Adopted By Who???

Denise is a 17 year old orphan with an ugly past but what happens when a certain someone adopts her will her life change forever or will it get worse than what her past was or will she move on from that and allow people to change her for the best and will she fall in love with someone who will help her forget about her past??????


27. Chapter 27 (Little Mix Concert)

        ~Skip a Day~

When Denise woke up the next morning she noticed that she was alone in the room and there was a note on the pillow beside her she got it and it said "good morning princess your probably wondering where we are at it's Wednesday which means rehearsals start today we will be back at the hotel soon. Oh the 5sos boys are not there either and Zayn told me to tell you that Perrie is going to call you about the concert tonight- All the Love H." then Denise got up and then got her phone and called Veronica when she answered she said "hello" "the concerts today" "oh my life" "hahahahahaha" "hahahahahaha" "plus all the guys and I mean all of them are gone" "to where?" "rehearsals" "oh" "yeah" "well I'm going to your room I hate being alone in a hotel room" "okay then bye" "bye" then Denise got up opened the curtains then there was a knock on the door she opened the door then Veronica said "heyyyyy" "hi hahahahahaha" then Veronica walked in closing the door then she laid in the bed then as Denise sat down her phone began to ring she answered it and said "hello'' "hey Denise" "hi Perrie what's up" "well I know that the guys are not there since there practicing there show for Friday and you don't have a ride to the concert so I'm on my way to the hotel don't rush to get ready just get your clothes for tonight and the tickets and stuff then you can get ready where I'm staying" "okay then when you get here come to the 10th floor and I'm in room 1002" "okay then bye" "bye" then Veronica said "she's coming?" "yeah" "what!?" "she said not to get ready just put your stuff for the concert in a bag and were going to get ready where she's staying" "okay be right back" "okay" then Denise packed her stuff for the concert tonight after she got everything ready she fixed her hair, brushed her teeth, fixed the bed then when she was done there was a knock on the door she opened the door then Veronica said "okay I think I got everything" "are you moving in or something?" "no this is just my makeup" "oh god" then Veronica sat down on the bed then Denise said "I got everything too" then she got her black and white converse and put them on then there was a knock on the door again Veronica got up and opened it then Perrie said "hey Veronica" "hey Perrie come in" then when she walked in she said "hi Denise" "Perrie hi" then Perrie said "ready?" "yeah" then they got there stuff then followed Perrie to her car and got in and were on there way to where the Little Mix girls were staying at.

When they got there Denise said "Wow this place is huge" Perrie said "I don't know why they got such a big house for 4 girls only" "I don't know but it's awesome" then they walked in then Perrie showed them to a room where they could keep there stuff then after that Perrie showed them around the house then after the tour of the house Perrie said "the others are still asleep" "oh" then Perrie went to the kitchen to cook then Denise went to the room and got her laptop then she sat down next to Veronica then she whispered "is there wifi here?" Denise said "I have no idea" "oh" "Perrie have you heard the boys new album?" "not yet sadly" "you want to?" "you got it?" "yeah on Monday" "okay let me have a listen to it then" then Denise played  the album while Perrie cooked then Leigh-Anne walked down the stairs saying "Perrie we know you love Zayn but do you have to play music so early?" then when she seen Denise and Veronica she said "oh I didn't know we had visitors" Perrie said "this is Denise and Veronica" she said "hi girls" they both said "hello" then Denise's phone began to ring she answered it then said "hello" "Denise it's Zayn" "Oh hi Zayn" "did Perrie pick you both up already?" "yeah she did were with her at the moment" "okay just checking" "okay how's your thing going?" "good" "that's good well she picked us up" "okay then bye" "bye" then Denise put her phone on the counter then Veronica said "have you checked twitter?" "no on Monday I went on to only post about the concert but that's all" "you didn't go on yesterday?" "no" "well let's see now what's happening" "okay" then Denise signed into twitter on the laptop then her and Veronica went through her mentions then Veronica said "all your mentions are of fans wanting you to follow them there's still some hate but if were being honest it's not going to go away love it's always going to be there and it sucks yes but you can get through this" "I know it's always going to be there just sucks to see how people can be so rude it sucks" a little while later Denise signed out then they started to talk about random things and after we ate Perrie said "you both should start getting ready we are almost going to leave soon" "okay" then Denise turned off the music closed the laptop then they both went to the room and took showers first it was Denise then when she was done Veronica had went in, when Denise got out of the shower she had on blue jeans with her black Little Mix shirt then she went looking for Perrie when she found her she said "um Perrie?" all 4 girls looked at Denise then Perrie said "yes" "by any chance do you have a curler?" "oh yes I do" "can I borrow it?" "sure" then they walked to Perrie's room then she said "you want me to help you with your hair?" "sure I'm going to wear my fedora" "okay then" "want me to go get it?" "please" "okay" then Denise went to go get the fedora then she went back to Perrie's room then Perrie did her hair as she was doing it she said "so what's new?" "um not much" "how's twitter?" "I haven't really been on it I kinda deleted the app off my phone" "why?" "I started to get hate for dating Harry" "what!?" "yeah but it calmed down in like 2 days" "really?" "yeah Veronica went on and I saw" "on your profile?" "yeah she wants to make sure it's all gone" "she's just looking out for you" "yeah and I'm super grateful for that" "how did you react when you saw it?" "well for one I was hurt like I knew it was going to happen which is why we kinda waited to go public till my birthday but when you actually read what those people were saying was unreal" "did you lock yourself in your hotel room?" "I was but thank god I have a Zayn as a friend" "hahahahahaha why?" "he cheered me up by me and him going skating" "on a skateboard" "yup" "he's caring that's what I love about him" "he wears his heart on his sleeve" "yeah" "hahahahahaha and ever since that day Veronica has been checking my twitter account" "well that's good" "yup" "anything else?" "um not that wait Liam got me a car for my birthday" 'that's amazing" "although I haven't had a chance to drive it since the next day we were on a plane" "hahahahahaha I know'' "awwww all my balloons are going to be dead when we get home" "sadness" "it's okay I'm going to save them anyways" "okay hahahahahaha" then when Perrie was almost done she said "I know this is kinda personal but has Harry kissed you yet like not on the cheek on the lips?" "um.." "I won't tell anyone I promise" "yes he did on Saturday" "on the lips?" "yeah for my birthday" "awwww that's so cute and romantic" "hahahahahaha oh god" "hahahahahaha he's taking it slow that's a good thing" "I know and I think it's because he's my first relationship ever" "what!?" "yeah he's my first boyfriend ever and he was my first kiss" "that's even cuter" "hahahahahaha but I'm glad that he's taking it slow" "I bet" "I just don't want to rush things you get me?" "Yeah I do" "I just want to take it day by day and see what happens as each day goes by" "that's how I used to think when I first got with Zayn I never imagined that I would marry him" "I guess you can say dreams do come true" "yeah you can" when Perrie finished my hair she sprayed it with hair spray so the curls would stay then she got the fedora and put it on then she said "all done" Denise looked in the mirror then said "thank you Perrie" "no problem" then Denise went back to the room when she walked in she seen Veronica on the bed doing her makeup then she said "hey" "hi" "you look pretty" "thank you Veronica you do too" then she began to put her shoes on as she was doing that her phone began to ring she answered it and said "hello" "hi love" "hi dad" "whatcha doing?'' "getting ready" "so early?" "we are at Perrie's that's why" "oh your going to have to go when they go?" "yeah" "excited?" "of course I am it's Little Mix" "hahahahahaha" "what are you doing?" "I'm taking a break I'm outside of the arena thought I'd call you" "oh hahahahahaha I'm not doing much just putting on my shoes" "oh" "yeah I'm ready already" "well you don't need much time to get ready" "hahahahahaha I know" "how is it there?" "feels weird I feel like I'm away from home again" "probably because were not there" "yup that's why" "hahahahahaha well when you get back to the house there staying at call me I'll go pick you both up" "okay I'll text you when were going home that way you can be here already" "okay" "hahahahahaha" "and the concert starts at 6pm and ends a 9:30pm or 9pm" "oh not bad" "I know" "what if you pick us up from the arena better?" "oh yeah I can do that" "like after the concert I'll call you" "okay do that better" "okay" "hahahahahaha" "I know that I'm not going to stay here but I miss you dad" "I know you do I miss you too love" "when do we go to LA?" "after the New York shows we go there" "really?" "yeah why?" "my friend got tickets and asked me if I wanted to go but I'm already going to see you" "oh true" "so I want to see her" "okay, wait love who were you talking to the other day on Monday?" "oh um my cousin" "oh I see" "yeah" "you sounded mad" "just that her sister doesn't like me and it bothered me that I had to find out the way I did" "oh I see" "then my aunt wants me to visit them" "are you?" I don't know" "you should take Veronica with you" "I'll think about it there going to be at the concert" "really which day cause were doing three nights in LA?" "not sure I'll get back to you on that" "hahahahahaha okay then" "yeah but my cousin knows about me being part of the 1D family" "how?" "twitter" "of course" "so I'm scared that she's going to want me to get you boys to meet her" "oh" "and I don't want that" "just tell her were busy that day if you do decide to go visit them" "true" "problem solved" "hahahahahaha my aunt talked to me on Monday too and she told me that she wants to meet you but I told her that your going to be busy" "hahahahahaha you really don't want them to know huh?" "nope I don't want them to know because then they might think it's a publicity stunt or something" "they don't have to know then" "there not" "I know well love I'll let you go I'll see you later" "okay bye dad" "bye love" then Denise put her phone in her pocket then Veronica said "can I do your makeup?" "just eyeliner and lipstick" "what about mascara?" "I have some on already" "eye shadow?" "fine" then Denise sat on the bed then Veronica began to do he makeup when she finished she handed her the mirror then she said "wow" then she got her phone then she said "I like it" "I knew you would" "thank you" "no problem" then they took a couple of pictures then Denise found one she liked then edited it because it was a habit of hers went on Instagram and posted it and tagged Veronica then she posted it on Twitter as well then Perrie walked in the room and said "let's go" then she walked out then Veronica said "do we take our stuff?" "yeah Liam is going to pick us up from the arena" "okay then" then they got there stuff then went outside with the others then when they got in the van they sat all the way in back then they were on there way to the arena as they were on there way Perrie said "girls this is Denise Liam's daughter and Veronica her friend and Niall's girlfriend" they said "hello girls" Denise said "hi" Veronica said "hey" then when they got to the arena Perrie had put there stuff in a safe place then they went to go get ready then Denise and Veronica went to there seats and noticed that the arena was empty then someone sat next to them they looked then Perrie said "hi" they laughed then said "hi" Denise said "this place is huge" "yeah I know it looks big because it's empty" "I know, shouldn't you go backstage before these fans notice you?" Denise said looking behind her to see fans going to there seats then Perrie said "yeah I don't want to get mobbed" "hahahahahaha we will see you soon" "hahahahahaha I know" then Perrie got up and went backstage then as Denise sat back in the seat and felt like something was there she looked and it was a paper with the words "reserved" on them then she said "Veronica are we in the right seats?" Veronica looked at the ticket then she said "yes the security guard brought us to our seat remember" "oh right" then a little while later the arena was finally packed with screaming fans then at 6pm the girls went on stage and did there thing.

After the concert finished they went backstage since they had there meet and greet passes then Denise had texted Liam that the concert was over so he could go and get them. When they got backstage Perrie said "had fun?" Veronica said "yes!" Denise said "you girls were amazing" they all said "thank you" Denise said "can we take a group picture?" they all said "sure" then they took a couple then Denise said "thank you" then her phone began to ring she answered it and said "hello" "hi love I'm here" "okay um there we go" "I would go in but they don't let me in" "lame" "hahahahahaha" "bye" "bye" then Denise said "Perrie can we get our stuff Liam is here for us?" "sure" then they got there stuff and said "bye" to the girls then went to where Liam said he was at when they found him they got in the car then Liam said "do you guys want to go back to the hotel or to the arena with us" Denise said "you guys are still there?" "yeah I know" "you were there all day?" "I know but since it's one day of rehearsals we need to work hard" "oh that makes sense" "hahahahahaha so where?" "um with you boys" "okay" then they got to the arena when they got off Denise had left her stuff in the trunk then she said "football stadium?" "yeah it's a stadium tour'' "oh" when they got in the stadium Denise said "wow it's huge" "I know" then Liam went with the others then Denise and Veronica stood there then Veronica said "I don't know why but I want to go sit all the way at the very top" "hahahahahaha let's go" then they went to the very top seats of the arena and sat on the chairs then Veronica said "these seats suck but I wouldn't care as long as I'm in the same arena as them" "right" then Denise got out her phone and took a picture then went on Facebook and posted it then she tagged Veronica then Denise's phone began to ring she answered it and said "hello" "love where are you at?" "in the arena" "but where?" "in the crowd of screaming fans" "oh god" "hahahahahaha" "how far up are you guys?" "the highest you can go" "why?" "we wanted to try it out" "and?" "you all look like ants" "hahahahahaha, I can't see you guys" "of course you can't" "what?" "nothing" "oh" "well I'll let you get back to your thing" "okay then" then Denise put her phone back in her pocket then when she looked next to her she noticed that Veronica wasn't next to her anymore so she got up and went outside of the arena then laid in the grass that was out there then she just looked at the sky then she got up and went inside then she sat a little far away from the stage then she noticed that the lights were off and then Denise got her phone and went on Instagram then she got bored so she got up and moved higher so they wouldn't see her then she just sat there for a while until she got up and went walking around the outside of the stadium then she sat on some chairs she had found outside then her phone began to ring she answered it and said "hello" "hey Kelly" "hey Denise what's up?" "not much and you?" "not much either just sitting outside" "oh" "what are you doing?" "talking to you" "oh okay" "yeah" "Kelly can you call me back some other time" "sure" "bye" "bye" then she put her phone in her pocket then she got up and walked to the parking lot when she got to the rental car she sat on the trunk looking up at the stars then a little while later her phone began to vibrate she looked at her phone and seen a text from Michael it said "hey" she texted back "hi" "what are you doing?" "nothing much" "oh" "you?" "in the arena with the lads and Veronica" "nice nice fun?" "it would be if you were here" "hahahahahaha I am in there you just go to find me" "what now were playing hide and seek?" "no just find the Denise" "oh god" "are we leaving?" ''almost" "oh" "Liam is worried cause he said that the security guards said that no one else is in the arena" "I have a good hiding spot" "I see that" "hahahahahaha'' "and Harry oh man he's worried too her just walked off of the stage" "it's not like I got kidnapped" "I know but there worried" "where did he go?" "he left the arena" "oh" "yeah" then she just sat there on the trunk looking up at the stars then someone said "babe?" she looked to see Harry there she then said "hey" "what are you doing out here?" "getting fresh air" "is everything okay?" "yeah I'm fine" "sure" "yeah" then she got her phone and texted Michael "Harry found me" then Harry said "let's go inside" "you go it's okay I'm fine love" "well what if I sit next to you and stay with you?" "don't you have to go back in?" "no were done already" "oh" then Harry sat next to Denise on the trunk then he said "how was the concert?" "amazing hahahahahaha" "glad you had fun" "yeah we both had fun" "that's good" "yeah then we took a couple of pictures" Denise said showing him the pictures "wow" "what?" "you look wow" "oh hahahahahaha thank you" "welcome" Harry said kissing her cheek then he added "are you sure you don't want to go in?" "I don't but then I do" then someone said "Harry?" they both looked to see Lou and Lux there Harry said "hey Lou" "why aren't you in the arena?" "getting fresh air" "oh" "yeah'' then Lux said "Harry where's Denise?" Harry said "right here next to me silly" Lou then put Lux down then she ran to Denise then said "hi Denise" "hi Lux" "where's everyone at?" "inside" "oh" then Denise got Lux and sat her on her laps then she said "why are you out here in the dark?" "getting fresh air" "with uncle Harry" "yeah he found me" "you were hiding?" "kinda" "is it big in there?" "yeah you want to see" "yeah" then Denise got her phone then put Lux down then she ran to entrance and when she got there she waited for Denise then she held her hand and they had went to where Denise and Veronica were earlier when they got there Lux said "it's big" "I know huh" "hahahahahaha can I go say hi to the others?" "yeah let's go" then they went to the floor then Liam said "there you are!" "I was um getting fresh air'' "oh" Lux said "hi" "hi Lux!" then Liam said "ready to go?" "yeah I'm tired" then they all walked to the parking lot then Liam and Denise went to the rental car while the others got in the vans then Liam said "do you want to drive?" "um yeah sure" then Liam gave Denise the keys then as Denise was going to get in the driver seat Veronica said "don't crash" "no promises" "what!" "kidding gosh" then Denise got in the car then she turned it on then left before the vans did then Liam was telling her how to get back to the hotel when they got there Liam said "you did great" "of course I did dad" then the vans pulled up in the parking lot then Veronica walked out then said "your alive" "of course I'm alive it's not like I'm a horrible driver" "did you give your father a heart attack?" "nah he's fine'' then she got her bag from the trunk and locked the car then Liam said "you okay?" "yup" Denise then handed him the keys then they went in the hotel when they got to there floor Denise went in the room then changed to her pajamas and took off the makeup she had on washed her face put her hair in a braid then Harry walked in the bathroom then said "hey love" "hi my love" "whatcha doing?" "getting ready for bed I'm exhausted" "I feel you" "hahahahahaha" then they both laid in bed and said there goodnights and went to sleep.

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