Adopted By Who???

Denise is a 17 year old orphan with an ugly past but what happens when a certain someone adopts her will her life change forever or will it get worse than what her past was or will she move on from that and allow people to change her for the best and will she fall in love with someone who will help her forget about her past??????


30. Chapter 30 (First L.A. show, Liam and Harry meet Denise's family)

The next morning when Denise woke up she looked at the time and seen that it was 11:30am she got up got some shorts and a tank top then went to go shower when she got out she brushed her teeth and hair then her phone began to ring she then answered it then said "hello" "hi Denise" "hi Kelly" "excited for the concert?" "yes you?" "yes were already on our way to the arena" "so early?" "hahahahahaha yeah" "I just woke up and I think some of the guys are still asleep" "hahahahahaha what time do you guys have to be there by?" "like  or 3" "oh you still have time" "I know hahahahahaha" "we are here!" "hahahahahaha" "hahahahahaha" "is there any fans there yet?" "yup there all in the shade because it's so hot" "I bet it's hot" "yeah I'm like in shorts and a tank top" "hahahahahaha nice" "Denise I'll call you or see you later" "okay tell everyone I said hi" "I will bye" "bye" then Denise had called Melissa when she answered she said "hello" "hello my good friend do you know what today is by any chance?" "Sunday?" "hahahahahaha the concert Melissa" "oh my life I literally just jumped out of bed" "hahahahahaha" "I'm so excited" "me too" "my mom's going with me" "awesome well I'll be there hopefully I'll see you there" "me too" "hahahahahaha" "I got to get ready I want to be there like at 3" "hahahahahaha I need to get ready too" "okay bye" "bye" then Denise got up and went back to getting ready when she walked out of the bathroom she seen that Harry was waking up she then put her phone to on the charger then brushed her hair down again then got her curler and plugged it in next to the mirror then Harry said "good morning love" Denise looked and smiled then said "morning love" "your getting ready already?" "Harry it's already 12 something" "really, oh no" then Harry got out of bed then got clothes then went to go shower then Denise got her phone and played some music while she did her hair when she finished she did her makeup then Harry walked out of the bathroom dressed and ready then Denise went into her suitcase and got her dress with all of her favorite superheroes on it then went to the bathroom and put it on then when she got out she said "Harry?" "yes love?" "can you help me here" Harry walked to where she was at then he said "sure thing" he then zipped up the dress for Denise then she said "thank you" "your welcome" then Denise fixed her hair and actually liked how she looked for once then her phone began to ring she answered it and said "hello" "hi my friend" "hi Veronica" "hahahahahaha" "what's up?" "are you excited for today?" "yes I am are you?" "of course it's 5SOS and 1D" "hahahahahaha" "are you ready?" "yup you?" "yeah were leaving actually were in the lobby waiting for you, Harry, Zayn, and Louis" "oh" "yeah" "we will be there in a bit" "okay" "bye" "bye" then Denise put her phone down then Harry said "babe you ready?" "yes" "let's go" then Denise got her phone, camera, and extra camera battery then Harry got the keycard then they went to the elevator when they got to the lobby they all went to the vans and got in and were on there way to the arena. When they got there Paul greeted then at the door and gave them the 1D crew pass then they went to the dressing room then Denise's phone began to ring she answered it and said "hello" "hiiiii" "hey hahahahahaha" "what are you doing?" "not much you?" "in front of the arena" "they haven't let fans in yet?" "no not yet" "oh" "yeah well I'll see you later" "okay hahahahahaha" then Denise hung up then Liam said "nice dress" "thanks dad I got it because these are all my favorite superheroes" "I see" "yeah especially batman" "hahahahahaha same for me" "hahahahahaha" "oh love since the fans don't come in till 5pm you can walk outside the 5SOS lads are out there paying soccer" "okay" then Denise put her camera around her neck then walked out when she walked around she heard fans yelling she looked and seen the 5SOS boys there she walked up to them then Michael said "buddy" "hi guys" Ashton and Calum said "cool dress" "thanks" Luke said "there's something different about you" Ashton said "yeah Luke's right" Denise said "you guys are the only ones who noticed" Michael said "well what's different about you?" "it's my hair" "Calum said "oh yeah I see it now" "yup" "nice" "hahahahahaha" then someone yelled "Denise!" she looked and seen Zayn there she smiled then said "hey Zayn" "what are you doing?" "not much just talking to the guys" "oh, there's fans here already?" :yeah and they got louder when you got here" then Zayn stood on top of something then the fans got louder then Denise got bored so she said "Zayn did you bring your skateboard?" he looked and said "yeah" "can I?" "sure let me go get it" "okay" then Zayn left then Denise looked at the 5SOS boys to see that they were just kicking the ball to each other then Denise went up to Ashton then said "Ash can I borrow your sunglasses?" "sure thing" then he handed then to Denise then she said "thank you" then she stood where Zayn was standing then she smiled and waved then Zayn came back with two skateboards then he said "here one for you" "seriously where do you get these from?" "hahahahahaha I told you I know people" "I see that" then she got the skateboard and road it around the outside of the arena then her and Zayn stopped for a while then she got her phone out then she said "Zayn picture time" "hahahahahaha okay" then Denise took off the sunglasses then took a couple of pictures then after she looked at them then she picked on that she liked edited it then went on Instagram and posted it and tagged Zayn then she put her phone down then Paul walked up to them with the 5sos boys behind him then he said "guys time to go in they are going to let fans in soon like 5 minutes soon" then they all went back in the arena then when they got back to the dressing rooms Denise got a water bottle then sat in front of a fan to keep cool then Liam went up to her then he said "what are you doing?" "not much trying to keep cool it's hot out there" "that's where you were at?" "yeah with the 5sos boys and Zayn" "nice, nice" "yeah" "well it's 6:20pm almost time" "I know I'm going to sing Amnesia with the 5sos boys" "you talked to them?" "no they asked me before I got the chance to ask them" "oh hahahahahaha" "yeah" then Michael went up to Denise then he said "Denise me and the boys were talking and we are going to do Amnesia last today" "okay then sounds good" then at 7:25pm Denise and Veronica went out to the crowd of screaming girls then they talked to a couple of them took pictures and signed some things then they got to the part where they were going to stand at then Veronica said "for some reason this place looks bigger from the last time we were here and got to meet the lads" "oh I know it does" "maybe because we are down here" "true" "yup" "oh I'm going to go backstage a little early" "why?" "you will see but you have to stay here" "hahahahahaha okay" then at 7:30pm 5sos went on and did there thing when they were singing 'She Looks So Perfect' one of the security guards went up to Denise and took her backstage then she went to Paul then he handed her the microphone then she said "thank you Paul" "welcome have fun out there" "I will" then Luke said "ready?" "yup" "okay let Michael introduce you then you will walk out" "okay" then Michael said "L.A. you have been amazing" then the crowd cheered then Calum said "this is Amnesia" Michael said "and we got a little help to sing along with us ladies and gentlemen please welcome Denise" then Denise walked on stage and the crowd went crazy then Denise smiled and waved then sat on a ramp then she looked where Veronica was and then saw Harry, Liam, Louis, Zayn, and Niall all there too she smiled and waved then the music began first it was Calum, then it was Luke, then Denise then all of them including Ashton and Michael, then it was Ashton and Denise, then Luke and Calum, then Denise sang the ending of the song when it finished the crowd went crazy then they walked off stage then Michael said "well that went good" "then they all laughed then Veronica and the others went up to them then said "that was great" then Denise and Veronica went back to the dressing room then Veronica said "that was amazing Denise" "you think so" "yeah the guys were speechless" "hahahahahaha" "then the people behind us kept saying 'since when could she sing like that?' or 'wow' I just smiled" "hahahahahaha" then Paul walked in and said "the boys are going to go on" then Denise and Veronica walked back out to where they were standing then the boys went on and did there thing then when they were singing the last song Denise and Veronica went backstage then Paul said "good luck girls" "thank you" then he handed them the microphone then Denise said "Paul what song are we singing?" "um there doing One Thing" "okay" then Louis went up to them then said "ready?" "yup" then they walked out following Louis then the crowd went crazy again Denise then waved then Louis had them go to the end of the long aisle then he said "were singing One Thing" they both said "okay" then the music started and then Liam began to sing, then it was Harry, then Zayn, then Denise, then Niall, then Louis, then Veronica and Denise, then Harry, then Liam, then Zayn and his high notes with all of them singing when the song finished the crowd cheered then Harry said "thank you so much L.A. we've been One Direction and we will see you all soon" then they all bowed then walked off stage then the boys changed since they were going to be doing meet and greets when Denise got backstage her phone began to ring she answered it and said "hello" "hi Denise" "hey Kelly" "what are you doing?" "not much going to relax the guys got to do meet and greets" "oh" "and you?" "going home" "oh nice" "yeah" "so did you enjoy the concert?" "yes I had so much fun" "hahahahahaha that's good" "yeah we didn't know you could sing and so well" "hahahahahaha I didn't either" "my dad was surprised when he seen you up there both times he was" "hahahahahaha" "you were great Denise" "thanks Kelly" "welcome" "let's see if I stop by tomorrow before the concert" "you have to go to the shows?" "yeah I go on stage at all shows now" "oh" "I'll wake up early and go" "okay" "well if I do go" "true" "I mean I would go now but I don't have the car" "oh that sucks" "wait did you guys leave already?" "no were walking out of the arena why?" "okay let me go out there to say hi really fast" "okay hold up let me tell my dad" "okay" then Kelly yelled "Dad!" "yes" "stop Denise is going to come out to say hi" "okay" then Kelly said "were in the grass by the merch booth" "okay well I'm going to have to sneak out since fans know who I am" "hahahahahaha okay" "um let me call you back okay" "okay" "stay where your at" "okay" then Denise found Paul then she said "Paul by any chance do you have any 1D merch that I can have?" "why?" "my cousin that I haven't seen for over 2 years is here and I wans to see her" "um no" "lame" "I can send security guards with you?" "okay" then Liam went up to her then he said "hi love" "hi dad" "what are you doing?" "I'm going to go out and see my cousin" "you are?" "yeah I am" "by yourself?" "no with those 4 scary security guards" "hahahahahaha be careful" "I will" then Denise called back Kelly then when she answered she said "hello" "hi" "hey I'm walking out" "okay" then Denise found the merch booth then she said "exactly where by the merch booth are you at?" "um like in the dark part close to the bathrooms well I think there bathrooms" "hahahahahaha okay um I'm by the booth but I don't see you" "lame" "what are you wearing?" "blue shorts and a white 1D crop top" "ummmm still don't see you" "what are you wearing?" "the white dress I had on when I was on stage" "superheroes?" "yup" "okay" then Kelly hung up then someone tapped her shoulder she turned around then she said "found you" "hi Kelly" "hi Denise" then Denise walked with Kelly to where the others were at the Kelly said "dad I found her" Denise said "hi uncle James" he looked then said "Denise hi" she hugged him then she said 'hi' to her aunt and other cousin then her phone began to ring she said "excuse me" she answered it then said "hello" "hey love" "hi dad" "so the meet and greet is over" "already?" "yeah" "I just got here dad" "I know we are going to stay for a bit" "oh okay" "how about I meet them" "all of them?" "yeah why not?" "fine, fine, fine" "okay oh wait" "okay" then someone said "hi" "hahahahahaha hi love" "where are you at I miss you?" "I'm not far from you silly" "hahahahahaha" "oh your too much" "hahahahahaha" "I'll see you soon" "okay now Liam wants to talk to you" "okay" then Liam said "where are you at?" "by the merch booth" "okay me and curly here are on our way" "what if fans notice you there everywhere out here I don't get how they haven't noticed me" "we got sunglasses and hats" "okay bye" "bye" then she hung up then looked at them then she said "sorry about that" then her uncle said "Denise we didn't know you could sing and very well too" "hahahahahaha I didn't either to be honest guess it's a talent" "I guess so" then her aunt said 'so if you don't live in L.A. where do you live?" "London" "oh so far" "yeah I know but I love it there so eh I don't mind" then Bianca said "what about school?" "I finished 2 weeks after I got adopted" "oh" her uncle said "you graduated?" "yes" "congrats" "thank you" then someone tapped her shoulder then she looked and the security guard whispered "Harry and Liam are looking for you" "bring them here please and thank you" "okay" then her aunt said "you still look the same Denise but more taller and happier" "hahahahahaha yeah well I am more happier I'm getting to travel the world plus I have a boyfriend" "that's good" Bianca said "this has been bugging me so I must ask this" Denise said "what's that?" "who's your favorite band member?" "well I love all of them but my favorite is Harry and yours?" "same" "oh nice" "yeah" "and yours Kelly?" "Niall" "hahahahahaha" then Denise looked at her aunt and uncle then said "do you two have a favorite?" her aunt said "I like Zayn his voice is so beautiful and those high notes get me" Denise said "hahahahahaha I feel you" her uncle said "there all talented" then a guy with a mustache went up to them and said "hello ladies" he looked at Denise and winked then she shook her head then he said "make sure you all get your merch before you leave" then Denise laughed then Kelly, Bianca, and her aunt and uncle were lost then she said "oh god you look like a Mexican" (not being racist because I am a Mexican also I put this in for humor) "that was the point" then another guy with a hat and mustache went up to them then said "get your cold water bottles here!" "would you guys like a water?" they all nodded 'no' then Denise said "way to make an entrance guys" Liam who was the 'water bottle' guy said "hey we didn't want to get mobbed" then her uncle said "you know them?" Denise said "yes Mr. water bottle guy here is my dad and Mexican here is my boyfriend" then Harry looked at Liam then Liam laughed then he said "it's SNL all over again" then Harry said "rip it off" "it's going to hurt" "just take it off slowly" "fine" then Denise said "so you met them" her uncle said "now I see why you like him" "hahahahahaha totally because he's a Mexican merch seller with a British accent" then Harry yelled then Liam said "told you" then Liam took off his mustache and hat then he said "it's nice to meet you all I'm Liam, Denise's adoptive dad" her uncle said "it's nice to meet you too" "sorry about the entrance we really can't go out without getting mobbed" "it's fine" then her aunt said "hello I'm her aunt it's nice to meet you" then while they talked Denise looked at Harry then said "how's your skin there?" "it hurts" "he said it was going to hurt" "I know" "you should go wet it with water" "where?" "there's water fountains there" she said pointing to some then they both walked to them then Denise and Harry walked up to them she wet her hand and wet above his lip then she said "better?" "yes better" "good next time listen" "hahahahahaha I will" then Harry kissed her cheek then they walked back then Denise said "guys this is my boyfriend Harry, Harry this is my uncle, aunt, and cousins Kelly and Bianca" Harry said "hello it's nice to meet you all" they all said "hi nice to meet you too" then they talked for a while then Denise seen the merch booth next to her and she carefully walked away and went to go see what they had then as she was standing there someone wrapped there arms around her she then looked and noticed it was Harry then he said "what are you doing?" "just looking" "you haven't got merch from any of the other shows?" "no I never went to go see what they had" "want something?" "no Harry I'm not letting you waste your money on me" "but I get an employee discount" "Harry" "just one thing babe" "fine" "what do you want?" "I want a shirt with all the places you have went to on the back" "okay" Harry then got Denise the shirt then he said "here you go my love" "yay my first concert shirt" "hahahahahaha you are too cute, want to put it on" "yes" Harry then handed her the shirt and she put it on, on top of her dress then she said "thank you Harry" "anything for you" then they had went back with the others then a couple minutes later Paul had went up to them then said "guys it's time to go" then Harry and Liam said there goodbyes then went with Paul then Denise said "bye guys it so good to see you all again" they all said "you too" then her uncle hugged her then he said "take care out there Denise" "I will if you ever want to talk message me you know I will answer" "I will" "let's see if I stop by tomorrow before the show" "okay" "bye uncle James" "bye Denise" then he hugged her again then Denise turned around and Harry was right there she smiled then he held her hand as they walked away then he put his arm around the back of her neck then Denise put her arm around his back then they all got all there things and went to the vans and went back to the hotel. When they got to the hotel they all went to there rooms as they were tired from the long day/night then they all went to sleep.

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