Adopted By Who???

Denise is a 17 year old orphan with an ugly past but what happens when a certain someone adopts her will her life change forever or will it get worse than what her past was or will she move on from that and allow people to change her for the best and will she fall in love with someone who will help her forget about her past??????


3. Chapter 3 (Meeting The Boys, Perrie, and Eleanor)

The next morning when Denise woke up she looked at the time and it was 1:30pm she got up went to the bathroom combed her hair and brushed her teeth then she checked her phone and she had a text it said "text me when you wake up the lads wanna meet you" she then text back "I just woke up but ima shower first" she then got clothes and went to go shower when she got out she combed her hair and put it in a braid then put on mascara then texted Liam "I'm ready" "okay I'm I'm taking them to your room" "otay" "nervous" "yes very" "hahaha don't be love" "ok" "yeah" "just come in when your here" "okay I will" then there was a knock on the door then the door opened and Liam walked in he said "Morning sleepyhead" "morning" "sleep good?" "yeah although I didn't sleep till 4 in the morning" why?" "after you left I felt awake so I unpacked" "oh I see" "yeah" "ready?" "yeah, but nervous" "don't be there family" "what if they don't like me" "they will love you trust me kiddo" "how do you know?" "cause I love you" "Awwwwww" Denise then walked to Liam and then hugged him and he said "I know I can never replace your real dad but I still love you as my own kid" "I love you too Liam as a dad" "what ever happened to your parents" "they both died in a car crash" "oh I'm sorry" "it's okay" "no it's not they died" "yeah and they would abuse me!!!!!" Denise then went to her bathroom locked the door and cried, Liam then knocked on the door and said "Denise let me in please" "Why?" "Please Denise" "no" Liam then went to the room door and Louis said "is everything okay" "no she locked herself in the bathroom wait here I'm going to get her out" "okay" then Liam knocked on the bathroom door and said "Denise" "no" "I'm not leaving till you open this door" "Why? why don't you leave me alone like my parents always did?" "cause I'm not like that okay I would never leave you alone I love you too much to do that to such a beautiful daughter like you" Then it was quiet for a bit and the bathroom door unlocked Liam opened it and seen Denise on the floor crying he sat next to her hugging her and rubbing her back comforting her then she said "thank you Liam" "Your welcome Denise" then they got up and Denise sat on her bed and Liam said "you okay now?" "yeah I'm fine" Denise then washed her face then Liam said "the boys are still waiting" "oh let them in" "sure?" "Yeah it doesn't look like I was crying anyways" "ok" then Liam walked to the door and Denise looked at her phone then went to the bathroom and put on more mascara and then re-did her hair then Liam said "Denise" "coming" Denise walked to the room and all the guys were there then Denise started at them then Liam said "lads this is my daughter Denise, Denise the boys" Denise waved her hand to say "hi" then the others said "Hello Denise" then they each gave Denise a hug when Niall got to her he hugged her and whispered "Welcome to the family love" "thank you" then they left and Liam said "hungry?" "yeah" "let's go feed you child" "okay" Then they walked to the kitchen and Denise was standing there while Liam cooked she then saw his phone on the counter she got it she then went on Instagram and took a picture of her with Liam cooking in the background she then put as the caption "Liam making me food" then she posted it on twitter then she followed herself on Instagram and twitter then put the phone back like nothing happened then when the food was done they sat down and Denise ate and Liam and Denise were talking then he said "you sure your okay?" "Liam I'm fine" "sure?" "yeah I'm 100% fine" "okay then just making sure" "okay" "well Denise I need to go run some errands with Louis, Zayn, and Niall we will be back later if you need Anything call me" "okay I will, be careful" "okay" then Liam got up and Denise went to her room and got her phone then she went to the backyard and seen that there was a pool she sat at the edge with her feet in the water and started to think about her old friend Valerie. What had happened was that Valerie had found out she had cancer and went through chemo but it wasn't working and she had lost her battle with cancer and ever since Valerie died Denise was quiet cause she was depressed from the loss of her best friend. then Denise sat starring at the water then she started to cry cause she misses her so much. Then she stopped and calmed down she went inside and sat on the couch going through her Instagram pictures she then got to the pictures of her and Valerie and she just starred at them then she remembered that the guys gave her money for her graduation then she looked up the closest place to print out pictures she noticed there was one down the street so she put in the directions in her phone for her money and left to the store as she was there she printed out pictures of her and Valerie and some of One Direction, 5 Seconds Of Summer, Little Mix, The Vamps, and Union J then she paid and went back to the house when she got there she went to her room and found some tape she had, she took out the pictures and the ones of the bands were going on her door so she could know which room is hers and the ones of her and Valerie in some frames that were in her room she began to put the pictures on the door first when she finished she put the other ones in her room when she was done she had one last picture it was her favorite one of her and Valerie she found one last frame by her bed she put it there and sat on her bed looking at the picture in her hands the picture was of Denise and Valerie at the movies with the cardboard cutouts of the boys then someone knocked and opened the door Liam walked in and said "nice door" "thanks" "everything okay" "yeah" Liam then looked at the pictures and said "I thought you didn't have any friends?" "I don't" "who's this?" "that's Valerie my best friend/sister" "Oh what happened to her you guys don't talk anymore" "No" "Why not?" "She um died of cancer right before my parents died" "Oh Denise I'm so sorry" "me too" "you guys were close huh?" "yeah we were always together all the time" "sucks to lose someone so close to you like that" "yeah then once she died I became quiet and didn't talk to anyone anymore""so you wouldn't get hurt again" "yeah" "I know but do you think she would want that for you to shut people out?" "No she would not" "then you gotta meet people do it for her" "I'm scared" "oh what?" "forgetting about her" "she's like a sister to you I don't think that can happen you have her in your heart forever it's been almost 2 years right?" "yeah" "and look you still miss her" "yeah your right thanks Liam" "welcome" "your the best dad ever" "glad I am, so the door what's with that?" "oh um so I don't walk into the wrong room or anything" "you like all those bands" "nooooo that's why there on my door" "hahaha don't give me sass girl I have enough with Louis sass" "hahahaha but yeah I like all those bands" "hahaha oh before I forget Perrie and Eleanor are coming over today so you will get to meet 1/4 little mix girls" "oh my god no freaken way" "way hahah" "your the cool type of dad" "thanks love" Then Liam left the room and Denise got her phone and went to the backyard again and sat under a tree that was there then someone said "hiii" she looked to see Harry there she said "hey" "whatcha doing out here?" "nothing just sitting down" "it's a nice day today" "yeah it's a lovely day today" "so Denise your Liam's daughter" "yeah I am" "how old are you?" "17" "and you graduated already" "yeah my birthday is coming up that's why" "oh that's why" "yeah" "if you don't mind me asking why were you in the orphan?" "Oh my parents died a year ago" "oh that sucks" "yeah I guess, I wanted to leave the house anyways" "oh" "yeah" "any friends?" "only one she's more than a friend to me though she's like a sister" "you have a picture of her?" "yeah" Denise went on Instagram and showed him a picture of her and Valerie "does she know you moved?" "no" "plan on telling her" "can't" "why not?" "Um she passed away a year and a half ago" "oh man that sucks" "yeah I miss her so much we did so much together and now she's gone forever" "it's hard" "yeah especially that we were so close I went from seen her everyday to not seen her at all anymore" "I know it's hard but at least you still have her in memory a lot of people would've probably forgot they existed already" "that's true" "yeah" "I wish she was still here" "I'm sure you do but at least she's not suffering so much"  "I hated to see her like that I always cried knowing I couldn't help to make it go away" "I hate seen people I love suffer" "me too" "what did you guys do when you were together?" "We would mostly sit in my old room talking listening to music in twitter, Facebook, instagram sounds boring but to us it's wasn't, just knowing that we we're together made me so happy" "Oh I see" "Yeah other times we would walk around going to Starbucks, the park, or to eat" "Sounds pretty relaxing" "yeah it's was" "She seems like a cool girl" "She was" "Hahahaha" "the last thing together we did was to go to the movies and take this picture" Denise said showing Harry the picture of Valerie and her with the cardboard cut outs "she really wanted to take a picture with that so I searched so many theaters until I found it and took her there plus we saw it twice in the same week" "that was her last dying wish?" "Yeah and to see you guys in concert at the Rose Bowl in L.A. but she didn't make to the date I even got us backstage passes I was going to surprise her and yeah she died" "how many months before the date?"  "3 months before the date" "did you still go?"  "Yeah I went with another friend and I got to talk to Niall and Valerie had wrote him a letter a couple of days before she died and I gave it to him" "wait stay here okay" "Um ok " Harry walked inside and came back moments later with a paper he handed it to Denise she opened it and seen it was the letter Valerie wrote to Niall she then began to cry and read it, it said "Dear Niall, um well my name is Valerie I'm 15 years old and a huge fan of you boys. Well let me get to the point here I'm dying doctors told me I only have 2 weeks left or less I lost my battle with cancer, but I wanted to tell you thank you for being you, even though I never got to meet you I always felt that I would get to tell you "Thank You" in person I hope you keep this letter from me. My best friend/ sister Denise is in love with you guys too it hurts me that I have to leave her alone in this cruel world it hurts me so much. Anyways Niall I'll always be your fan no matter what I love you and the others so much and thank you for making great music. Love your biggest fan Valerie." Denise looked at Harry with tears in her eyes and said "He kept it?" "Yeah then there was another paper with both of your twitter and Instagram names" "That's when I got my Niall follows" "Yeah then I followed you guys too" "I remember I cried so much both of those times I had to be sent to the hospital" "Oh my god why?" "Asthma attack" "Oh" "Yeah" "You must've been really happy" "I was at that time I was missing a follow from Liam, Louis, and Zayn now I'm missing Louis and Zayn" "hahahah once they get to talk to you like me you can ask them" "true" "this is the longest time I have talked to someone who isn't the lads" "hahahahaha is that a good thing?" "Yeah but your still crying" Harry said whipping away the tears "Oh um I know just surprised he still had this" "Yeah he kinda like connected to her" "Oh that's why" "yeah" Denise then gave Harry back the letter then he put it in his pocket then he looked at Denise then he said "Now I remember you from the meet and greet" "hahaha" "You look different though" "It's my glasses" "Oh yeah you got new ones" "Yeah I did" "Oh no wonder" "Yeah and I was a bit chubby I lost weight for not eating a lot after Valerie died" "Oh I see depression?" "Yeah" "i feel you" "hahahaha" Then someone said "Hey you two" Denise looked to see Liam there she said "Yo bro" "hahaha what are you two doing?" Harry said "Bonding getting to know each other since were family now" Harry looked at Denise with a smile then winked at her, Liam then said "Denise were you crying?" "Yeah I was" "Why?" "Harry showed me the letter that I gave to Niall from Valerie the day I meet you guys at your meet and greet in L.A." "Wait your the girl who was talking to Niall?" "Yeah that's me" "Oh I knew you looked familiar at the orphan" "Hahaha" "wait the girl who was with you?" "That wasn't Valerie I told Harry that her last two dying wishes were to take a picture with your cardboards cut outs that were at the movies we did and watched your movie twice in the same week and her other wish was to see you guys play at the Rose Bowl and get meet and greet passes" "And you got them for her and you?" "Yeah then she died 3 months before the concert but a week before she died she wrote Niall a letter and told me to mail it but I knew we were going to meet you so I waited till the concert when she died it was when I was alone in the room with her I knew it was her last day I held her hand it was horrible I kept begging her to wake up and come back to me but she didn't she was gone and she wasn't coming back, the day of her funeral was just as bad I cried all day when I walked up to see her in the coffin I whispered to her Niall would get her letter personally and on her coffin had things of One Direction and 5 Seconds Of Summer, Liam said "That sounds like a bad dream" Harry said "Wow" "Yeah it was like a bad dream that I couldn't wake up from" Harry said "You have gone through a lot" "Yeah that's just with death other things were happening at home as well they were bad where I wanted to just kill myself to get it over already" Liam said " Well you won't have to worry about that here" "hahahaha true" Harry said "Now I see why the death of your friend still hurts you" "yeah" "cause she died in front of you" "yup yup" then they talked for a while more then Niall said "the girls are here"  then they all got up and then Harry walked in first and said "hi" to Perrie and Eleanor then Liam said "Perrie, Eleanor this is Denise my daughter, Denise this is Perrie and Eleanor" Denise said "Hi" hey both said "Hi" then a couple of minutes later Lou and Lux had shown up then Denise got up an went to her room with Lux following behind her Denise picked her up and carried her to her room when they got there they walked in then Lux said "Who's this with Uncle Liam, Harry, Niall, Louis, Zayn, and you?" "Oh that is my friend" "She still at the orphan" Right then Liam, Perrie, and Eleanor were at the door then Denise said "Well no she got sick really sick and that picture we took 4 weeks before she died" "she's in heaven" "Yeah she is" "she's pretty too" "Yeah she is" "You miss her?" "yeah so much" Denise said crying Lux then looked at Denise and said "No crying Denise" "okay no crying" then Denise went to go wash her face then she went back in her room and there was a knock on the door she looked to see Liam, Eleanor and Perrie there Liam walked in while the girls looked at Denise's door then Liam said "I'll leave you girls alone okay" "okay" Liam then left then perrie said "Nice room" "thanks" Eleanor said "I like your door" "thank you it's not finished yet I just need to print up more pictures" "Oh, your a crafty girl" "Yeah I like to do certain things like decorate my room just wait little by little these walls will have stuff on it" "hahaha you remind me of Zayn " "hahahaha only I don't draw I just put stuff on my walls" "true" "but for some reals I like your door the way you put them on is unique" "I'm planning to do all the other doors but of pictures of just them alone" "Your into photography huh?" "Yeah I am" "How do you take your photos?" "My phone then edit them" "Any examples?" "Yeah" Denise walked up to her dresser and got a picture of her and Valerie laying in the grass on there stomachs smiling at each other she showed it to them and they said "Wow this is amazing" "thank you, it took me a while to get it like that but I did and I fell in love with the way it came out" "And you did this on your phone?" "Yeah all on my phone" "that is amazing" "Yeah as you can see I took a lot of pictures with her and all of them look like professionals took them" "Yeah they do, why so many pictures with her is she your sister?" "Um she's more like my best friend/ sister" "Liam couldn't adopt her too?" "She wasn't in the orphan" "Oh" "Yeah she died almost 2 years ago lost her bottle with cancer" "oh my that's terrible, I'm sorry" "Yeah she always had a smile on her face even though she was in so much pain" Then the three of them talked for a while then Eleanor asked "What happened in your past at home if you don't mind us asking" "I used to get abused at home my parents broke my arm, ribs, and leg and said I fell they called Child Services and I told them that they would abuse me I showed them my bruises I had at the time" "Wow, did they put you in the orphan?" "no I went back home and the way I got in the orphan was cause they died" "Oh I see, well at least you won't have any of that here" "yeah true" Then they decided to go to the backyard and lay on the grass then Perrie, Lux, and Eleanor laid on the grass and Denise yelled "DON'T MOVE OH MY GOSH STAY LIKE THAT!!!!!" she pulled out her phone and got on top of the table that was right there then she snapped a picture of them then Perrie said "Can I see?" "Hold up going to work my magic" "Hahha okay" Then they continued to talk then Denise said "Sorry I'm taking long it would be way faster if I had the thing I needed" "It's fine" "Oh my I love the way it's coming out" "I can't wait to see it" "Me too" "Hahaha almost done" Then Liam walked out to the back and said "Hey girls" "Hey" they all said "What are you guys doing?" Eleanor said "Waiting for Denise to finish the picture she took of us" "Yeah it would be faster if I had the stuff I need" "Oh hahahah" Then Denise yelled "I'M DONE!!!!" Then Denise showed Liam first she said "this is the original and this is the one I edited" "Oh my wow that is amazing" "Thanks Liam" Denise then showed it to the girls then they said "Wow that is amazing" "Your a pro Denise" Liam said "Did you have them pose like that?" "No they laid on the grass like that and I took it" "Denise that looks like a professional did that" "hahaha thanks" "how did you learn to do that?" "I took photo classes in high school" "Ohhhhh" "Yeah and now any little blur in the photo really bugs me unless it's suppose to be there my teacher did say we were going to end up like that by the end of the year" "hahaha" Then a couple of hours later Perrie and Eleanor had left then Denise was in her room and then got her money then went to the photo store and printed out a copy of the picture she took that day for herself, Eleanor, and Perrie then she paid then went back home on her way to the house she stopped and got a milkshake then when she got home she went back to her room and put the picture in a frame she had on her wall then Niall and Harry walked in the room and they said "Hey Denise" "Hey" Niall said "Whatcha doing?" "Nothing looking for pictures to print for something that I'm gonna do in here" "Oh what kind  of pictures?" "Of your band" "Ahhh I see" "Yeah" Harry said "Where did you find this picture at?" He said pointing to the one Denise took of the girls she said "I didn't find it anywhere I took it myself" "Really?" "Yeah I took photography classes in high school" "Ohhhh" Harry said "Did you have them pose like that?" "no they laid on the grass then Lux was smiling at the sky and Perrie and Eleanor were smiling looking at each other so I got on the table out there and took it really fast before they moved and I edited it and it came out like that" Niall said "Lux's eyes are so bright" "Yeah in the original one they were not like that" "Well it looks amazing" "Thanks Niall" Then Niall left and Harry said "Still don't think you did this" "well think what you want Styles I know what I did" "I don't believe you" "Don't I don't care but you can always ask Perrie and Eleanor they were there" Okay I will ask them" "Okay then" Denise went into her closet then got a sweater and money then went to the photo store again to print 100 pictures of the guys alone so she could start her project on the doors she just had to find out who' room was who's then she got another milkshake and then went back to the store to pickup the pictures then she walked back home when she got there Louis and Zayn had just got back Zayn then went inside and when Louis seen Denise he said "Hey kiddo" "Hey Louis" "How do you like it here?" "It's amazing" "Have you looked around town?" "No I only go to the corner and back I don't know my way around" "Ahhh that's true, you busy tomorrow?" "Um no why?" "Me and you are going to spend the day together we will walk around London and get to know each other" "Okay sounds fun" "Okay" Then Denise walked in the house and went to her room and Harry was still in there then Denise said "Your still in here?" "Yeah I was um just looking at um these pictures you um have in here" "Oh" "Yeah, what' with the big envelope?" "I printed out 100 pictures for my project" "You left" "Yes Styles I left" "I thought you were going to the kitchen?" "Nope" "So can I see the pictures you got?" "NO you will see them soon" "Gosh okay" "sorry" "It's fine" "Um just to let you know if you need any of us Liam's room is next to you on the right and Niall's is next door to your left, mine is right across from yours, Louis is next to mine across from Liam's and Zayn's is across from Niall's room" "Oh okay thanks" "No problem I'll see you tomorrow" "Okay bye" Denise then went to her walk-in closet and sat on the floor and began to sort out the pictures until someone said "Denise?" "Coming!" "there you are" "What's up?" "Oh me and the lads are going out for a bit" "okay have fun" "You don't mind staying here alone?" "No Liam it's fine I don't mind if you want to see if I'm alive and breathing and stuff just call me" "Okay then bye love" "Bye Liam" 5 minutes later all the guys had left and Denise then began to work on the doors and an hour and a half later she had finished he doors she then went to her room and took a shower and put on her pajamas then when she was done she put the left over pictures away then sat in bed and began to watch tv. Then she got hungry so she went to the kitchen and got something to snack on then went back to her room and 2 and a half hours later the front door opened and then her room door opened and Liam said "were home" "Okay" "Night" "Night Liam" "I love you" "Love you too Liam" Then he closed her door and all the lights in the house went off and it had got quiet then she was watching the entertainment news as she always does then they started to talk about the boys leaving a bar a little while ago then it showed a picture of them and Denise began to quietly laugh cause Harry looked like he was completely wasted then once that was done it was like 1:30am so she had turned off the tv then went to sleep  



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