Adopted By Who???

Denise is a 17 year old orphan with an ugly past but what happens when a certain someone adopts her will her life change forever or will it get worse than what her past was or will she move on from that and allow people to change her for the best and will she fall in love with someone who will help her forget about her past??????


31. Chapter 31 (Spending the Day with Kelly, Second L.A. Show)

The next morning when Denise woke up she looked at the time and seen that it was 9:05am she then got up and got clothes and went to go shower when she got out she put on her converse then put her hair in a braid and did her makeup then she got her phone and messaged Kelly "morning" 5 minutes later Kelly messaged her back "morning" "is it okay if I go over?" "let me ask" "okay" a couple of minutes later Kelly messaged her "they said it's okay" "okay I'm on my way" "okay careful" "I will" then she got her money and key card then went to the parking lot when she got there she got in the car and turned it on and made her way to Kelly's house but before she drove off she sent Liam and Harry and quick text telling them that she was at Kelly's house and she would meet them at the arena later on for the show, after she sent the messages she plugged her phone into the radio and played her music then drove off but on the way there she had stopped to get a milkshake since she was really craving one when she got to her cousin's house she parked in the front then got her phone and texted Kelly "okay I'm outside but come to the front so I know I'm at the right spot" then Kelly messaged back "I'm outside" Denise then seen her she then turned off the car got her phone got out locked the car then walked up to the front gate then said "hey Kelly" "oh there you are" "hahahahahah I am here" then they went inside then Denise said "this place hasn't changed a bit" "hahahahahaha my parents are in the kitchen" then they walked in the kitchen then Kelly said "Denise is here!" her uncle said "Denise hi" "hi uncle James, hi aunty Sarah" her aunt said "hi" then Kelly said "looks like you decided to come early" "hahahahaha yeah my dad was telling me that he thought that I should come because who knows when I'm going to see you guys next" her uncle said "glad you listened to him" "yeah were very close so I tell him everything he's like my best friend/dad" "hahahahahaha that's good you both are so close like that" then her aunt said "Denise we didn't know that Liam Payne from One Direction adopted you?" "yeah he did" "and your dating Harry Styles?" "hahahahaha I didn't think that was going to happen" her uncle said "but you always told me it would" "oh that's so true" then they all laughed then her uncle said "you still got the jokes Denise" "I guess I do" "hahahahaha" "wait I just noticed where's Bianca?" her aunt said "she's in her room  her friend came over so there talking about the concert last night" "oh let me go say hi" "okay you remember where the room is at?" "yup" "go ahead" then Denise walked to the room and knocked on the door then heard "come in" Denise then opened the door then she said "sorry to bug just came to say hi" Bianca then said "hi Denise" "I'll let you get back to your friend now" then she closed the door then as she was walking she was looking at all the pictures that they had and then there was a few of Denise with Bianca and Kelly when they were all small then she seen one of her with her parents with a cake in front of them with the number 4 candle on it as it was Denise's 4th birthday she then got her phone and took a picture of it then she put it back then someone said "hey" she looked to see her uncle there she smiled then said "hey uncle James" "whatcha got there?" "this picture of me and them" "oh that one?" "yeah I don't get why they did those things to me we were so happy here then once I turned 9 all of those things happened" "I don't know and we never will" "I know" "I mean I know they were your parents but be glad you don't have to go through it anymore" "true" "yeah" "oh uncle James whatever happened to all of my baby pictures and growing up pictures that were in my old house?" "I had a feeling that you would want those" "hahahahahaha" then they walked to the hallway closet then he pulled out 5 photo books then he said "all of the other album books were old so I replaced them with new ones" "hahahahahah can I see them?" "yeah you can have them your aunt always said that if we ever gained contact with you again that we would give them to you" "you sure?" "yes this is all of you growing up" "are there any embarrassing ones?" "no I was surprised" "hahahahaha good then" "so do you want me to put them somewhere?" "oh yeah follow me" then they went to the car and she said "you can put them in the trunk" "okay" then he put them in then he said "new car?" "rental till we leave" "oh it's nice" "I know I love it" then they went back inside the house then Kelly, Bianca, and Bianca's friend were at the table eating then her aunt said "Denise you hungry?" "oh no thank you I'm good" "you sure?" "yes I'm positive" "okay" then Kelly said "come sit with us" "okay" Denise sat at the table next to Kelly then she put her phone on the table then Kelly said "what time do you have to go?" "like 2 or 3pm" "oh" "I know they made me part of the show" "do you have to be there for 5SOS too?" "um not sure I can find out and leave a little later?" "okay" Denise then got her phone and texted Michael and Ashton asking if she was going to perform with them tonight and if she wasn't it was okay she understood then Denise said "I asked Michael and Ashton let's see what they say" "okay then" "so how's school?" "boring" "hahahahahaha what grade are you in already?" "I'm in 9th and Bianca's in college" "already that was fast" "it's hard" "trust me I know but all you got to do is study I know it's boring but that's the only way your going to pass high school" "I know my grades are good there A's, B's, and C's" "that's good keep up the good work" then Kelly said "so when do you guys leave L.A.?" "to be honest I'm not sure I'll find out and let you know" "okay" then her uncle said "Denise till what time are you staying?" "till like 2 or 3" "oh I see" "yeah I got the concert tonight" "oh that's true" "yeah" then Bianca said "can't you tell them that you don't want to go?" "I do the stage thing at all shows" "oh I see now" "yeah because if it wasn't for that I'd stay but who knows I can change my mind about not going" "true true" then her phone began to ring she answered it and said "hello" then she got up from the table and went to the couch then they said "morning love" "morning dad" "are you there already?" "yes" "love why don't you skip the concert tonight and spend the day with them it really looks like they missed you especially your uncle" "are you sure?" "yeah I'll tell all of the guys" "okay then I'll stay here" "okay I'm glad that your doing this" "me too" "well I'll let you get back to them I'll talk to you later" "okay bye dad" "bye be careful and I love you" "I love you too and I will" then Denise hung up then walked back to the table and sat down then said "sorry about that" Kelly said "it's fine" then Denise said "Uncle James!?" "yes!" "is it okay if I spend the day with you guys?" "Denise of course you're welcome to stay here" "okay thank you" then Kelly said "what about the concert?" "Liam told me to skip it and spend the day with you guys" "oh, want to see my room?" "okay" then they both got up and went to Kelly's room and when they walked in Denise said "wow talk about serious poster collecting" "hahahahahaha" "you like can't even see the wall color" "to be honest I don't even remember the wall color" "oh god" "hahahahahaha is that a bad thing?" "nope I would've done the same thing if my parents weren't butts to me" "true" "and now it's like I don't need it because I live with them so it would be weird to them probably but then I have pictures  printed of them with me and I don't have posters I have like pictures from like a photos printing place" "like Target?" "yeah like that" "oh" "yeah" "so what are you planning to do today?" "nothing stay home" "that's all?" "yeah I'm pretty boring" "don't you ever ask to go hangout with your friends?" "yeah I do sometimes but today I didn't even ask" "wait it's Monday why aren't you in school?" "Denise oh Denise it's summer break" "oh right duh" "hahahahahahaha" "okay so what fun things have you done besides the concert since it's your first month?" "um let's see nothing" "oh my child that's about to change get dressed shower do whatever we are going out" "okay" "oh wait never mind just go" "okay" "I think I'm going to go to the hotel to change it's supper hot out there" "okay you do that" "I shall" then Denise walked back in the kitchen then she said "I'm going to go to the hotel to change but I'll be back" her uncle said "okay be careful" "I will" "when you get here just ring the door bell" "ok" then Denise went to the car and drove back to the hotel when she got there she parked then went to the floor then she went in the room and seen that Harry was still asleep then she put on black jean shorts and her black 5SOS tank top then the clothes she had on before she folded them and put them back in her suitcase then she got her inhaler for just in case and then quietly walked out of the room then went back to the parking lot and got in and drove back to her cousin's house, when she got there she rang the door bell then Bianca let her in then she said "is your sister out of the shower?" "yes she's in her room" "thanks" then Denise walked to her room and knocked then walked in then she said "I'm back" "hi" "hahahahaha hi" "oh nice shirt" "thank you" then Denise sat on the bed as her cousin finished getting ready as Denise was sitting there her phone began to ring she answered it then said "hello" "why must you always leave before I wake up" "hahahahahaha your too dramatic Styles" "I just wanted to be able to say bye and give you a kiss is that too much to ask for hahahahaha" "aw you're too cute" "but since you haven't seen them in so long it's fine" "okay good because I'm skipping the concert tonight" "WHAT!" "ow" "sorry" "it was my dad's idea" "why did he say that?" "because he said that it looked like they missed me" "oh and then now thinking about it we don't know when your going to see them" "yeah" "fine, fine, fine it's okay with me" "I'll be there tonight at the hotel though" "okay, well we are going to start getting ready" "okay" "I'll call you later" "okay" "bye" "bye" "I love you so much baby girl" "I love you so much too" then Harry then hung up then Kelly said "so where are we going?" "um how about Knott's Berry Farm?" "really?" "yeah really" "cool" "yeah why you ask?" "my best friend Jay just texted me asking if I was doing anything today" "oh" "then I told her I'm going out with my cousin to I don't know where yet" "hahahahaha" "then she sent a question mark, and she said lucky and she was going to ask if I wanted to hang out with her and go to the park" "oh why don't you ask her if she want to come along?" "seriously?" "yeah why not?" "okay now let's see if she can go" "okay" then there was a knock on the door then Kelly said "come in" then her room door opened and her aunt looked in the room and said "hello girls" Denise said "hi" "where are you both going to go today?" "oh I'm going to take her out to have fun since she told me that the only fun thing she has done so far this summer is see the boys" "oh hahahahaha yeah we really don't do much" "hahahahaha so I'm taking her out for some fun since I have the time to do it" "good to see that you two are still close like how you were when you smaller" "yeah" then Kelly said "she said she can go and her parents gave her money to get in and eat" "okay then that's good tell her we will pick her up" "okay" then her aunt said "where are you guys going?" Denise said "Knott's Berry Farm" "oh Kelly you better ask dad for money" "mom don't we have those season passes that we don't even use?" "oh yeah let me go get it" then Denise said "you have season passes and don't even use them?" "yup I know lame" "hahahahaha" "I'll just ask my dad for money to eat" "hahahahaha go now" "true" then Kelly walked out then Denise got her phone and went on Twitter and tweeted  "so I'm spending the day with my 15 year old cousin and it was probably one of the best decisions I've ever made I missed her so much" then once she tweeted that she sat there on the bed looking at all the posters her cousin had up on the wall then moments later Kelly walked in and said "okay I got the money and the  season pass" "great" "hahahahaha it's only 12pm and we are going out"  "the theme park opened at 10am" "oh hahahahaha""so your ready?" "yup I got everything" "okay" "wait, wait, wait are we going to the theme park with the roller coasters or to the water park?" "is there a different price to get into them?" "I think so" "hmm which one do you want to go in?" "not a big fan of roller coasters so I'd say water park" "oh high five I was thinking the same thing since it's hot out there" "hahahahahaha" "tell your friend so she knows" "okay" "oh but tell her we are going to stop by my hotel before we go I need my swimsuit and extra clothes" "okay" "and if she wants she can change in the hotel room I don't mind you too that way we can go already" "okay I told her now let me get my stuff" "okay I'll go tell them were leaving"  "okay" then Denise walked to the living room then she said "hey were going to leave already" her uncle said "where are you exactly going?" "Knott's Soak City" "oh" "it's hot so why not plus Kelly told me she doesn't like roller coasters" "hahahahaha" then Kelly walked up to Denise and said "I'm ready" "well were going now" her aunt and uncle said "bye girls have fun" Denise said "bye and we will" her uncle said "be careful" "I will" then they walked out then Kelly said "is someone going to drive us?" "yes it's me" then she unlocked the car and said "get in" then when they got in Denise put her phone to charge and then plugged her phone to the radio then she played her 5SOS and 1D music play list then she said "is your friend a fan of 5SOS and 1D?" "yeah both" "cool cool" "hahahahaha" "so where does she live?" "I'll guide you" "okay" then they were on there way to her friends house when they got there Denise parked in the sidewalk and Kelly got off to go call her then Denise turned off the car then she just sat there waiting for them to come then the passenger door opened and Kelly said "her mom wants to meet you" "okay" then Denise got out and locked the car then followed Kelly then Kelly said "this is my cousin and she's going to be with us" then Jay's mom said "hello nice to meet you" "you too" "so your going to take them?" "yes I mean I'm here visiting and I haven't seen my cousin in 2 years so I'd thought I'd spend the day with her" "where are you from?" "London" "the United Kingdom London?" "yes that is the correct" "oh I see" "yeah plus I'm going to be with them the whole time" "okay then" "I know your probably wondering how old I am?" "kind of because you look young" "I'm 18" "oh" "just turned 18 on Saturday" "okay then well she will be coming right now" "thank you" then as they were waiting her phone began to ring she answered it and said "hello" "hi love" "hi dad" "what are you doing?" "I'm with Kelly were going to stop by the hotel right now because I need to get some things" "oh I see" "hahahahahaha yeah" "well then I'll see you soon" "see you soon dad" then Liam hung up then Jay's brother went to the door and said "oh my god why are you here?" "oh my god Bryan I'm here for your sister" "so did you really go see One Direction yesterday?" "yeah why?"  "we went too and I didn't see you" "you went to the concert?" "yeah you didn't know I was a fan?" "nope" "I am" "well who opened up for them?" "5 Seconds Of Summer then at the end this girl she was really pretty girl and she sang "One Thing" with the guys at the end" "wow" "what?" "nothing" "so who's your friend there?" "my cousin" then Denise looked and smiled then he said "your the girl from the concert?" "yes that's me" "how did you get to do that?" "I know them" "oh makes sense" then Jay said "Bryan do you really go to bug Kelly?" then her friend appeared and said "hey Kelly" "hi Jay ready?" "yes"  "okay this is my cousin Denise, Denise this is my friend Jay" Denise then smiled and said "hi" her friend gasped then said "your Denise Payne, Liam's daughter?" "yes that is me" "hahahahaha cool" then they went to the car and got in then Denise turned on the car and plugged her phone to the radio then played her 5SOS and 1D music then they were on there way to the hotel when they got there Denise said "I just have to get some stuff then we will go" then they got off the car then they went to the floor when they got there Denise got her key card and opened the door then she walked in first then said "Harry!" "yes" "um is it okay for me to come in?" "yes" then the three of them walked in and the bed was made and everything then Denise walked to where Harry was at then he looked and said "Baby Girl" "hahahaha hi" "what are you doing here?" "I came to get some stuff that I'm going to need" "oh" "nice feather" "hahahahaha thank you" "can we use the bathroom?" "sure" then Denise walked out then said "who wants to change first?" Kelly said "Jay will" "okay" then Harry walked out then Jay went in the bathroom not making eye contact with anyone then Denise began to get her swim suit and extra clothes when they got out then she put her extra clothes in a bag that she had then Harry said "so where exactly are you going?" "theme park" "oh I see" "the poor girl hasn't done anything fun this summer but see you boys" "oh" "so since my dad gave me the time I was thinking I take her out to have some fun" "see your so sweet" "hahahahahaha plus the park closes at 5pm" "the concert doesn't start till 7:30pm" "Harry I'm skipping tonight" "what if you bring Kelly and her friend to the show?" "I don't know will Paul let us?" "I'll talk to him when we get there" "okay then let me know" "okay I will" then Kelly said "your turn Denise" "okay" then Denise got her swim suit then went to the restroom and put it on then she put her shirt and shorts back on along with her shoes then she walked out then Denise said "okay you guys ready?" "yes" they both replied "okay let's go" then they got up and went to the hallway then Denise said "bye Harry" "bye babe" "there's your proper bye" "hahahahaha I love you" "I love you too" then Harry kissed Denise and he said "and proper kiss" "hahahahaha let me know what Paul says" "I will" then when Denise walked out another door opened Denise looked and seen Liam there Denise said "hi dad" "hi love, hi Kelly, hello um Kelly's friend I'm guessing hahahahaha" Kelly said "hi Liam, and that's my friend Jay" "where are you guys going?" Denise said "water park" "oh have fun" then Kelly and Jay walked to the elevator then Liam said "I'm glad your doing this love" "me too" "have fun" "I will" "what are you going to do after?" "not sure yet" "hahahahaha okay" then Liam handed her something then she looked to see money then she said "more?" "just take it love please" "fine, fine, fine" "hahahahaha" "thank you dad" "you're welcome love" then Denise hugged him and then she went with Kelly and Jay then as they were walking to the car Kelly said "so what are we doing after?" "um not sure yet I'll let you know when we leave" "okay well the park closes at 5:30 can we leave at 4:30?" "sure if you want to?" "yes" "okay then that gives us 4 hours there" "okay that's fine" then they got in the car and were on there way to the water park when they got there the parked and got there things then went to go get the tickets then Denise ended up paying for herself and Jay then Jay said "are you sure Denise?" "yes don't worry about it" "thank you" "you're welcome" then they walked in and got a table to keep there things at then they quickly took a selfie and then put there phones away and went to to have some fun. Then at 4:30pm they went back to change then she turned on her phone while she was fixing her hair then she seen that she had a message from Harry that he sent at 3:25pm she looked at it and it said "princess I talked to Paul he said it's fine just to call him when you get to the arena so he can let you in through the back so the security guards don't like kick you out or anything his number >>> (***)***-****<<<"  then Denise saved his number to her phone then she replied to Harry then when they finished they got back in the car then when they got in Kelly said "so what now?" "you'll see" then she plugged her phone in to the charger and radio then they were on there way to the arena when they had got there Denise had called Paul when he answered he said "hello" "hi Paul it's Denise" "oh your here already?" "yes um from where exactly do I go in from?" "come in through the parking lot and go all the way to the back" "okay" "Brad is out there so he knows that you are coming" "oh okay" "then when you park I'll be at the door to give you guys the passes" "thank you" "no problem" then Denise did what Paul told her then she parked and they got off then Paul handed them the passes then Denise showed them around as they were walking Kelly said "I've always wondered what was going on back here" "hahahaha now you know" then they got to the boys dressing room and Denise opened the door to see them throwing bananas around then Denise walked out then Kelly said "there not in there?" "no um there busy" "oh okay" then they walked to the 5SOS boy's dressing room when they walked in Michael said "Buddy!" "hi Mikey" then they all walked in then Calum said "are these fans who won a contest?" "oh no this is my cousin Kelly and her friend Jay, girls 5SOS" then they said hi to each other then Ashton said "do the lads know your here?" "nope they were kinda busy" "oh" then the door opened then Paul walked in then said "so how would you two girls like to be front row and watch the concert?" they both said "Yes!" then Denise walked them out to the sea of screaming fans then when they got to there seats Denise said "I'll be out in a bit" Kelly said "okay and thanks for this Denise" "no problem" then as Denise was walking back she was waving at fans then when she got backstage she remembered that she forgot to tell her cousin something she then went on the stage since she didn't want to walk back out in the crowd and then when the crowd seen her they went crazy  then Denise went up to her cousin and said "did you get any merch yesterday?" "no my parents didn't want to spend that much money" 'oh how about you Jay any merch?" "nope" "okay um see that black gate there meet me there and I'll let you guys in" "okay" then Denise got off the stage and when she got to the gate they were there waiting for her then Denise let them in and they walked to the merch booth outside when they got there Denise said "get something or three" Kelly said "What!?" "get three things" Jay said "really?" "yeah go ahead" "Kelly I like your cousin" then they both laughed then they got there merch then when Denise got what she wanted to get she paid then she handed Jay her things and Kelly her things then they both said "thank you Denise" "you're both very welcome" then Denise took them back to there seats then she had took there bags of merch as they asked her to hold them for her then she went backstage when she got there Paul said "hey Denise" "hey Paul" "oh the lads just asked if you were here" "I went to the dressing room earlier but they were throwing bananas at each other so I walked out" "oh well that's over with already" "hahahahahaha okay" "yeah Harry asked me like 5 times already if you were here but I lied ad said you weren't coming" "how sad" "maybe you shouldn't go in there to let them think that you didn't come" "oh Paul your evil I like it" "hahahahaha" "okay then I won't go in there, how much longer till 5SOS goes on?" "another 30 minutes" "okay I'm going to go leave these in the car I'll be back" "okay" then Denise went to the car and put the bags in the trunk then since she had so much time left she got her phone out and looked at the pictures she took with her cousin and Jay then she picked on she liked then she went on Instagram and posted it with the caption "Deciding to spend the day with my cousin and her friend has been one of the most smartest thing to do, I'm having a blast with them and it's been 2 years since I last seen her, going to miss her when we go back home :(" then she looked in her trunk then seen she still had the photo albums in there then she got one of them then began to look through it then she got to the ones of her with her parents then she just looked at it then a couple of minutes later someone said "hi there" she looked to see Brad there she said "hey" "um the 5SOS guys are about to go on" "okay thank you" "you're welcome" then Denise put the photo album back in her trunk then she quickly walked to where her cousin and Jay were at but as she was walking Paul said "Denise the 5SOS boys want to know if your going to singe Amnesia with them?" "yeah sure I got no problem with it" "okay I'll tell them" "oh did Veronica, Niall's girlfriend come?" "blue hair?" "yeah" "no they said she was sick" "oh that sucks" "yeah" "anyway let them know I'm going to do it with them" "okay I will" then Denise went to the seats then she stood next to her cousin and then the concert started then while they were singing 'She Looks So Perfect' she went backstage then Paul said "good luck out there" "thank you let's hope I don't break down in tears" "why?" "song brings back some memories" "I see" "yeah" then Michael said "thank you L.A. you have been amazing" Calum said "this last song is Amnesia" Luke said "and we need your help" Ashton said "alright Los Angeles bring out your phones and turn on the flash" then the lights went down then Denise walked out and sat where she was at the night before then Calum began to sing, then Luke, then all 5 of them, then Denise and when she was singing tears were running down her face, then Luke and Calum, then when Denise was singing the ending she said "L.A. finish it off" then she cleaned the tears from her face then when it finished the crowd cheered then Denise quickly got up and walked off stage as fast as she could when she got to the gate her cousin and Jay were there so she let them in then she walked out to the parking lot and then she went to the car and stood there then Kelly went up to her alone then she said "hey you okay?" "not really" "what happened?" "memories" "oh" Kelly then hugged Denise then she said "don't cry anymore though be glad it's over and you don't have to go through it anymore" "it's just that I don't know that song always does this to me when I'm feeling like this" "I understand" "yeah" "trust me when I saw you crying up there but you were still smiling shows your a strong girl but it broke my heart how at the end you couldn't even get the words out" "I tried to I did then I just decided to tell th crowd to sing it" "I know Jay kept asking me if you were okay because you looked out of it on stage" "yeah I kind of was" then someone said "Denise?" she looked to see Paul and Ashton there she said "yeah" "um I was wondering if you wanted to surprise the boys by singing Half a Heart?" "sure it gives me time to clam down" "okay thank you" "welcome" then Paul walked away then Ashton said "hey are you okay?" "yeah it's just that some things came up in my head during the song" "oh we were all pretty worried especially that you had just started to cry during the song" "I'm fine now" "okay well I'll see you later" "okay" then when Ashton left Denise said "I want a milkshake now" "hahahahahaha" "call Jay let's go get one" "okay" then Kelly called hr over then Denise said "Brad!" "yes" "were going to be back okay" "okay then" then they got in the car and went to McDonald's since it was the closest to the arena then Denise parked and they all got off and went inside then they each got what they wanted and then they got there things and went back in the car and when they got back to the arena they went inside then Paul seen them and said "how do you feel now?" "better" "that's good it doesn't even look like you cried" "hahahahaha thanks Paul" "welcome, the boys are already on stage" "oh crap okay thanks" "wait Denise there going to see you out there" "true" "let the girls go but you stay back here" "okay" then Paul took them then Denise said to Paul when he got back "how long have they been out there?" "this is only there 3rd song" "oh okay then we are not that late" "hahahahaha no if you want go with the 5SOS boys until I call you" "okay then"  then when Denise got to the dressing room she walked in then Mikey said "Buddy!" "hahahahahaha hi" "are you okay?" "I'm fine I swear" "okay" Luke said "how come your not out there watching the show?" "Paul told them that I didn't come so when they sing there last song I'm going to go out there and surprise them and sing" "how aren't they all going to sing?" "no Paul had gave me some parts yesterday and he said that since I wasn't supposed to come they were going to make the crowd sing but I'm here so I'm going to sing" "makes sense now" "yeah where's Calum and Ashton?" "out there watching the show" "they would" "hahahahahaha I know" then a couple of minutes later when hey were singing there last song before Half a Heart Paul went into the dressing room and said "okay Denise it's almost time" "okay" then she followed Paul and then he handed her a microphone then she stood there and waited till it was her turn to sing then the boys talked for a bit then the music started and first liam sang, then Zayn, then Louis, then it was Denise's turn as she was singing she walked out and the crowd went crazy, then it was Harry, then Denise joined in, then it was Niall, then all of them, then when the song finished Harry said "thank you so much we have been One Direction" then they walked off stage then when Denise put her microphone where they belong she then went with Kelly and Jay then Jay said "can we go get water?" "yeah let's go" then they walked to the water bottle stand and got water then they walked around the arena to get backstage then when they finally got backstage Paul said "there you are" "I'm here" "the lads are asking for you"  "tell them that I'm taking the girls home and I'll meet them back at the hotel" "okay then" then they walked to the car and got in then they drove to Jay's house first when they got there she said "thank you for the fun day Denise" "no problem it was my pleasure" "oh do I keep this crew pass?" "yeah they change them everyday" "thank you" "you're welcome" then they waited till she went in her house and once she did they drove to Kelly's house when they got there Denise parked in the driveway since she wasn't going to stay there too long then they both got off and went inside when they walked in her uncle said "your back!" Denise said "yeah thought I'd keep her out a little longer than planned" "you went shopping?" "no dad we saw One Direction again and I got all this merchandise then I got this crew pass and was able to be backstage literally the best day ever" "that's so nice of you Denise" Denise said "it's the least I could do" then Bianca walked out of her room and said "I heard One Direction" Kelly said "of course you did" "you got merch?" "no I got concert merch, seen the concert again but closer, then I was able to go backstage with Denise I even got to meet 5SOS" "lucky butt" "Denise took us into there dressing room" "us?" "me and Jay" "she went too not fair" "you had what's her face here" "her name is Lauren" "yeah her" "well I didn't know you were going to go to the concert" "I didn't either Denise didn't tell us we just showed up" "where did you go before the concert?" "Knott's Soak City till 4:30pm then we went to the concert" "makes sense" As Kelly and Bianca were talking her uncle said "thanks for taking her out today" "no problem I really do miss being around you and Kelly even though she used to get on my nerves sometimes" "hahahahaha I remember that" "maybe you guys should go visit me sometime" "your aunt and Bianca are terrified of planes" "then you and Kelly go?" "I'll talk to Kelly" Kelly said "talk to me about what?" Denise said "I was just telling your dad how you all should go visit" Bianca said "count me out there's no way I'm getting on a plane" Kelly said "I'd love to go" then her aunt walked in the living room and said "what's going on?" Denise said "I was just saying that you guys should go visit me" her aunt said "that would be lovely but I'm terrified of flying" her uncle said "and I won't be able to get work off" Denise said "what if I take Kelly with me for a couple of months?" Kelly said "come on mom and dad this would be the best summer ever" her uncle said "let me and your mom talk about it and ask us again tomorrow" Denise said "I'll talk to Liam tonight or tomorrow as well" Kelly said "let me know what he says" "I will I mean it will most likely be a yes" "what if it's different this time" "good point" then her uncle said "when do you guys head back home?" "after these shows" "already?" "yeah these past few months have flown by" "how long have you been on the road?" "4 months" "wait how long have you been with Harry?" "4 months" "oh" "wow it just feels like yesterday we had got together" "it just turned 4 months?" Denise looked at her calendar on her phone then said "no it's 4 months tomorrow actually" "on the 3rd?"  "yup" "wow" "I know it came by so fast" "I bet" "well I should get going before the guys go into panic mode" "really?" "yeah well it's mostly Liam and Harry the rest are like pick up your phone these two are running around like a chicken without a head" "at least your with people who care for you now" "I know that's true" then she hugged all of them then before she walked out she said "Kelly let me know if you can go or not tomorrow" "okay I will" "bye guys" "bye Denise drive safe" they all said then she walked out got in her car then drove back to the hotel when she got there she parked then got her stuff then noticed that the photo albums were still in the trunk she then put 2 of them in her backpack and one in her merch bag and the other 2 she held in her hand then she got in the elevator and went to the floor when she got to the floor she was surprised that Liam wasn't in the hallway waiting for her she then got her key card and went in the room and when she walked in she noticed that no one was in there then she turned on the light and went to her suitcases and began to put her photo books in a suitcase that had space because her luggage had gotten bigger since they have been on tour she ended up having to buy 3 more suitcases to fit her things when she finished putting the photo books away she put the suitcase by the window then went to the restroom and got ready for bed then when she walked out she got her phone and seen that it was 1:30am and the boys still weren't back from the arena then she turned off the light then laid down and went to sleep. Then on the roof of the hotel the boys were sitting there enjoying themselves until Liam said "uh guys did Denise come home already?" Louis said "not sure she said that she was going to meet us here but she wasn't here when we got back" Niall said "what if she like stood over?" Liam said "she would've messaged me" Louis said "what if they like kidnapped her and started beating her like her parents used to do?" Zayn said "Louis You Idiot!!" "what we don't know those people" "we don't but she does that's her family" Niall said "Louis you scared Liam he like ran out of here" then back at the hotel Denise was woken up to banging on the door then she thought to herself "ugh" then she got up half awake and half asleep and went to the door then she said "Why!?" Liam said "oh good your back thank god" "I'm back and I was sleeping it's 2am dad why are you banging on my door so late at night?" "sorry" "you thought I got kidnapped didn't you?" "psh no" "who said it?" "no one" "dad I've been around you guys long enough to know that someone had to say it, it's always mostly Louis" "no one said it" "it was Louis huh?" "fine it was him" "I knew it now I'm fine I'm going to sleep as I had a long day of swimming, running around, and singing" "okay then get some rest tomorrow is the last show of the tour" "it came by so fast" "I know, well good night love" "good night dad I love you" "love you too" then Liam walked away then Denise closed the door then laid in bed then went back to sleep. 

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