Adopted By Who???

Denise is a 17 year old orphan with an ugly past but what happens when a certain someone adopts her will her life change forever or will it get worse than what her past was or will she move on from that and allow people to change her for the best and will she fall in love with someone who will help her forget about her past??????


8. Chapter 8 (2 years since Valerie's Death, Spending the day with the boys)

The next morning Denise woke up and noticed that Veronica was still asleep so she fixed her hair and then went downstairs when she got there she went to the kitchen and sat on the tale and began to make a collage of pictures of Valerie when she was done she went on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook then posted the collage with the caption "It's been 2 years since I lost my best friend/ sister and not a day goes by where I miss you like it I just lost you, I still wish you were here to tell me you are going to be fine and all this is a bad dream. 2 years and I still miss you like crazy, 2 years and I'm still crying like if it just happened yesterday, I miss you Valerie. Gone forever but not forgotten" then someone walked in the kitchen then she looked then Liam said "Morning" "Morning" "You okay?" "Yes then no" "Valerie?" "Yeah 2 years today" "Oh" "Wait don't hug me please I don't want to cry today I want to be strong for Veronica" "Okay I understand, where is she at anyways?" "Sleeping" "Oh well since today is not a good day why don't I take you girls out to have some fun to get your mind off of this for a while?" "Okay then I'll go wake her up" "Okay I'm going to see which one of the guys are going to want to go" "Okay" then Denise went to her room and then got clothes then went to go shower when she came out she had on a blue floral dress that went a little be her knees then she put her curling iron to heat up then she went to her bed and yelled "VERONICA TIME TO WAKE UP!!!" "No wake me up tomorrow" "Come on Liam is taking us somewhere fun" "Eh" "Your not staying home while I'm out having fun now get your bum up" "Fine fine fine" then Veronica got up got clothes then went to go shower while she was in the shower Denise did her hair and put on her makeup and shoes when Veronica walked out she said "Your ready already?" "Yeah I let you sleep a little longer so I took a shower first" "Hahahahaha" "cute dress" "thanks I like yours too" Denise then went to her dresser and pulled out some black shorts and put them under her dress then someone knocked on the door Denise opened it then Liam said "Almost ready?" "Yeah almost" "Okay" "Who's going?" "It's Michael, Luke, Ashton, Calum, Niall, Harry, Me, and Zayn" "Awwwww not Louis?" "He's spending the day with Eleanor" "makes sense" "hahahaha I know" "Okay well Veronica just needs her hair and makeup" "okay" then Liam left then Veronica said "So who's going?" "All of them except Louis he's leaving with Eleanor" "Cool" "hahahah yeah, almost ready?" "Yeah can I borrow your curling iron?" "Of course" "thanks" "No problem oh don't rush but don't take too long I'll be back" "Okay I'll try not to take long and okay" "hahahaha" then Denise walked out of her room closing the door behind her then went downstairs then went to the kitchen then when she got there Ashton said "Hey Denise" "Hey Ashton" "So do you know where were going?" "No you" "Um no" "hahahaha what now I can't know where we are going?" then Liam said "Yup you can't" "Lame I wanted to know" "Hahahaha you will find out soon" then Zayn walked in then Ashton said "Hey mate" "Hi Ashton" then he looked at Denise then back at Ashton then Denise said "Can I have a clue to where we are going?" Liam said "Well for one you will have fun and you and Veronica both need that considering today is 2 years" "Well true but anywhere can be fun shopping, park, not being home today, walking in town, concerts, amusement parks, beaches, water parks, movies, food, shopping wait I said that already" then Liam, Ashton, and Zayn all laughed then Liam said "true and wait food?" "What I like food" then they laughed again then Ashton said "You will have fun today no more crying" "Hey I'm going through tough times right now but I'm usually not this emotional so I'm not bipolar if that's what you boys are thinking I used to be a happy child with a smile on my face no matter how bad things were at home now it's different" Liam said "it will get better soon" Denise mumbled "hopefully" then she went to her room when she got there she opened the door and she walked in then Veronica said "Well you came at the right time I'm done getting ready" "Yay" 'hahahah" then they both walked downstairs then Denise said "LIAM WERE READY TO GO!" "Okay!" then Denise and Veronica walked outside then Veronica said "Do you know where he's taking us?" "No he wouldn't tell me" "I hope there's food there" "Holly crap I totally forgot to feed you I'm such a bad friend" "Hahahah it's okay" "I feel bad" "don't" "I'll tell Liam to stop somewhere if you want?" "No it's okay" then all the boys who were going walked out of the house then got in a van in the very front was Liam and Harry behind them was Luke, Ashton and Michael behind them was Zayn, Denise, and Calum then behind them was Veronica and Niall then Liam said "Girls I forgot to feed you both" then they both laughed then he said "Well were going there's food" Denise then said "Okay" then Michael looked at Denise then waved then Denise smiled then waved back then Ashton laughed then Denise said "what?" "nothing you just like slowly waved it was funny" "hahahah" then Denise looked behind her to see Veronica awkwardly sitting there then Denise got her phone and texted Veronica she put "Dude calm down you look stiff" "I don't think I'm even breathing" "Oh god woman calm down I'm sitting next to the person who doesn't even talk to me he has not said one word to me but yet I'm more calm than you" "Wait who?" "Zayn" "Oh no I thought since he lives with you he would've?" "No not yet" "Oh" "Just calm down Liam is going to notice then ask you if you okay then all the others will just stare at you" "oh no I can't handle all the attention from them I will start to freak out" "Okay then calm down" "okay" then Denise looked at Veronica then laughed then Veronica gave he the death glare then a couple of minutes later they had arrived when they all got off Veronica went to Denise then smacked her arm then she said "what was that for?" "for laughing" "hahahaha okay" then Denise said "So now where are we at?" Harry said "Look over there" they looked to where Harry was pointing and they noticed they were at a fair then Veronica said "Oh man this is going to fun" Denise said "I know" then Veronica got Denise by the hand and pulled her towards the fair then Denise pulled out her phone then Veronica said "Dammit Denise get off your phone" "Where's the others?" "All the way in the back" "In a rush I see" "It's a fair" "I know" then the others walked up to them then they walked in then Veronica said "You don't need tickets for the rides?" "No" "Aw man that's freaking awesome" Then Denise and Veronica were walking in front of all of them then Denise said "to where first?" "Um ohhhh Ferris Wheel"  "hahaha yessss" Then Denise yelled "WERE GETTING ON THE FERRIS WHEEL ANYONE COMING?!" then it ended up being Denise, Ashton, Veronica, and Michael then they were in line they were talking and then Denise said "Veronica we should go out tomorrow" "Well what can we do?" "I'll tell you tomorrow" Michael said "No invite rude" "Michael relax I don't know what were going to do yet" "Rude" "Okay fine were going to talk about boys while shopping want to come now?" "Oh my god did you see what Harry is wearing he looks so cute?" Michael had said in a girly voice then Veronica said "Oh god" then Ashton laughed and Denise said "Oh my god I know right" "Oh my god let's get our hair and nails done" "No Michael we don't do that it's more like Oh my god let's go get food" Veronica said "Yeah we don't do out hair and nails we get food" Michael said "Oh my god let's go get pizza and talk more about boys" then they got off the ride laughing then Denise said "Oh my god I love pizza" Veronica said "Pizza hut" Ashton said "You guys are weird" Denise said "Ashton it's cause normal is boring" Veronica said "true" then the others walked behind them while the four of them laughed and talked then Denise said "If we get pizza lets all eat it and sing 'Michael wants another slice'" then Michael said "So what are you really planning to do tomorrow?" "I don't know I just don't want to stay home" "Hmmm sure" "but if I think of something I'll let you know" "okay then" then they went on more rides and the guys placed games and won stuff then they were finally going to get something to eat then Denise, Veronica, Ashton, and Michael went to go sit at a table while the others went to go order food then as they were sitting there Michael looked at Veronica and said "here you can have my panda" "You sure?" "Yeah I'm sure" "Thank you Michael" "welcome love" then Denise was on her phone then said "Veronica look" Denise showed Veronica a Michael imagine that was posted on twitter then she said "awwww cute" "hahaha I know" "Yeah" then Denise whispered to Veronica "did Michael give you that?" "Yes and he called me love" "Oh god fangirl on the inside please" "I am dead" "I bet" "Michael gave me his panda" "hahaha relax" "Okay I'm good" "Sure?" "Yeah" "Okay" "I got to use the bathroom" then Veronica went to the restroom then Denise was on her phone then Ashton said "Denise?" "Yeah" she looked at Ashton and noticed that they were the only ones there then he said "Um I want you to have this" Ashton said handing Denise a penguin "Are you sure?" "Yeah" "Thank you Ashton" "No problem love just something to always remember me" "Hahaha thank you" "Your welcome" Then Michael got back to the table with 2 boxes of pizza then Denise said "You would" "hahahaha Liam said to give you one" Micahael said handing Denise a box thn she said "Ohhhhh yes" then Veronica sat down Denise said "Pizza" "Oh it's Pizza hut" "I know" then the others came and they all ate when they finished they went back to playing more games while Denise and Veronica walked around the fair talking then Veronica said "Do you think Liam will get worried?" "No he knows we need this alone time I told him" "oh" "that's why he decided to bring us he doesn't want us crying anymore or to be depressed" "Oh he's a cool guy" "Just like we always said he would be" "yeah" then Veronica looked at the floor then Denise looked at her then she said "Hey don't cry please" "I just miss her" "I know you do" Denise then held Veronica's hand in a friendly way then they continued to walk then they had walked around the whole fair cause they had found the guys then Veronica didn't look at anyone then Denise looked at her then she said "You okay?" "Yeah I'm okay" "Sure?" "Yeah" "Okay" then Denise kissed her forehead then Veronica smiled (in a friendly way) then they talked some more until it was time to leave when they got back in the car this time Denise sat all the was in the back with Veronica then Veronica rested her head on Denise's shoulder then before Liam got in the car Denise texted him "Dad?" "Yeah" "She's been crying" "Oh no" "Can you drop me and her off at McDonalds please?" "Of course" "thanks" then Liam got in the car and drove them to McDonalds when they got there Niall said "Liam why are we here?" Denise said "I asked him to leave me and Veronica here" "Oh" then they got off then he said "Call me so I can pick you up" "Okay" then Denise and Veronica walked but as they were walking Veronica began to cry Denise hugged her then she said "please don't cry" "I'm sorry" Denise looked to see that Liam was still right there and all the guys were looking at them then Denise got her hand and they walked down the street to the park that was down the street then Veronica said "Can we get a milkshake?" "Of course McDonalds?" "Ok" then they walked to McDonalds then Denise ordered 2 chocolate milkshakes for the both of them they got them then walked then Denise said "home?" "Yeah" "Okay" "Doesn't Liam need to pick us up?" "No the house is literally down the street that's why I asked him to drop us off here cause I know how to get home from here" "Oh" then they walked home when they got there they walked in then Veronica and Denise went to her room then Denise looked at the time and noticed that it was 10:30pm then Veronica said "I'm exhausted" "Go to sleep okay get okay?" "okay" then Veronica changed then got in Denise's bed then soon had fallen asleep Denise then got her empty milkshake cup and hers then went to the kitchen and threw them away then Liam said "Your home?" "Oh yeah I know my way from down the street that's why I asked you to drop us off there" "Oh how is she?" "She's asleep" "oh I see" "yeah she calmed down a little bit after" "But why McDonalds?" "Every time she was depressed like this I would take her to McDonalds to get a milkshake it calmed her down so much so now I just take her there all the time and it still works" "Oh smart hahaha" "Yeah well I'll be in my room if you need me" "okay then" then Denise went to her room changed to her pajamas then she got her laptop and sat on the floor on twitter then Harry had knocked on the open door Denise looked then said "Hey Harry'' "Hey Denise" "You can come in" "Okay then" then Harry walked in the room and Denise said "What's up?" "Um can I talk to you?" "Yeah sit next to me" "Okay" Harry then sat on the floor next to Denise then she said "what's up?" "Um I want you to have this" Harry said handing Denise a unicorn "Awwww it's cute" "for you" "Sure?" "Yeah" "thank you" "welcome" then Denise the unicorn and noticed that there was something else on the unicorn then Denise said "What is this" "It's a necklace" Denise then got the necklace and noticed it had the "H" charm on it Denise said "It's beautiful" "hahahah" "thank you" "Your welcome" Harry said kissing her cheek then Denise blushed a bit then Harry said "So what are you doing?" "Nothing on twitter" Denise said putting her laptop on her laps "Oh I see" "Yeah hahahah" "I've been thinking you have never wanted to go into singing as a job" "I used to but I want to be a photographer" "Oh" "Yeah like take photos and if I'm lucky do it for famous people" "I see" "yeah that's what I want to do" "hahahaha your a dreamer aren't you?" "Yeah I am" "hahahah" "Like I went from wanting to be a doctor, to teacher, from teacher to singer, and from singer to photographer" "Oh hahaha" Then Denise's phone began to ring she got up and said "hello" "Denise" "Yes" "can I talk to you really fast?" "okay" then Denise put her phone down then told Harry "I'll be right back" "Okay I'll be here" "Okay" then Denise went downstairs then she said "what's up dad?" "Can we talk?" "Sure" "okay sit please" then Denise sat on the couch with Liam then she sais "what's up?" "Look I know your smart and everything but I want you to be careful" "what are you talking about?" "I'm talking about you and Harry" "dad there's nothing going on between us" "Oh" "I would've told you I mean yeah I do like him but I have liked him since I found out about the band" "Oh I thought that there was something" "No dad don't worry but if something does happen I'll tell you" "okay I know you would just got a little scared" "That's a parent for you but remember were just friends" "okay" "okay" then Denise got up and went back to her room when she got there Harry was on his phone Denise then walked in then Harry said "Hiiiiiii" "hahahaha hi" then they talked for an hour then Denise said "Well Harry I'm tired so I'm going to sleep now" "Okay then good night love" "Good night Harry" then Harry got up then left the room then Denise closed the door and turned off her laptop then turned off the light then laid in bed and went to sleep 

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