Adopted By Who???

Denise is a 17 year old orphan with an ugly past but what happens when a certain someone adopts her will her life change forever or will it get worse than what her past was or will she move on from that and allow people to change her for the best and will she fall in love with someone who will help her forget about her past??????


6. Chapter 6 (Veronica Part 2)

Then Denise and Veronica had got bored so Denise got her laptop then went on twitter then Veronica said "Look Michael has an eyebrow piercing" "Ohhh so swaggy" "hahahaha" "It's funny cause it goes with him but then you look at his hair and it's purple" "I know that is so true, is it just me or is Ashton getting facial hair?" "Oh god no stop it's breaking my heart he's growing up" "hahahahaha your funny" "If you say so" "I'm hungry" "Your always hungry" "You should look up a close by place to get something to eat on your laptop" "Ughhhhhhhh but I just closed it" "but FOOD" "Fine" "Yay" Denise then opened her laptop and looked up some close by places to eat then she said "There's Pizza Hut, Panda Express, Taco Bell, and McDonalds" "Ummm Panda Express" "Shocking I thought you were going to say Taco Bell" "But I haven't had Panda Express in a while" "Okay then let's go" then Denise closed her laptop and left it on the couch then Denise got her money then they walked to Panda Express when they got there they ordered what they wanted then got a table for them and sat down then as they were eating Veronica said "It's still weird to me that no fans have noticed you today" "hahaha I don't mind at all" "hahaha" "Yeah cause then I don't have to worry about getting noticed everyday when I'm out so I don't mind" "that's true and another thing it's weird knowing Liam is your dad" "I know you will get used to it soon" "hopefully" "you will cause your going to be around them for 2 months" "I'm excited to finally leave for a while" 'I bet you need it" "Yeah I know" "I'm actually glad Liam adopted me" "Why is that?" "I was planning to do suicide once they let me out since I had no where to go" "really?" "yeah I couldn't take it anymore" "just like me but see Liam came to the rescue for you and for me it was you" "Yeah" "so in other words your my Batman" "I am Batman hahaha" Then they finished eating and went back to the hotel when they got there they went back to the floor and sat on the couch and watched the entertainment news like always and they began to talk about One Direction then the lady said "Speaking of 1D it looks like one of them is a dad now. Liam Payne posted a picture of him and his daughter at her graduation" then the picture of Denise and Liam popped up on the screen then she said "So where did she come from? And is she a publicity stunt for the boys of One Direction?" then Veronica said "Now fans might notice you" "Ughhhh I don't want them to" "it could happen" "I know" "Wait the last part she said is that true?" "The publicity thing?" "Yeah?" "I don't know I hope not cause I let them in my life to just have them not want me after a year or so" "I know I would not like them at all" then the lady continued to say "Even Louis Tomlinson has posted a picture of her" then another picture of Denise popped up then Denise said "Ughhhh make it stop" Veronica then changed the channel then Veronica said "there" "thanks" Then Denise got her phone and went on instagram and seen that the 5sos boys had posted a video they watched it then Veronica said "Ohhhhh the loves are in L.A." "Yup" "I wonder what color Michael will dye his hair next?" "I don't know" "I miss galaxy hair Michael" "hahaha your funny" "Yeah" "Bet you wish Ashton never had facial hair" "No stop don't even start with that" "You know it's true" "I said shhhhhhhh" "it's the truth" "Veronica Shhhhhhh" "fine" Then the front door opened then Liam said "Denise!" "On the couch" then Liam walked in and said "Girls I'd like you to meet some of my friends, guys" then no other than 5 Seconds Of Summer walked in then Liam said "Denise, Veronica this is Ashton, Michael, Luke and Calum, and boys this is Denise my daughter and Veronica her friend" they said "Hello girls" Denise and Veronica said "Hi" then they went to the kitchen with Liam then Denise and Veronica sat back on the couch then Veronica said "I got to meet them" "happy?" "I'm so happy that I feel like crying so happy that I feel like I can die now" "Hahahaha before they leave we need to take a group picture with them" "Seriously and I want an individual selfie with each of them" "me too" "Hahahah" "I guess this is a good thing about having a famous dad you get to meet all of his famous friends and I totally forgot that they knew them" "how could you forget?" "I just did" "maybe he did this cause he knows you like them?" "he does I told him" "then that's why" "yup just imagine on 2 months you will meet the rest of the 1D boys, Perrie, Eleanor, Lou, and Lux" "I know I'm so excited" "I bet" "When are we going back?" "I don't know want me to ask Liam?" "Sure" Denise then got up then went to the kitchen then said "Liam?" "yeah" "Um is it um okay if Veronica um comes to London with us for um a couple of months?" "Sure that's fine" "Okay and when are we going back?" "Tomorrow that way she can pack" "okay" Denise then went back to the couch and she said "Liam said tomorrow that way you can pack" "Ohhhh right I forgot I had to do that" "hahaha yeah you do" "want to help me" "Sure" "let's go now that way I can just stay here the night" "okay then" Then Denise said "Liam I'm going to Veronica's to help her pack" "Okay be careful call me so I can pick you girls up" "I will" then Denise and Veronica got up and walked to Veronica's car then went back to her house then Veronica said "Why don't I just drive us back to the hotel?" "Veronica were going to the airport tomorrow" "Ohhhhhh right" "hahahaha go pack" "okay" then they went to Veronica's room and she packed almost all of her clothes and her makeup and shoes then her mom walked in her room and said "Veronica what are you doing?" "Oh um I'm going to London for a couple of months" "How you have no money?" "Denise she's taking me" "Denise she's taking you I thought she was in the orphan?" "She was and she's right there" Veronica said pointing to Denise "Denise how you been?" "Good and you?" "good still healing but good" "that's good" "So your Veronica to London?" "Yeah I got adopted and turns out that my adoptive father lives in London so I asked if she can go and they and they said yes" "Oh okay then it's fine with me, when do you guys leave?" "Tomorrow morning but Veronica is going to stay at the hotel with me since were leaving really early" "Okay then it was nice to see you again" "You too" then Veronica said "I'm done packing call should you call Liam now?" "Yeah" Denise then got her phone and called Liam when they answered Denise said "Liam?" "Oh um he's busy right now it's Ashton" "Oh um hi can you tell him we need to be picked up from Veronica's house" "Sure hold up" then there was talking then Ashton said "Um he said that he will send me cause he's cooking" "Okay then I'll text you the address on Liam's phone so you can put it in your phone to know how to get here" "Okay then see you soon" "See you soon bye" "Bye" then when Denise hung up she said "I just talked on the phone with Ashton Freaken Irwin" "Wait I thought you called Liam" "I did he was busy so Ashton answered and now Ashton is coming for us" "Oh" "my heart is beating so fast" "Calm down" "I just freaken talked to Ashton on the phone" "hahahahaha" "Okay I'm good" "Sure?" "Yes" "Okay then" 15 minutes later Veronica's mom walked in the room and said "Denise there's a guy here to pick you guys up" Denise said "Ashton's here" Veronica then got her stuff said "Bye" to her parents then they got in the car with Denise in the passenger seat and Veronica in the back and Ashton driving then Denise said "Thanks for picking us up Ashton" "No problem" Then Denise's phone rang she picked it up and said "Hello" "Hey Denise it's Eleanor" "Oh hey what's up?" "Well I stopped by the house today to steal from the boys but Louis told me you and Liam went to L.A." "Oh yeah I did it was a family emergency but I will be back tomorrow" "Okay is everything fine now?" "Yes everything is fine" "that's good oh the lads said hi" "tell them I said hi and I miss them" Then Denise heard someone say "Denise come back I miss you" "Who was that?" "Harry" "hahahaha oh speking of him he doesn't believe that  took that picture of you, Perrie, and Lux" "Ohhhh boy I will talk to him about that later" "hahahah okay" then Harry said "Are you talking to Denise?" Eleanor said "Yes" then he said "So when are you coming home it's boring without you?" "Oh is someone missing me it's only been a day" "Pshhhhh no" "Your such a liar" then Eleanor said "he misses you" "hahahaha Eleanor I know he does" Harry said "Fine I miss you" "Hahahaha I knew it why you got to lie about it Styles?" "I don't know" "Well I'll be home soon" "okay" then Eleanor said "he's such a baby he walked out with a huge smile on his face" "Hahahaha he's dumb" "Is Liam with you right now?" "No he's at the hotel I'm on my way there" "Oh alone?" "No with a friend of mine and Ashton" "Wait Ashton as in Ashton Irwin from 5sos?" "That's the only Ashton I know" "hahahaha how is that going?" "Very great" "hahahaha well I guess I'll kidnap you from the boys when you get back" "hahahaha okay then" "hahaha yeah" "Well Eleanor I'll see you soon we just got to the hotel" "Alright then have a safe flight home" "Okay thanks bye" "bye" then Denise helped Veronica carry some of her things in the hotel when they got to the floor Denise put her things where Denise's things were at then Liam said "hey girls" "Hello" they both said "Well we have the whole floor to ourselves as you can tell all the room doors are open I was just letting you know that way you guys can find a room with 2 beds and sleep there tonight" Denise said " Ohhhh sounds fun" Veronica said "Cool" then Denise and Veronica began to search for a room for them to sleep in then when they found one they walked in then Veronica said "I'm going to sit in this amazing tub" "what's so different about this tub from the rest?" Denise walked in the bathroom and said "Wow it's huge like 2 people can fit in it" "I know I'm going to sit and relax in here for a bit" "okay then have fun" "thanks" "I'm going to watch tv" "okay be out in a few hours" "but what if I have to pee?" "Denise we have all these rooms you can go next door" "Fine" Then Denise walked out of the bathroom then sat on one of the beds and turned on the tv and began to watch it then she got bored so she turned off the tv and got her phone and began to play music then she wanted her laptop so she said "Veronica be right back I'm going to go get my laptop" "okay close the door on your way out one of the keys is by the tv" "okay" Denise then got the key and went back to the room where all of there stuff was at when she got there she went to the room and got some clothes to sleep in and her phone charger, and laptop and the charger then she walked out of the room then Liam said "did you guys find a room?" "Yeah and the tub is amazing" "hahahaha that means you guys got one of the expensive rooms" "it's cool" "that's good we'll I'll call you when the food is ready" "okay" then when Denise was walking out she began to play the 5 Seconds Of Summer album then Amnesia began to play she put the volume up a little then walked back to her room as she was walking someone said "Hey" she looked behind her to see Ashton there she said "Hey" "What are you doing?" "Walking to my room listening to music" "how do you like the album?" "I love it hahahah" "good" "hahahah" "so Liam adopted you?" "Yeah he did" "you seem like a cool girl" "thanks Ashton" "your welcome" "hahaha" "so whatcha got there?" "My laptop, pjs, and speaker" "Ohhhh can I go on twitter really fast?" "Sure" Denise then sat on the floor and Ashton sat next to her then she put in her password then went on Twitter logged herself out then handed the laptop to him then she got a text from Veronica on her phone she looked at it and it said "are you back in the room yet? "Not yet I'll be there soon I'm in the hallway with Ashton" "Okay then" Then Ashton said "you have twitter?" "Yeah I do" "What's your thingy?" Denise then got his phone then typed in her username then she said "that's me" "I like your name" "hahaha thanks" then Ashton followed her then he said "I followed you" "No freaken way" "hahahaha way" "You know how long I've been trying to get you to follow me?" "Long time I'm guessing" "Oh yeah very long time" "Well now you don't have to try" "Yes I still need the band account plus ,Michael, Luke and Calum" "I can do the band account and tell the others to follow you does your friends have twitter?" "Yeah she does" Ashton then followed Veronica then got off of his account and went on the band account and followed them both then Denise said "thank you so much Ashton" "welcome" "Um can I take a picture with you if you don't mind" "Sure I'd love to" then Denise got her phone out and took 2 pictures with him then she said "thank you" "Your welcome can I see your phone rally fast?" "Um okay" a couple of minutes later Ashton gave Denise her phone back and he said "I put my number in there hope you don't mind" "not at all" "and I sent myself a message so now I also have your number" Denise looked at Ashton's phone and as her contact name he had put "Denise Irwin Styles" just like her twitter name then he said "I need a picture though" "Selfie with Ashton" "Hahahahahah okay" Denise then got his phone and took a picture with Ashton then he put it as her contact picture then they heard someone call Ashton's name they both looked to see Michael, Luke, and Calum walking towards them then Ashton got up and they said "what are you doing?" "talking to Denise and was on twitter on her laptop" then Denise heard yelling and it sounded like Veronica she got up and ran to the ran to the room when she got there she was out of breathe then she said "What..... is..... wrong?" "Ashton and the 5 Seconds Of Summer band account followed me!" "Dammit Veronica I thought you were getting killed or something" "Why aren't you freaking out?" "He followed us in front of me" "Oh well I'm going back in the tub" "still?" "Yes I got out just to tell you" "oh my gosh" "hahahaha" then Denise left her thing on the bed when she got to the door Ashton was there then he said "everything okay you ran pretty fast?" "Yeah Veronica got a little excited cause of the follows" "Oh hahahaha" "You can come in" then Ashton sat on one bed and Denise on the other then he said "So Denise can I ask you questions to get to know you better?" "Sure" "Okay how old are you?" "I'm 17 I turn 18 soon" "Cool, um why were you were in the orphan" "My parents died in a car crash" "Oh" "yeah" "um what do you do fro fun?" "Um I like to take photos, edit them, play basketball, soccer, and sing" "Awesome" "hahaha yeah" "Ummmm how long have you and Veronica been friends for?" "Sine 1st grade in Elementary school" "Wow that's a long time" "Yeah well actually it's three of us not just me and Veronica" "Who else?" "It's me, Veronica, and her sister Valerie" "Oh how come she's not here?" "She past away 2 years ago well tomorrow is 2 years" "that sucks how old was she?" "She was 15 like Veronica there identical twins" "Damn that sucks" "yeah that's kind of why me and Liam are here she got all depressed so I came to help her out" "oh your a good friend" "yeah she's like family to me that's why" "Oh I see" "Yeah basically she's all I have left of my real family I mean Liam and the boys are my real family but you get what I'm trying to say right?" "Yeah I do basically she's all you have left of the family you had before the orphan" "exactly" "okay then you have any siblings?" "No my parents never wanted me I'm sure they didn't want any other kids" "what do you mean they didn't want you?" "yeah they always told me that I was the biggest mistake, that I was a pain in the ass, and that they wished that they would have aborted me" "oh wow that's terrible" "Yeah that's not even half of the bad stuff that they did to me" "What do you mean?" "they abused me they broke my leg, arm, and some of my ribs" "that's fucked up" "yeah I hate them so much I never even thought of them as my parents I called them by there names I think of Liam as my real dad" "really you do?" "Yeah I even call him dad" "I bet he was surprised?" "very" "hahahaha" "he even asked me why I called him dad and I told him what I just told you" "Oh I see" "yeah" "what's your favorite food?" "that's easy it's pizza" "you and Michael both" "hahahaha" "favorite color?" "turquoise" "cool"  "hahahah" "Um I don't know what else to ask anymore" "hahahaha it's okay" "okay then" "yeah" "oh this is a random question but are you single?" "hahahahaha yeah I'm single" "How your so pretty?" "I don't know I just am and thanks I guess" "oh I don't get why your single I mean your really pretty and welcome" "Am I know?" "Yeah well I think you are?" "hahahahaha thanks Ashton but I know your lying" "I am not I'm saying the truth 1,000% truth" "Nah" "Why don't you believe me?" "I do I just don't think I'm pretty" "Why now?" "I just don't I'm ugly" "no your not your really pretty and guys are too blind to see that" "I guess but I've been single my whole life I haven't had my first boyfriend or first kiss" "really?" "yeah" "oh one day you will have that kiss trust" "one day" "yeah" "I'm in no rush though" "Oh okay" "Yeah so why are you boys here?" "recording" "oh" "yeah we have some time off for a couple of months" "oh what are you guys going to do for that time off?" "Liam invited us to go stay at the house for a while so were going to do that" "Oh when do you guys go to the house?" "tomorrow when you guys go" "Ohhh your going with us" "Yeah" "hahaha cool" then they talked for a little bit more then Ashton said "well I'm going to go back to the room with the others it was nice chatting with you" "it was nice talking to you too" "bye Denise" "Bye Ashton" then a little after Ashton left Denise knocked on the bathroom door and said "Are you alive in there?" "hahahaha yes I am" "okay just checking I'll be back" "okay" Then Denise went back to the other room when she got there Liam said "Hey kiddo" "Hi, how's the cooking coming along?" "It's coming out good want to see what I'm making?" "Sure" then they walked in the kitchen and Liam said "homemade pizza" "Pizza!" "Yeah" "that's awesome" "your favorite?" "pizza is life for me" "just like Michael" "hahahaha yeah" "You talked to them yet?" "Only Ashton he's nice and funny" "hahahaha yeah" "Yup" "where's Veronica?" "shower" "oh hahaha" "she's been in there for like an hour almost" "wow that's long" "I know" "have you been checking on her cause of the reason we came for?" "yeah I have" "okay cause I can't let her do that" "I can't either she's like a sister to me" "I know love, have you and Veronica ever fought?" "Nope never knock on wood" "that's really good cause a bunch of friendships don't last this long" "I know I am just really glad I got to meet her when I did" "you and Veronica are really good friends like you both are always smiling and laughing and talking when your together it's kinda cute" "hahaha your funny dad" "But it is it makes me happy knowing that you both are so happy and it makes me extra happy that we saved a beautiful girl" "Yeah I'm glad we came too cause I just couldn't let her do that to herself I wouldn't be able to live with myself knowing that I could've prevented it but didn't" "well I'm glad you asked me to bring you" "Me too" "You saved her Denise your like her Batman or Superman" "yeah I got saved too" "What do you mean?" "Want the truth?" "Yes" "okay lets sit for this one" "okay" "well they were going to let me out of the orphan at 18" "Oh I see" "but I had no where to go no money, no home, no family so to be honest with you I was just going to kill myself but just like I saved Veronica you saved me your my Batman Liam and I can't  thank you enough" "I'm so glad I got you because now that won't happen" "thank you so much dad like you have no idea how thankful I am everyday to wake up knowing I'm not in the orphan anymore and knowing that I'm out of there and I'm somewhere where I'm wanted and accepted" "Look Denise of course your wanted where we live all the guys like you including the girls so I know that I can never replace your parents and I'm not trying to I just want you to know that I love you and nothing can make that change okay" "I know you don't want to replace them Liam and I love you so much too" "Just remember if you ever want to talk I'm here for you okay" "Okay I will Liam thank you again" "Your welcome" Then Denise got up and gave Liam a hug then said "I love you so much Liam" "I love you too Denise" then Denise sat back on the chair then Liam said "the pizza is almost ready why don't you go get Vernica out of the shower" "Okay" Denise then walked out of the room and went back to her room and then knocked on the bathroom door saying "Veronica it's almost time to eat time to get out!" "fine I'm getting out" "okay" Then Denise sat on the bed on her laptop and 10 minutes later Veronica came out of the bathroom and said "that shower is amazing" "hahahaha it's my turn but I'm not going to take a long time since we have 30 minutes till the food is ready" "Okay then" Denise then got her clothes and phone then went to go shower about 10 minutes into her shower Veronica had knocked on the door saying that she was going to go back to the room with Liam really fast then 20 minutes after that Denise had got out when she finished she had a long shirt with shorts under but the shirt was so long that it looked like she had no shorts on then she brushed her hair down then he phone began to ring she answered it and said "hello" "food is ready" "okay there I go" "okay bye" "Bye" then Denise put on some fluffy socks then walked to the room when she walked in Veronica said "Finally" "hey you took over an hour" "shhhhhh" then she sat next to Veronica and then Ashton and Luke had joined them then Liam had called Denise she then got up and went to the kitchen and said "Yes" "Can you help me serve?" "Of course" then Denise and Liam had served all of the guys and Veronica then they all ate when they were done Veronica had went back to the room then Denise had ate 2 more slices then thanked Liam then she went to get her phone charger then as she was walking out of the room Denise said "I'll see you tomorrow dad" "okay good night love" "Good night dad" then she walked out and walked to the room her and Veronica were using when she got to the room she seen Veronica was on the bed on her phone then Denise closed the door then laid in bed then Veronica said "tired?" "Yes we had a long day today" "I know I'm tired too" "sleep then" "I am I was just waiting for you to come to the room" "Oh hahaha I'm here now we can sleep" Then Denise put her phone t charge then turned off the lights then laid in bed and soon they were both fast asleep.

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