Adopted By Who???

Denise is a 17 year old orphan with an ugly past but what happens when a certain someone adopts her will her life change forever or will it get worse than what her past was or will she move on from that and allow people to change her for the best and will she fall in love with someone who will help her forget about her past??????


5. Chapter 5 (Veronica? Part 1)

The next morning when Denise woke up at 6:30am she put on workout clothes then got a small towel and went to the kitchen and got like 4 water bottles then went to the little house in the back and began to workout she had started at 6:40am and finished her workout at 10:00am when someone had walked in the room she looked to see who it was and saw Zayn walk in he went to go do his workout while Denise did hers while Denise continued to workout her phone began to ring she answered it and said "hello" "hey Denise long time no talk" "Veronica hey I know it's been a while, how you been?" "I've been good and you, why do you sound out of breathe?"  "that's good and I've been good as well and it's because I'm working out right now" "Oh you want me call you back later?" "No it's fine" "How long have you been working out?" "4 hours and counting" "wow hardcore workout?" "Yeah very I just wanted to start working out so I got up at 6:30am and came to workout" "wait you have been working out all day" "No I just woke up" "But it's like 1am here" "Ohhhhh I forgot to tell you I don't live in L.A. anymore I moved to London a couple of days ago well actually I got adopted" "Someone adopted you and took you away from me?" "Yeah and I finished school too" "Congrats" "Thanks" "So how you been with the whole death of Valerie?" "Still miss her like crazy I mean all three of us were like sisters I miss her so much still and you?" "I miss her like crazy too my mom still has her room the same hasn't touched it once, I go in there sometimes and just lay on her bed and cry it's hard knowing that my sister is gone I just want her back"  "I do too, how are your parents?" "there doing better thy both went to counseling for family loss and it helped them so much" "that's good" "yeah I went too but it's harder for me since she is my twin" "yeah that's true" "Yeah I miss seen you Denise" "I miss seen you too it's been almost 2 years since I last saw you" "I know and now we can't hangout" "We can face time"  "but different time zones" "Veronica we both know that you don't go to sleep early and same for me" "true" "so we can face time when it's night for me or night for you" "okay well not now cause I'm busy" "Me too I'm working out" "Right" "yeah" "well Denise I'll keep in touch with you there's so much we need to catch up on" "Yeah I know and okay bye" "Bye" then Denise got off the thing she was using and cleaned the sweat off her face and drank water then Liam walked in and said "Morning Denise, I was looking for you" "Morning I've been in here" "How long?" "let's see I got up at 6am and been in here for 4 hours and a half" "Wow hardcore workout" "Yeah" "Well go shower so we can go shopping" "Okay" Denise went to her room showered and when she came out she had on a black floral dress that went a little above the knees then she left her hair down and got her black flats and put them on then she went to the kitchen and got an apple to eat then went back to her room and fixed her hair and put it in a braid then put on mascara then she went back downstairs and told Liam she was ready then she seen Niall when he seen her he said "Hey Denise" "Hey Niall" "Well someone looks pretty" "thanks Niall" "Where you going?" "Shopping with Liam" "Oh have fun" "Thanks I'm sure I will it's Liam" "hahaha true, oh he was looking for you earlier" "Oh I know he found me hahaha" then Liam said "Ready?" "Yes" Denise then got her phone then they went to Liam's car and went to go shopping when they finished they went back home when they got there the delivery people had got there with all of the stuff that they had bought then they took the stuff to Denise's room then began to set everything up then when they were done and they left Denise began to charge her camera and laptop that she had got then she setup her laptop with a password and her lock screen pictures that she wanted which were of course of 5 Seconds Of Summer and One Direction then left it on her desk to charge then she had got a text from Ashley asking if she wanted to hangout Denise replied sure then she had told her that she would pick her up from her house in an hour Denise gave her the house address then Denise went downstairs and found Liam on the couch she said "Liam I'm going out with a friend" "Okay wait you made a friend?" "Yeah yesterday when I was with Louis" "that's great and okay" "Thanks dad" "welcome" Denise then went to her room and went on her laptop looking for pictures to put as her screen saver then as she was looking someone said "Denise!" she got her phone then went downstairs to see Ashley at the door she said "Hey Ashley" "Hey Denise ready to go?" "Yeah" she looked at Liam and said "I'll be back later" "okay be careful" "I will" then they got in her car and drove to the park when they got there they walked around and found some shade under a tree they sat down and talked then these guys and girls walked up to them and they said "Hey Ashley" "Oh hey guys" "thought you couldn't hangout today?" "Yeah I couldn't cause I had plans with my friend here" Ashley said pointing to Denise "So you ditched us for her?" "She's new to the country okay I can make new friends if I want to!" "You should've just told us that" "Well now you know" "Well it's nice to meet you Ashley's friend" Denise said "You too" "Oh your American?" "Yeah just moved here a couple days ago" "Nice" then Denise's phone began to ring she got up and answered it she said "hello" "Denise it's Veronica" "Hey what's up?" she then sat on a bench "Are you busy?" "No why?" "I need to talk to you" "what's up? I'm listening" "I can't do this anymore" "what are you talking about?" "I'm done Denise I can't take this anymore I want to be with Valerie" "Veronica don't please" Denise said crying "I'm done" "Please hang on a little longer I can't lose you either" "I'm sorry" then the line went dead then Denise quickly called Liam when he answered he said "hello" "Liam can you pick me up it's an emergency" "where are you at?" "the park" "on my way" "make it fast please" Denise said crying "what's wrong love?" "I need to help her she's going to do it" "Who?" "Veronica, Valerie's twin sister she's going to kill herself" "What?" "Liam hurry please I can't lose her too" "I just got here where are you?" "By the swings" "there I go" "Hurry please" then Denise hung up and then Liam ran up to her and said "shhhhhh stop crying please" "I need to go to L.A. to stop her I can't let her do this Liam" "Okay okay I'll go with you, let's get you out of here" Denise the got up then she said "Can you tell Ashley that I have to go?" "Sure love" "she's by the tree" "Okay" then Liam went to go tell her that Denise had to leave then they walked to Liam's car and they went back to the house Liam said "Go pack love so we can leave right away" "okay" Denise then went to her room and began to pack all kinds of clothes cause she had no idea how long she was gonna be there for then she got a backpack and packed her camera, laptop and the chargers then she put her phone charger in there too then Liam walked in and said "Ready?" "Yeah" "Okay I already told the lads were gonna be there for a while" "okay" then they got in the car and drove to the airport when they got there Paul was waiting for them then they got on the jet and were off to L.A. when it was okay to use the electronics Denise got out her phone hoping Veronica would answer when she did she said "hello" "Veronica?" "Yes" "Oh thank god you answered, please don't do it" "I can't I'm sorry I can't do this anymore" "Veronica do you think Valerie would want you to do this to yourself?" "No she would be pissed at me" "then don't do it for her" "I can't live without her anymore" "You don't think I can I still cry for her Veronica I've been wanting to kill myself too" "it's hard" "I know it is, it's very hard but doing what your doing isn't going to help it's only going to make things worse especially with your parents don't you think they have gone through enough with Valerie's death don't add your death to there plate they might end there life too" "I know it won't help but I'm so lost without her Denise" "I know you are just don't do anything okay please" "I'll try not to" "Please" "I'll tale to you later" "Okay bye" "Bye" When Denise hung up Liam said "Do you know where they live?" "Yup they live in the same house" "Okay" then  soon Denise had fallen asleep. When they had landed Liam woke up Denise then he got a rental car and then Denise told Liam where to go since it was already morning there when they got there Denise called Veronica when she answered she said "Hello" "Hey Veronica do me a favor yeah?" "What's that" "Go outside your house" "Why?" "No questions do as I told you please"  "Fine" then she hung up and the front door opened then Veronica yelled "OH MY GOSH DENISE!!!" "Hi" "I thought you moved to London?" "I did but once you called me I got on a flight to come here I can't let you kill yourself" "I can't take it anymore, did you come alone?" "I kno it's hard, and no my dad brought me" Liam then walked up to Denise and Denise said "Veronica this is my dad Liam, Liam this is Veronica" Liam said "Hello love" Veronica said "Your Liam Payne from One Direction?" "Yup that's me" "Denise you didn't tell me he adopted you?" "Never came up" Liam then said "I'm going to go get us a hotel room call me if you need anything" "okay I will" then Liam left then they went inside the house and Denise noticed that Veronica was home alone then they went into her room then she said "So you want to go to Hollywood?" "Of course" "okay let me get ready" "Okay" then Veronica went to go change in her closet then Denise sat on her bed when she was done they got in her car and went to Hollywood as they were walking Veronica said "So any fans notice you yet?" "No not yet thank god" "Hahahaha" "what if they don't like me?" "Denise look let's speak the truth there's gonna be hate that's a forsure thing now weather they like you r not shouldn't matter the boy are the ones living with you not them" "True that's true" "You should come to London with me?" "I can't afford a plane ticket to go" "But Liam can" "I don't want to use his money" "Come on you know you want to go for a month or forever" "hahaha we did always say we were gonna move there together one day" "We did and now you can plus my bed is big enough for the both of us" "I'll go for 2 months" "Yay!" "hahaha your such a child" "hey I can be happy" "hahaha true let's be happy together" "hahahaha" Then they walked around some more and when they got to this hotel there girls were outside then Denise went up to one of them and said "why are you girls here?" "Liam Payne and 5 Seconds Of Summer are in this hotel" "Oh" then Veronica said "OH Michael is in there" right then Denise's phone began to ring she answered it and said "hello" "hey where are you at?" "in front of the hotel" "How?" "fans are out here" "oh come up to the 8th floor okay" "Okay there I go" then Denise looked at Veronica then she said "he said to go to the 8th floor" "Okay oh my life if I run into Michael I'm gonna die" "Veronica calm down" "You know your excited to see Ashton" "hahaha I am" then they went up to the 8th floor when they got there they seen Liam leaning on a wall on his phone then Denise said "We be here" Liam looked then laughed then he said "oh this isn't our floor we got floor 12" Veronica said "That is awesome" Denise said "I know right" then as they were walking they passed by a window Denise starred out of it then got her camera out and opened the window and took a picture of the buildings with the Hollywood sign in the background then Veronica said "No freaken way" "What?" "Look" denise looked where veronica was pointing then seen no other then 5 Seconds Of Summer there then Denise put the pictures in her laptop closed the window and put the laptop there then put up the brightness then began to edit the picture when she finished she showed Veronica then she said "Oh my wow that looks great" "Thanks" then she closed her laptop then put it away then Liam said "You girls want to go to the floor I'll be there soon" "Okay" then Liam handed Denise a key card then they got in the elevator then went up to the 12th floor when they got there they walked in and sat on the couch watching tv.... TO BE CONTIUNED 

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