Adopted By Who???

Denise is a 17 year old orphan with an ugly past but what happens when a certain someone adopts her will her life change forever or will it get worse than what her past was or will she move on from that and allow people to change her for the best and will she fall in love with someone who will help her forget about her past??????


28. Chapter 28 (One Direction On Tour)

                ~Skip a day~

When Denise woke up she looked at the time and noticed that one it was 11:30am and two it was Friday and three Harry wasn't laying down next to her she then got up and made the bed as it was a habit of hers then as she was done with that she heard her phone vibrate she looked to see a text from Veronica saying "it's Friday!!" Denise then texted back "ah I know I'm so excited" "crap I need to find something to wear" "shopping?" "okay just get ready really fast" "okay I'll shower when we get back" "me too" then Denise quickly changed then brushed her hair and put on her shoes then got her money, and key card then walked out of the room and went to Liam's room but before she knocked she sent a quick text to Veronica telling her to meet her in the hallway then she knocked on Liam's door when he opened he said "hi love" "hi dad can I borrow the car please?" "sure thing.... wait for what?" "Veronica and me are going shopping" "okay but we leave at 3pm" "okay we won't be long" "okay need money" "no I still have some" "okay then" Liam then handed her the keys then she said "thank you dad love you" "welcome and love you too" then Veronica walked up to her then she said "ready?" "yup" then they got in the elevator and went to the parking lot and went to the car and got in and when they got in the car Denise said "wait where are we going?" "to the mall" "got it" then she pulled out of the parking spot then Veronica said "this is my first time in the car with you" "hahahahahaha get used to it I'm going to be driving us around now instead of asking Liam" "your going to borrow his car?" "no silly he got me a car remember" "oh yeah duh" "hahahahahaha"

When they got to the mall they walked in and went to look for clothes then when they got in one store they looked around then Denise went to the dresses to see what they had and didn't find anything then she looked at the skirts then found one that she liked it was just a simple black skirt then Veronica went up to her and said "find anything?" "this skirt you?" "I found this dress" "cute" "I know your going to get a top?" "I don't know what kind of top" "what if you wear a One Direction one?" "a white top?" "yeah" "perfect" "where are you going to find one of those?" "One Direction World Veronica" "oh true" then they paid for the stuff they were going to get then they got back in the car and drove to the 1D store when they got there they both got off and went inside and looked around and when Denise found a white shirt they went to the register to go pay then got back in the car and drove back to the hotel hen they got there they went to there floor and Denise said "Liam said were leaving at 3pm" "okay I'm going to go get ready" "okay me too" then Denise opened her room door and walked in then Harry said "so that's where you went?" Denise smiled then said "me and Veronica went to go look for something to wear" "oh" "I'm going to go shower be out in a bit" "okay" Denise got the clothes she was going to wear from the bag then went to go shower when she got out she went into the room and got her curler and put it to heat up while she went to go put on her shoes which she had decided to put on her converse then she went to the bathroom and began to do her hair when she finished she sprayed her hair then turned off the curler then she went back to the room and put on mascara then her phone began to ring she answered it then she said "can I help you Kelly?" "I just wanted to see if everything was okay" "yeah I'm fine" then Denise put her on speaker while she did her makeup then Kelly said "what are you doing?" "getting ready for the concert tonight" "oh right it's Friday" "don't worry your going to see them soon" "yeah I'm going to there first show" "awesome I'll be there too" "yay! my mom is like dying to see you" "why?" "well we haven't seen you since you went into the orphanage" "true" "yeah so she wants to see you again she's really hoping you come visit" "you still live in the same house?" "yup" "I'll see if I have time cause I have other things to do while I'm there" "oh" "yeah visit some friends things like that" "oh" "but I'll let you know" "okay then" "yeah" "what about your dad?" "he can't I told him and he's busy" "lame" "yeah I know" "well either way I'm going to see him" "hahahahahaha I know that's so true" "hahahahahaha yeah" "what are you doing?" "not much sitting in the backyard talking to you" "oh and your mom?" "inside in the kitchen" "oh tell her I said hi" "will do" then Kelly yelled "Mom Denise Said Hi!!" "tell her I said hi" then Kelly said "she said hi" "hahahahahaha, how's your dad?" "he's good my mom told him that she talked to you and you know him always was close to you well you were his favorite niece and he started asking all these questions about you" "hahahahahaha is he there right now?" "um yeah he just got home" then she heard someone say "Hi Kelly" "hi dad" "who are you talking too?" "um" "it's not a boy is it?" "hahahahahaha no dad it's Denise" "your cousin Denise?" "yeah" then she heard "hi Denise" "hi Uncle James" "how have you been?" "I've been good and you?" "been good but busy with work like always" "hahahahahaha" "so what's new with you?" "well a lot actually" "like what?" "um I got adopted and moved to London" "London as in England, London the London halfway across the world London?" "yeah that London" "you always told me you were going to go live there" "I know and now I do" "I'm happy for you Denise" "thank you Uncle James" "any boys?" "well" "what?" "yeah I have a boyfriend" "what!?" "hahahahahaha" "how long" "Like 2 weeks" "so barely?" "yup" "that's good is he good to you is what I want to know" "don't worry he's good to me" "that's good and that's all I care about" "hahahahahaha I know" "I mean I know your actual parents were never like this with you if I would've found out sooner what they did to you I would've took you from them a long time ago" "I know that's why I was close to you then any other family member you always looked out for me like how a real father should look out for his little girl" "yeah but something was wrong with them for doing what they did to you" "I know" "well we know one thing for sure" "what's that?" "your not a little girl anymore" "hahahahahaha true" "happy late birthday" "thank you" "what did you do?" "I went to a concert" "by yourself?" "no hahahahahaha with my boyfriend" "that's cute" "oh god hahahahahaha" "when are you coming back to L.A?" "soon" "really?" "yeah I'm going to go see One Direction" "oh god you too" "yes of course" "hahahahahaha" "are you going with them?" "I'm being forced to go" "oh hahahahahaha you will have fun" "hahahahahaha" "what?" "nothing it's just that it's One Direction I mean I don't have nothing bad against them there all good and talented guys but it's a girl thing" "trust me on this you will not be the only dad there that night" "I'm going for Kelly
 she begged me" "hahahahahaha" "when are you going?" "the same day as you guys" "that's cool I hope to see you there" "hahahahahaha I do too" "hahahahahaha" then there was a knock on the door she got up then opened the door then Liam said "hey love" "hi dad" "you ready?" "yup I'm ready" "oaky we leave in 5 minutes" "okay" then her uncle said "are you going to come visit?" "not sure yet I'm thinking of going but I'll let Kelly know" "alright I hope you do stop by it's been a while since I last seen you" "I know" then Denise got a cardigan then she made sure her makeup was good and her hair too then she said "I told her maybe because I've been so busy and then there's all these things I want to do before we go but I'll see if I can stop by" "okay" "still live in the place right?" "yup same house" "alright" "if you do come you do remember how to get here?" "yeah I do" "okay then hahahahahaha" "uncle James I'm about to go to see One Direction can I call you some other time?" "sure and I thought you were going to come to L.A. for that?" "I am because my friend invited me to the concert" "oh wait there in London?" "no in New York" "ah makes sense" "yeah I know" "well Denise I'll talk to you soon" "okay bye uncle James" "bye Denise" then she hung up then Harry said "princess were leaving" "okay" then Denise got her stuff then she got the rental car keys then she walked out of the room then Liam said "you want to drive to the arena?" "yeah of course" "okay hahahahahaha" then they walked to the parking lot with the others then Denise opened the car then Veronica said "your not going in the van?" "no I'm going to drive" "okay" then Veronica got in the van with the others then Denise got in the car and turned it on then plugged her car charger into the car then put her phone to charge then she noticed that there was an aux cord to plug into her phone to play her music so she plugged it into her phone then her phone began to ring she answered it and said "hello" "hi love" "hey dad what's up?" "are you sure your okay driving alone" "yeah why?" "just asking" "are you worried I'm going to crash or something?" "no" "then who?" "um Harry" "oh hahahahahaha" "he doesn't think it's a good idea" "why not?" "not sure" "hahahahahaha" "I think he wants to go with you" "he should've just said that in the beginning it's not like I was going to say no" "I know" "tell him I said to come with me" "okay see you there" "okay bye" then Denise put her phone down then played her music but lowered it so it wouldn't be too loud then there was a tap on the window Denise looked to see Harry there she unlocked the car then he got in then said "you should let me drive" "no Harry I'm driving end of story" "fine" then he put on his seatbelt then backed out of the parking space and drove to the arena as they were driving Denise said "why didn't you tell me that you wanted to come with us?" "I thought Veronica was" "I thought so too but she went with Niall" "I didn't notice till we were all in the van" "hahahahahaha it's okay" "well at least I came" "why you think I'm going to crash?" "noooooo" "hahahahahaha don't worry I'm not going to crash" "okay" "plus this is my first third time driving this car" "really?" "yeah the night that you boys were at rehearsals I drove home then this morning when I went to the mall then right now" "oh then your good" "hahahahahaha" then it was quiet then out of no where out of all the songs Denise had on her phone "Style" by Taylor Swift had to play.

 When they got to the arena Harry told her which way to go so she could go park when she parked her and Harry got off then her and Harry walked in the arena hand in hand and when they got to the back door the van pulled up then Liam got out and walked out then he said "I see you both beat us here" Denise said "guess so" then they all walked in and went backstage then they went into the dressing room then they boys went to go get ready then Denise sat on the couch then Veronica sat next to her then she said "I wonder if there's any fans here yet?" "the only way to find out is..." "if we go on stage?" "let's go" "we are such rebels" "hahahahahaha" then they found the stage entrance then they walked on stage then there were a couple of fans then they sat on one of the ramps then the couple of fans started to scream then Veronica said "ugh there going to scream the whole time were here" "hahahahahaha yeah" "want water?" "sure please" "I'll be back" "okay" then Veronica got up and left then the fans started to go to the front row then Denise smiled and waved at them then she got up and went to go sign some autographs and take pictures with fans when they got what they wanted they left then after all that on little girl stood on the chairs then she said "hi" Denise smiled and said "hi" "how are you?" "I'm good and you?" "I'm good" "hahahahahaha your so adorable" "thank you" "what's your name?" "I'm Melody" "nice name I'm Denise" "thank you and I know that my sister wants to meet you" "where is she at?" "um..." "uh oh are you lost?" "I think so" Melody said crying then Denise said "don't cry we will find her" "I should've never left her" "shhhhh don't cry love" "I'm scared" "here come here I'll help you find her" Denise got the little girl and held her on stage then she kept crying and Denise said "there, there everything is going to be okay I'll help you find her" "okay" then Veronica came back then she said "who's this?" "she's lost, she ran away from her sister" "oh no" "go call Paul" "okay" then Denise sat on the ramp while Veronica went to go call Paul when she came back Paul said "what's wrong?" "she's lost" "okay hold up" then Paul got a microphone and said "um hello everyone we have a little girl she's lost her name is Melody if you know her please come get her she's really scared thank you" then they sat there for a while until someone said "excuse me" they all looked then Paul said "can I help you?" "that's my sister" Melody looked then said "Katy" then Denise got up and handed Melody to Katy then she said "thank you so much for finding her" Denise said "actually she came to me then when she noticed that you were not here she got scared" "oh thank you for not just letting her roam around" "no problem and I wouldn't be able to let her do that I'd feel really bad" "thank you again" "your welcome and enjoy the show" then the girls went to there seats then Denise said "thank you Paul" "no problem" then he walked away then Veronica sat next to her then she said "I feel like a rebel" "why?" "cause were just sitting on the stage like we own it" "right, then there setting up the stuff for 5SOS to perform" "hahahahahaha I know" "I can't believe we are here" "I know" "I'm excited" "me too" "did you bring your camera?" "crap I knew I was forgetting something" "let's go see if we can go to the hotel and get it" "okay" then they got up and went to the dressing room when they got there Denise said "dad?" "yes love" "come please" Liam walked up to her then said "yes?" "um do you think if we go to the hotel cause we forgot our camera's we will make it back on time?" "oh yeah you will you got an hour till show time" "okay we will be back" "okay be careful" "we will" "wait hold on Paul told me to give these to you so your allowed backstage and all that" Liam said handing them the crew pass or whatever you call it then Denise said "thanks dad" "your welcome" then Denise got the keys then they went to the parking lot then as they were walking one of the security guards there said "hey you fans aren't supposed to be here" Denise said "we have these passes Liam and Paul gave them to us" "oh then your good" then they got in the car and drove to the hotel when they got to the hotel they quickly went to there rooms and got there cameras then went back to the parking lot got in and drove back to the arena.

When they got there the parked in the same parking spot then Denise made sure the doors were locked then they walked back in the arena when they walked in the dressing rooms Liam said "your back" "hahahahahaha yeah" then Veronica went with Niall then Denise handed Liam the keys then she sat on one of the chairs that were there next to him then he said "did you go out there already?" "yeah um me and Veronica sat on the stage" "hahahahahaha rebels" "hahahahahaha we said that it felt like we owned the stage" "why?" "the fans that were in there were yelling our names" "oh hahahahahaha no rude comments from fans?" "no none" "that's good" "I know" "hahahahahaha" "what time does the concert start?" "7:30pm" "oh it's 7:20pm" "oh your going to go?" "yeah I want to get pictures of 5sos too" "okay then go" "wait do I tell Paul?" "no the bodyguards know" then Brad the bodyguard walked in then Liam said "Brad will be with you out there" "okay" then Denise followed him then when they got to the floor entrance she heard the scream of girls get loud and when she walked out the screams got like 10x's louder then they walked to where Denise wanted to be which was were she could take the pictures then Brad stood a little away from her to give her space then a little while after that 5sos went on stage and did there thing when they finished Brad said "the guys won't be on till an hour" "okay let's go backstage" then they went backstage when they got there Denise seen Michael then she yelled "MIKEY!!" he looked then said "Buddy!" then she went up to them then she said "you guys were amazing" "hahahahahaha thanks I saw you in the crowd" "well yeah I was like right there" "hahahahahaha true" "hahahahahaha" then they walked to there dressing room then when they walked in Ashton said "hey Denise" "hey Ashton" "did you enjoy our performance?" "hahahahahaha you guys were amazing" "hahahahahaha thanks" "your welcome" "did you get any good photos?" "oh my life yes I got the jump that they do" "hahahahahaha" then Denise turned on her camera then showed him then he said "wow that must've been hard" "no I knew what I was doing that's why" "true very true" then Luke walked in wearing a bandana with drumsticks in his hands followed by Calum wearing the same thing then Denise laughed then she said "Are you guys trying to be Ashton?" Calum said "what are you talking about we are Ashton" then Michael did the same thing then Denise said "I got to take a picture of this all 4 of you together now" then she took one on her camera then on her phone then she said "okay there thanks guys or Ashton's" then there was a knock on the door then it opened and Brad walked in then said "three minutes till the lads go on stage" "okay let's go, bye guys" then she went to the spot that she was at when she was watching 5SOS then the boys went on then at the end Brad said "come with me" then they walked to the stage entrance then Paul said "Denise Liam wants you to go out there" "why?" "don't know" then Niall walked up to them then he said "Denise ready?" "why?" "come on" then Paul handed her a microphone as they were walking Liam said "well as you all know I'm a dad now so now will you all welcome my daughter" then Denise and Niall walked on the stage and the crowd went crazy then Liam said "so her birthday was on Saturday but will you all help us sing her Happy Birthday?"  then the crowd cheered then Denise sat on one of the ramps then the crowd began to sing she got out her phone and recorded it to post on Instagram and Twitter when they finished the crowd cheered then Liam went up to her and hugged her then she said "thanks dad love you" "welcome and love you too" then she sat back down then Louis and Harry sat with her then Louis said "hi bff" "hahahahahaha hi" "having fun?" "yeah I am although I didn't expect to be up here" "your not panicking are you?" "no I'm good" "so what if you were to sing?" "oh not sure" "lame" "why what were you planning to do?" "we wanted you to sing along with us to this last song" "what song?" "18" "off your new album?" "yeah" "um..." "you do know the words to the song right?" "I learned it in 3 days" "wow" Harry said "told you she learned it in that many days I should know I stay in the hotel room with her" Denise said "I think I play it too much that your going to get tired of your own album" "not at all princess" "hahahahahaha okay" Louis said "so will you do it?" "wait what part am I going to sing?" "Harry's part" "I don't want to steal his part" Harry said "were both going to sing it love" "I don't know" Louis said "Veronica is doing it too" "she is?" "yeah we asked her" "oh" then the crowd began to scream then they looked to see Veronica walking on stage she went to Denise then said "are you going to do it?" "I don't know" "come on it will be fun" "what if I panic" "I'm sure you won't" "I did in font of 10 people imagine thousands" "look Denise I think it's time that you face your fears like how I am doing" "I don't know" "you said it was new you time this is a big start" "is that why your doing it?" "yeah" then Liam said "hey you guys ready?" Veronica said "were trying to get Denise to sing with us" "oh" "come on Denise it will be fun and your voice is amazing we all think you should share it with these fans" "I don't know" then Denise got up from where she was at then went off stage then went to the dressing room and sat on the couch thinking if she should do it or not then the door opened and Harry walked in then he sat next to her then he said "princess don't worry I used to be like that too I never wanted to go out there" "you make it look so easy" "I just think if it wasn't for the fans I wouldn't be where I am at the moment" "I just don't want to panic in front of all those fans" "I'm sure you won't love" "how do you know?" "I've noticed that there's times where you just sing in front of us" "I've noticed that" "I think you will be fine out there" "I mean I want to do it but at the same time I don't" "well I know that you do want to do it" "hahahahahaha you know me so well" "so is that a yes?" "fine I'll do it" "yay let's go" then they both got up and went back to the stage then Denise got a water bottle then they went back to where they were sitting then Veronica said "are you?" "I am" "yay" then Denise got the microphone then Louis said "Liam?" "yes" "were good" "alright" then the music to 18 began started the Harry sang his part then the crowd went crazy then it was Zayn and Veronica, then Denise and Harry, then Niall, then Liam, then Veronica, then all of them, then Niall, then Denise sang Zayn's and Louis' part then all of them finished the song when they finished singing the crowd cheered then Veronica said "now how do you feel?" "not panicking" "hahahahahaha" "that was actually fun" "the crowd seemed to love it" "I think I'm death" "I know every time you sang the crowd got even louder" "seriously" then Harry said "thank you New York we have been One Direction and we will see you all soon" then they all walked off stage then handed Paul the microphones then they went back to the dressing rooms got all of there things then Denise got the car keys then went to the car while the others went in the vans then she was putting her things in the backseat when someone said "hi" she looked to see Harry there she said "hi love" "can I come along with you?" "sure" then Harry got in the car then Denise got in and they were on there way to the hotel when they got to the hotel they got out of the car and got there stuff then went into the hotel when they got to there floor when they walked out of the elevator the others were there then Liam said "you guys took long" Denise said "we stopped for milkshakes" she said handing each of the boys and Veronica one then they all said "thank you" then Denise went to the room and took off her makeup then changed to her pajamas then put her hair in a braid then her phone began to ring she answered it and said "hello" "hi Denise" "hi Kelly what's up?" "your not busy are you?" "no I'm not" "okay cause I don't want you to hang up" "oh hahahahahaha" then Denise walked out of the room and sat on the couch in the hallway with the others "what are you doing?" "not much um I just got back to the hotel" "oh no after parties" "no hahahahahaha we have to be up early tomorrow" "oh right your coming to L.A." "yeah so no after parties" "hahahahahaha do they even party?" "not really" "I thought they would" "I know me too" "hahahahahaha" "what are you doing?" "not much my dad was kinda sad that you had to go" "I know I didn't want to go either but I had to go" "I know it's not your fault" "is he there?" "um hold up let me go find him" "okay" then Denise got up and went to the elevator then as she was waiting for the elevator she heard someone on the phone say "hello" "hi uncle James" "hi Denise how was the concert" "hahahahahaha it was good" "that's good that you had fun" "hahahahahaha I know" "when do you get to L.A.?" "well I'm leaving early in the morning" then Denise got in the elevator and went to the highest floor then he said "oh your coming tomorrow" "yeah so if I'm not jet lagged which I'm sure I won't be cause it's not that much of a time difference I'll go over" "alright then well we will be home" "hahahahahaha okay then" when she got out of the elevator she went to the roof where Harry had showed her the other night she then sat on one of the chairs then her uncle said "what are you doing?" "not much just sitting outside talking to you and you?" "on the couch talking to you" "nice, nice" "hahahahahaha" "hahahahahaha" "Denise will I get to meet your boyfriend?" "um I'll try to but he's really busy too" "oh" "but maybe you can meet him" "me?" "yeah alone type of thing" "sure I mean if you don't want your aunt to meet him yet" "only you" "okay then" "okay" "is he going to be at the concert with you on Sunday?" "yes he will" "awesome" "hahahahahaha" "Denise can Kelly call you tomorrow were about to eat?" "yeah sure tomorrow though because I need to go to sleep since I got to wake up early" "alright then bye" "bye" then Denise hung up then went back to the elevator then went back to her floor when she got there she went to her room then Harry said "hey" "hi" "where did you go?" "roof" "oh" "I was talking to my uncle" "oh I see now" "yeah there going to be at the concert on Sunday" "that's awesome" "Harry are we going to go on stage at all shows with you boys?" "Liam said he wanted you both too" "oh" "why you don't want to do it?" "yeah I do want to do it" "I knew you would have fun" "hahahahahaha I did" "hahahahahaha glad you did but enough of the chit chat we have to be up early" "hahahahahaha I know" then they got ready for bed then laid down and went to sleep.

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