A Secret World

When Jade Kingley, an adventurous eighteen year old English noble finds a wonderous world teeming with life she uncovers a secret. She must show the everyone the truth otherwise everyone and everything will be perished!


1. The Secret Passage

 Jade was talking to her friend Ella Harper when Ella suddenly burst out," Happy birthday Jade!" Jade was taken back. She had dropped her books and nearly jumped. "Well you just realized this now?" she said picking up her books. Ella's cheeks turned pink and she said,"Pardon me but I just happen to see the poster on-",but Jade interupted," Wait a minute, there's a poster?"  Ella nodded and said,"The poster is announcing a ball that celebrates your "Elegant Eighteen" as it says on the posters," Jade looked surprised," I do not believe that I was informed of this," she murmured. She smiled and said,"Anyway bye Ella and make sure to come to my ball!" She nearly ran over to her carriage, fiddling with her brown hair. She got to her carriage, a luxury white carriage with golden flames and could fly was it wonderful or what?


"Mother?" called out Jade instead Melissa answered her she smiled kindly and said," Dear, your mother is not present here now," Jade sighed, but nodded," Alright I will be in the library then,"  She was reading a paticulaly intreaging book when she dropped it onto the fire place she picked it up she saw that on the brick that the book had fallen on it had the family crest a proud and fierce griffin above the crest she saw a key hole a keyhole which her jade pendant would fit into just fine! She pressed her pendant into the keyhole. Nothing. She turned around sighing when she heard a groan the groan of an old door. She excitedly turned around and saw...

 A tunnel way it was big so she could fit into it standing. She walked in wondering what she would find on the other side.








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