Adopted By Who???

Denise is a 17 year old orphan with an ugly past but what happens when a certain someone adopts her will her life change forever or will it get worse than what her past was or will she move on from that and allow people to change her for the best and will she fall in love with someone who will help her forget about her past??????


22. Chapter 22(Home From The Hospital, Cooking Dinner and Desert)

The next morning when Liam woke up he got up and got dressed then went downstairs then got something to eat really fast then Liam's mom said "love why such in a rush this morning?" "oh I have some things to do" "okay then be careful" "I will" then Liam got his keys but before he left he looked for Harry in hi room and seen that he wasn't in there then he went to Denise's room and seen Harry sitting on her bed staring at the floor then Liam said "morning Harry" "oh morning Liam" "you okay?" "yeah I just miss her" "I know I do to" "yeah" "you want to come with me to the hospital?" "okay" then they both got in Liam's car and were on there way to the hospital

When they got there they went to the front desk and they gave them both writs bands as a visitors pass then told them where to go then they got in the elevator and went to the 10th floor when they got there they found her room then one of the nurses said "good morning" Liam then looked at the nurse and said "morning" "oh it's okay to go in she's still asleep though" "how is she doing?" 'she's doing better than what we thought she would be doing" "any idea when she can go home?" "doctor said if not today then tomorrow" "oh" "but most likely tomorrow" "okay thank you" "your welcome" then they walked in the room and sat on the couch that was there in the room then Liam said "I hope she can go home soon" "I know me too" then Denise started moving around then she opened her eyes then she looked at Liam and Harry then Liam said "morning" Denise smiled then said "morning dad, Harry, what happened?" Liam said "you fainted" "what?" "the doctor said it's nothing serious but cause of the beatings you still have broken ribs and a concussion" "oh that explains the sharp pain when I laugh" "why didn't you tell me?" "I didn't think that they were still broken" "oh" "all I remember is siting down then everything went black" "oh the doctor said your concussion caused you to pass out" "oh" "they were looking to see if you had cancer but your clean no cancer" "well that's good but if it's nothing serious why am I still here I hate hospitals" "I know you do but if you can't go home today then you can tomorrow" "ughhhh" "hahahahahaha" "no stop I can't laugh" "oh right sorry love I forgot" "it's okay dad" "you hungry?" "yes I am" "okay I'm going to go get us something to eat I'll be back" "okay be careful dad"

Then Liam left and then Denise looked out the little window that's next to the door then smiled then Harry sat on the chair next to the bed then he said "I'm glad your okay'' "me too" "so you hate hospitals?" "yes" "I love them it's the day where I kind of met my princess" "hahahahahaha oh god that hurt" "sorry" "it's not your fault" "I know" "so that's why you like hospitals because it's the day you sort of met me?" "yup you got that right" "well you like hospital but I hate them" "I know" then Harry held Denise's hand then Denise smiled at him and Harry had kissed her forehead then he said "I love you babe" "I love you too" 

Then a couple of minutes later Liam had walked in with McDonalds then they ate and Liam handed Denise and chocolate milkshake then she said "oh life thank you so much dad" "hahahahahaha your welcome" then the doctor walked in and said "hello everyone" Liam said "hi" "Denise how do you feel?" Denise said "I feel great" "any pain?" "just when I laugh my sides hurt" ''well that's cause your ribs are still broken but they will heal only if you take it easy no doing anything outrages" "okay'' "but everything seems to be fine with you" "how will my ribs heal?" "well when we brought you in the hospital we did this surgery to put these metal bard to hold the ribs in place" "oh" "but you seem to be doing fine'' "when can I go home?" "tonight you will be able to go home'' "awesome" "yes so I'll be back later" then the doctor walked out of the room then Liam said "looks like your going to be taking it easy for a while" "but tomorrow I have plans dad" "I know" "I can still do them right?" "I don't think you should go to the mall wait until you get better then go plus were going to be on tour" "oh true okay shopping I'll wait but the movies and bomb fire is for sure" "yup those are for sure" "okay" "hahahahahaha" ''see I'm understanding most people would've fought with you to let them go'' "I know I was hoping you didn't argue with me" "hahahahahaha ow no there is no need for that" "does it really hurt when you laugh?" "yeah and it's going to be hard to not laugh" "I know it is" "yup"

Then Denise said ''where's my phone?" Liam said "in your room at home" "lame" "hahahahahaha I knew I should've brought it" "hahahahahaha ow oh god" "my bad" "no it's my fault" "this is going to be hard for you" "oh very hard" Harry said "well good luck love" "gee thanks Harry" "hahahahahaha" "not funny" "sorry" "oh god I want to laugh so bad right now" "oh god" Liam said "you two are too much" Denise said "of course" Harry said "are we driving you crazy?" Liam said "not at all" Denise then said "good" Harry then laughed then Denise said "I feel like I'm being tortured with not being able to laugh for a while" "I know love but it's not your fault this happened to you" "I know" "yeah but if you rest you will be back to normal" "I know I am going to rest I must heal now" "yeah" "aww man" "what?" "me and Veronica were supposed to start our little thing that we were going to do every night tonight looks like were going to have to wait on that" "oh true" "I was looking forward to it" "I know love she was too" "yeah she wants a new her so that was the start" "I'm sure she will understand and will wait" "true"

Then the doctor walked in and said "hello" then Denise smiled then the doctor said "how are you feeling now?" "good just trying not to laugh cause it hurts my sides" "that pain will go away just take it easy and you will be back to normal in no time" "awesome" "okay so to make sure everything is fine do you want to take a walk around the floor?" "sure I'd love to" Harry said "I'll go with her" then Denise slowly got up then put on her slippers then the doctor said "how do you feel now?" "just my back hurts" "we can give you pain medicine cause that's where we did the surgery" "makes sense"

Then Denise and Harry walked around the floor then as they were walking Harry said "are you okay?" "yup it actually doesn't hurt much like I thought it was" "just a little?" "yeah it feels like a back pain" "oh I know how you feel" "oh god" Then as they were walking Harry said 'they put you on the floor where there's kids" "yeah cause technically I'm still a child" "till tomorrow" "oh I know" "yay!" "no stop I can't laugh" "this is going to be hard" "not for you all of you guys can still laugh I can't" "I know sadness" "your killing me Styles" then as they were walking someone tapped Denise's leg she looked to see a little girl around 7 there Denise smiled then said "hello little one" "hi" "what's your name lovely?" "Riley" "you have a pretty name" "thank you, is your name Denise?" "yes why?" "I see you on TV and Liam is your daddy?" "yeah he is" Riley then looked at Harry then looked at the floor Denise said "where's your mummy?" "she at work" "oh so your alone?" "yes she going to come in a little bit" then a nurse walked up to them then said "Riley you have to go back to your room" "okay" she looked at Denise then said "bye bye" "bye Riley" Then Denise and Harry began to walk back to the room as they were walking someone said "Denise, Harry" they both looked to see a girl there around 16 or 17 with a broken arm then Denise said "hello" "oh my god it is you" "yeah it's us" "can I get a picture with you both?" "sure" Denise and Harry then took a picture with the fan then she said "can you sign my cast?" "of course" the girl then handed Denise a marker and she signed her cast then Harry did too then when they were done she said "thank you so much it mean so much to me" Denise said "no problem hope you feel better soon" "thank you and you too" then she went back to her room and when Denise and Harry got back to her room the doctor walked in moments later the doctor walked in and said "how do you feel after that walk?" "good no pain" "that's great so it seems like your fine you could go home" "thank you" "your welcome but if you get any pain on your sides come back immediately" Liam said "got it"

Then Liam went to go sign some papers to release her then Denise got her clothes from the day before and put them back on then she walked out of the restroom then Harry said "ready?" "yeah" then they walked to where Liam was at then once he finished signing the papers they left to the parking lot then they got in Liam's car and went home.

When they got home Denise said "what time is it?" "2:45pm" "oh" then they got off and went inside then Denise went to her room got clothes then went to go shower when she got out and was dressed she put on socks and combed her hair then got her phone and went downstairs when she walked in the kitchen Liam was in there he then said "hey" "hi" "oh here the doctor gave me these incase your back pain comes back" Liam said handing her the pills then Denise said "thank you dad" she looked at the little pill label and it said "Denise Payne" as her name then she smiled then Liam said "you want anything love?" "no I'm good, where's everyone at?" "the guys in the game room Eleanor is there too, Veronica um not sure, and well the families are watching TV" "oh makes sense" "yeah" "do they know I'm home?" "we didn't tell them just Eleanor, Veronica, and Ashton know" "well Veronica and El of course they know" "yeah the first thing Ashton said was where you were at" "is it really noticeable" "I guess so" "oh" "yeah I didn't want to worry my parents so I didn't tell them" "oh true I wouldn't want that either" "true"

Then the back door opened then Denise looked to see Luke there when he walked in he said "hey Denise" "hi Luke" "what are you two doing?" "not much just talking" "oh can I talk to you really fast?" "sure let's go to the other room" then when they got to the other living room Luke said "how do you know Valerie?" "Oh well that's Veronica's sister" "I had a feeling she does look like her when I met Veronica I thought it was Valerie using a different name" "hahahahahaha now it's that there identical twins" "how come you both didn't act all excited to see her?" "well for the past two years we thought she was dead" "why?" "when she lived in L.A. and before I went into the orphan she had cancer and well she died in front of me so yeah we had a funeral for her turns out she was alive this while time and the hospital never told her family that she lived or anything she didn't go home to tell her story yes she did go once but her brother told off so she gave up and didn't try again she just gave up" "oh" "so Veronica is just processing the news and me I'm glad she's alive but it's a bit much of news" "I get it now I would've reacted the same way" "yeah so I talk to her and stuff but it's like it's not real" "I get it now" "glad you do" "hahahahahaha" "oh I need to talk to you, Ash, Cal, and Mikey later on" "okay then I'll let them know" "thanks Luke" "no problem talk to you later" "okay" then Luke got up and then Denise went back to the kitchen then Liam said "hoe are you feeling love?" "I feel good" "no back pain?" "nope" "that's good" "yeah I'm just bored" "hahahahahaha" "where was Eleanor going to take me today?" "um not sure I think your still going to go" "oh but when?" "let me go ask her" "okay"

Then Denise waited at the counter then her phone started to ring she answered it and said "hello" "hi Denise" "hey Zayn" "how are you?" "um good just got home from yesterday" "whoa what did you do?" "get surgery'' "what!?" "yeah it's a long story" "are you home?" "yeah they let me go" "aren't they supposed to give you three days to recover?" "I guess not for the one I got" "what kind did you get?" "to fix my broken ribs" "I think you need more than 3 days to recover for that type" "with Liam as my dad I'm sure I'll get that" "true but how did it happen?" "I fainted when I was out with Eleanor and Veronica last night" "fainted?" "yeah I had a concussion and it made me faint but it's not serious" "oh that's good" "yeah I know" "why wasn't I informed that my niece was in the hospital" "um Liam didn't tell anyone plus I don't want to worry anyone" "but your my niece" "am I?" "yeah cause Liam is like a brother to me and that makes you my niece" "I guess" "you guess?" "I just didn't expect that from any of you" "why am I the first for everything" "hahahahahaha ow oh god I don't know" "are you okay?" "it hurts to laugh that's all so basically I can't laugh but we obviously know that it's going to be hard for me" "and me too cause I don't want to make you laugh and send you to the hospital" "true cause the doctor said if I feel any pain in my sides when I don't laugh to go back immediately "oh no" "I know and now I'm going to have to live with three metal bars on my ribs holding them together" "oh no it's your parents fault" "I know I hope they burn in hell for what they put me through" "hahahahahaha" "hey if you would've went through what I did you would've felt the same way" "true you have a point there small one" "yeah so eh don't care about them" "okay" "so what are you doing today?" "nothing much tomorrow I go home since we leave on Sunday morning" "oh that it true" "yeah" "where's your mum?" "oh she went back home last night" "lame" "she told me to tell you that it was nice meeting you and your a lovely girl" "I like your mum hahahahahaha oh god I need to stop" "oh god" "just kidding" "hahahahahaha" "I'm so busy tomorrow like kill me now" "depends what you have to do?" "pack, movies with Harry, in the night bon fire" "oh yeah Liam told me about that which is why I'm going home tomorrow" "makes sense" "yeah" "Hmmm now I'm craving cake" "what kind?" "chocolate but my favorite is ice cream cake" "hahahahahaha" "oh snap that's what I can do tonight" "what?" "make a cake" "you know how to bake?" "Zayn, Zayn, Zayn, Mr. Malik  baking for me is like eating pizza" "what does that mean?" "I love baking and eating pizza" "got it" "glad you do" "well Denise I'll see you tomorrow and hope you feel better" "okay then and thank you" "bye" "bye" then Denise put her phone in her pocket then went looking through the cabinets to see if they had anything to make a cake but the only thing they had was 4 cupcake pans then Denise quickly went to her room got her money then went downstairs then when she got tot he kitchen Ashton had seen her then he said "hey" "hi" "your home" "yeah got here this afternoon" "makes sense" "yeah" "give me a hug" "no" "why not?" "I got surgery on my back" "oh makes sense...... wait surgery?" "yeah I had broken ribs" "oh that sucks" "yeah I know" "so what are you going to do?" "um not much I want to go to the market but I can't just leave" "oh" "yeah oh before I forget I need to talk to you four it's about tomorrow" "what's that?" "were going to have to cancel the shopping till I get better cause if I walk a lot and my sides start hurting I have to go back to the hospital" "oh in that case it's fine when you get better we can go plus were going to be in America" "that's the same thing Liam said" "hahahahahaha" "okay you can tell Cal and Luke and I'll tell Mikey" "got it" "thanks Ashton" "no problem"

Then Denise seen Liam walk in the kitchen then Denise said "dad" "yes love" "come" he walked up to Denise then he said "what's up?" "can you take me to the market?" "depends what am I buying for you?" "no I'm buying" "what?!" "dad come on before all the others come in the kitchen I need the kitchen to myself" "are you cooking dinner?" "ohhhh snap now I could and I know what I can make too" "alright then let's go" then they got in Liam's car and they went to the market when they got there Denise gave him a list of things he needed to go get which was lots of bagels, cheese, pizza sauce, and peperoni while Denise went to the cake section then she got chocolate cake mix, strawberry cake mix, regular cake mix, rainbow cake mix, and two more boxes of chocolate cake mix then she got 4 things of vanilla frosting and food coloring to make pretty colors for the frosting then she got cupcake holders and sprinkled and bags to put the frosting in and tubes to do designs then Liam found her with his basket of the things that Denise told him to get then she said "will that be enough to feed everyone?" "yes it will" "okay good" "so can I know what your making?" "cake obviously" Denise said putting all the cake stuff in the basket then Liam said "your going to get us fat'' "you don't have to eat cake more for me" "wait whoa back it up since when do you know how to cook or bake your not going to burn the house down right?" ''of course not and I taught myself how to cook I've done this hundreds of times I always used to cook for Veronica'' "okay then let's go pay" "okay" then they walked to the checkout then Liam ended up paying then they put all of the stuff in the car then when they were driving Denise said "I need the kitchen to myself for a couple of hours do you think the boys will stay out?" "not at all" "looks like I'm locking you all out of the house" "oh god"

When they got home they took the bags in then Denise put the cupcake stuff away in an empty cabinet then put the cheese in the fridge and everything else on the counter then she began to look for come cookie sheet and found 5 of those then she turned on the oven to heat up then Liam walked in the kitchen and he said "are you actually going to lock us out" "yes yes I am so now you need to go out there and not come in and yes I'm locking the front door too" "damn'' then Liam walked out of the house and once he was out Denise locked the doors then once she made sure all the doors were locked she began to cook then 2 hours and a half later she had made more than 50 bagels then she had gave the boys families first when she finished giving them she called Liam when he answered he said "did you burn down the kitchen?" "yes" "what?!" "kidding I'm done" "okay" "so all of you come so you can eat silly" "alright there we go" "okay" Denise then hung up then opened the door and seconds later they all walked in and got there food then walked back out once they walked out Denise locked the doors again then began to cook all the cupcakes as she ate then 4 and a half hours later all the cupcakes were done and decorated then Denise put some on a tray and went to the little house in the back holding the tray behind her back when she walked in the house Liam saw her then he said "did the kitchen burn down?" everyone looked at Denise then she said "maybe it did, maybe it didn't" "oh god" "anyways I gots stuff for all 5 million of you hungry men and girls" Niall said "is it more pizza?" "no" "lame is there any left over?" ''yeah there's a little bit left over" "oh I'll be back" "um why not have a cupcake better" Denise said putting the tray down on the table then she walked out and went to go clean the kitchen and threw the trash away then the left over cupcakes she put them on the table and it was about 40 cupcakes leftover then Denise went to her room then she laid in bed then her back started to hurt so she got the pills Liam gave her then went downstairs and got a water bottle and took one pill then Liam walked in and said "hey are you okay?" "yes my back started to hurt" "you took a pill?" "yes I'm going to go lay down" "okay then" then Denise went to the other living room and laid on the couch hoping no one would bother her as she just wanted some alone time then she went on twitter bored looking through her timeline then she tweeted "just cooked dinner and desert for @onedirection and @5SOS and Eleanor and Veronica hope you all enjoyed dinner and desert" then Denise sat up and noticed that her back pain had gone away then she got up and went to the cupcakes that were on the table then she was on her phone then went on instagram and took a picture of the table full of cupcakes then she put "I think I may have made too much cupcakes....oh well" then once it was posted the flooding of comments and likes began then she read through the comments saying "oh those look good", "they look like store bought cupcakes", "oh my those look really good Denise", "you should go to the children's hospital and give them out to floor 8", "how in the world did you make those no they look like they came from he store bakery" then Denise got off her phone and sat there starring at it until Niall walked in the kitchen with an empty tray he put it in the sink then he said "Denise thanks for the food and cupcakes?" "your welcome'' "they were really good" "glad you liked them and before you ask, no there not store bought cupcakes I made them with my hands" "I know Liam told us cause the others were saying that they were store bought" "there not the only ones thinking that" "who else?" "everyone online" "oh, well I know you made them the trash is full of the boxes" "hahahahahaha yeah" then Niall left then Denise put all the cupcakes in front of her and began to organize them by frosting color as she was doing that Veronica walked in then sat next to her then said "hey" "hi" "how are you feeling?" "good" "that's good" "yeah, sorry for what happened last night" "it's not your fault" "I know but now I can't workout cause if I feel any pain on my sides I have to go back" "Denise don't worry about it when you get better then we will start" "okay then" "what are you doing?" "organizing them by frosting color" "oh god" "I'm just bored" "oh your cupcake skills got better" "I know now there too good that people won't believe that I made them they think I bought them" "who said that so I can punch them?" "fans" "well don't listen to them"  "maybe it's the way they look" "maybe" "yeah" "but I know you made them cause I've had your cupcakes before so I know there yours" "hahahahahaha okay I seriously need to stop laughing it's killing me" "oh no" "yeah" "wait Liam never told me where Eleanor was taking me today?" "oh she said the mall and fair but since you can't walk much she cancelled'' "oh true I feel bad" "it's not your fault plus she said she rather cancel than send you back to the hospital" "oh that's true" "yeah so don't feel bad" "okay I won't'' "okay well I'll see you later I'm going to go out with Niall" "okay bye" then Veronica left with Niall.

Then when they left Denise continued to color code the cupcakes by the frosting color then as she was doing that Michael walked in and said "hey Ashton said you wanted to talk to me?" "oh yeah um I'm going to have to cancel the shopping tomorrow" "lame why?" "I got surgery last night so I can't really walk much cause if my sides hurt I have to go back" "oh no" "I mean when I get better for sure we will go it's not cancelled for good just put back for a while" "you know usually I would be mad but since it's serious I understand" "thank you for understanding" "hope you feel better soon" "thanks Michael I would hug you but it would hurt my back" "is that where they did the surgery?" "yup" "oh then it's okay" "hahahahahaha owwwww god that hurt" "What? Do you need Liam!!?" "no it hurts when I laugh cause of the surgery" "oh okay you scare me" "I'm sorry" "it's okay and before I forget your cooking was amazing like everything was good" "thank you'' "no thank you" "your welcome Mikey" then he walked out of the kitchen then when Denise finished with the cupcakes she got up and washed the tray that Niall left in the sink then she checked the time and it was 9:15pm then she went to her room and changed to her pajamas then she put her pills on her dresser along with a water bottle then looked at all her pictures of her and Valerie and began to take them out of the frames then once she was done she put them away in the box under her bed then she called Liam when he answered he said "yes love" "can I go to the photo store down the street it's open till midnight?" "um" "please I want to go print out all these pictures that I've taken with Eleanor and the others to put in my frames" "okay want me to take you?" "please I don't want to walk" "okay meet me downstairs" "okay I'm going in my pajamas" "hahahahahaha it's fine" "bye" "bye" then Denise put on her shoes and got a sweater then went downstairs when she got there Liam had just walked there too so they both got in Liam's car then Liam said "I'm buying" "Awwww man your lucky I forgot my money dad" "good" "no, no, no"

When they got there they both got off and then Denise printed out pictures of her with the guys, Eleanor, Theo, Veronica, Ed, and Taylor then Liam paid then they got back in the car and went back to Liam's car and went home, when they got home they both walked in the house then Liam said "what pictures did you print out this time?" Denise sat at the table then laid the pictures out on the table then Liam said "oh ones with all of the guys and the rest" "yeah I even printed my Ed one" "I see that". Then Denise got them then went to her room and began to put them in the frames then in the frame by her bed on the side she sleeps on she put the picture of her and Harry then on the other side of the bed was the one of Veronica and Denise wearing there matching shirts then when she finished putting all the pictures in the frames Liam walked in then said "where's the ones of you and Valerie" "I put those away I'd rather put some of my new family" then Liam got the frame that had the pictures of her with Liam, Theo, Eleanor, and Ed and Taylor then he smiled and put the frame back down then Eleanor walked in and said "hey-whoa nice wall" Denise then said "hi and thank you" then Eleanor walked in and said "hey it's out mirror selfie" "hahahahaha owwwww oh god yeah that's it" Liam said "are you okay?" "yeah the laughing remember" "right remember any pains on your side when you don't laugh we have to go back" "I know" Then Eleanor said "Awwwww Denise this picture of you and Liam is super cute" "oh god wanting to laugh so bad anyways thank you Eleanor" "then there's little Theo" "he's the sweetest baby ever" "I know" then there was a knock on the door then Denise looked to see Niall with Greg, Denise, Theo, Maura, and Karen Denise then smiled then said "come in" then they walked in the Karen said "how are you love?" "I'm good and you?" "I'm wonderful" "that's lovely" "this is your room love?" "yes this is my room" "it's nice" "thank you'' then Niall said "I'm showing them around" "oh" then Greg and Denise were looking at all the pictures that were in the frames then Denise (Greg's wife) said "you graduated already?" "yes in L.A. before Liam brought me here" "oh congrats" "thank you" "is that the picture of Theo you were talking about?" "yes that one is the one" Then Denise (Liam's daughter) took off her shoes and sweater then went to her closet and put that away then as she was putting her shoes away Theo walked in the closet then he seen Denise and ran to her then Denise said "hi little buddy" then Denise got him and put him on her bed then Theo got the TV control and gave it to Denise then she turned on her TV and put cartoons for Theo as Liam, Greg, Karen, Maura, Eleanor, and Denise (Greg's wife) talked then Denise was ticking Theo making him laugh then Theo wanted to get off then bed so Denise got him and opened her balcony door then noticed it was cold so she went to her closet and got her One Direction blanket and covered Theo then sat on the chair on the balcony then back in the room Greg said "where's Theo?" Liam said "he's with my daughter" "there not in here" Niall said "there on the balcony" then back outside when Denise looked at Theo and seen that he was asleep she picked him up and then went in her room she closed the balcony door then laid Theo on her bed then turned off the TV then Greg said "well it's late were going to get some sleep" Then Denise (Greg's wife) went up to Denise and said "thank you for watching him again" "no problem I don't mind" then she got Theo and they all left the room then Liam said "your going to go to sleep yet?" "no I'm going to pack so I'm not in a rush tomorrow" "okay then" then Liam walked out of the room then Denise got out all of her suitcases then got her new clothes that she had bought at the mall then folded them and put them in the suitcase along with other clothes and under clothes then she packed other things like her camera, laptop, chargers, and other things then she finished and made sure she had everything she noticed she was done packing. Then as she put her suitcases in the closet someone said "oh Denise where are you at my child?" Denise walked out of the closet then see Veronica there then she said "yes can I help you?" "Happy Birthday My Love!" "thank you my love" "your 19 now, ugh they grow up so fast" "oh god" "anyways what are you doing?" "I just finished packing for tour" "oh crap I have to do that too cause I am going to be busy tomorrow" "you can do it when you get back from the movies" "true, well I'm going to go cause I have to wake up early" "okay good night" "night" Then Veronica left then Denise got her bed ready to seep in then she sat on her bed then went on Instagram and posted the video of Valerie telling her happy birthday then she put as the caption "Happy 19th Birthday to me" then posted the same thing on twitter then she closed her door and turned off the lights and went to sleep

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