an egocentric jerk that cares about no one but himself. Not that I'm ever going to say that. Ha! But I've been thinking about it. Hm.. 

"I've had a tough day okay, I just want to be alone!" I groaned and shut the door in his lame excuse of a face. I tiredly walked back to my bed and fell asleep short after.

I woke up in the middle of the night screaming. Like I always do. The nightmare was like every other one I've had the past 7 years. My imagination is playing with me. Every god damn freaking night! No one ever comes around anymore. My parents got my room sound isolated a couple years back. It just shows they don't care about me. 

Tears were welling up in my eyes as I thought about my nightmares. That's what I do every night I wake up screaming. Which is not every night, but it's close. I sighed and dried my eyes, trying to fall asleep again. 



Chapter 2! Can I get a hiya! No? Aight then.. This is a filler and shitty kinda chapter. It's weird and short and I'm sorry! 

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