Adopted By Who???

Denise is a 17 year old orphan with an ugly past but what happens when a certain someone adopts her will her life change forever or will it get worse than what her past was or will she move on from that and allow people to change her for the best and will she fall in love with someone who will help her forget about her past??????


18. Chapter 18 (Water Park, Meeting Liam's Parents, Day 3 with Eleanor Part 1)

The next morning when Harry woke up he looked at the time and it was 8:45am then he got up and went to the restroom as he was walking back to the room Louis said "Morning mate" Harry said "morning" then Eleanor walked out of her room and said "morning Harry" "Morning El" "is she awake?" "no" "she's going to be so tired I don't even know how I'm awake" "what time did you guys get home?" "12:30am" "No wonder" "yeah" "I'll wake her up" "okay we leave at 9:30am" "okay" Then Harry went back in the room then he began to wake up Denise he said "princess time to wake up" "Nooooo" "babe up come on" "I'm tired I want to sleep" "I know you are you party animal" "I had fun though" "I bet but now you go to get up" "ugh fine" then Denise opened her eyes and said "I'm so tired" "hahahahaha you can sleep on the way" "okay" then Denise laid in bed then Harry said "come up before I pick you up" "No Harry don't please" 'then up" "okay" then Denise sat up then she said "I'm up" "hahahahaha" then Denise had remembered that she was so tired that she didn't put shorts under the long shirt then she carefully got up then she went to her suitcase then got some clothes and went to change when she came out she put the clothes she had on in the suitcase then put on socks and her shoes then got her brush and went to the restroom to brush her hair and teeth and to use the bathroom then she washed her face and then went back to the room then Harry said "well you got ready fast" "I told you I don't need a lot of time to get ready" "true" "hahahahaha" then Denise got her phone to check the time then Harry said "were leaving at 9:30am" "okay" then Harry went to go get ready then someone knocked on the door she then said "come in" then the door opened and Eleanor walked in and said "morning" "morning" "how are you feeling?" "dead" "hahahahaha me too" "Eleanor I was so tired that I didn't even put shorts under my long shirt" "Oh god" "he didn't see anything thank god" "hahahahaha but did he know?" "nope" "good" "hahahahaha I know" "well want to know where we are going today?" "yes I do" "okay were going to the waterpark again" "that's awesome" "hahahahaha yeah but this time the waterpark is closed to the public and my parents opened it for us and a few friends" "that's so cool and a few friends?" "Um it's us, Zayn, Perrie, Zayn's family, Niall's family, Liam's family, Louis' family, Harry's family and Ed hahahahaha" "that's not a few" "hahahahaha well you will meet the guys families" "that's cool I guess" "why I guess?" "I guess I'm nervous" "don't be Liam's parents will love you" ''hope so" "who knows Harry might introduce you to his family too" "you think so?" "maybe after all he is your boyfriend" "true" "well get ready were leaving" "Okay um I'm going to take my swimsuit and extra clothes" "hahahahaha okay I'll get the towels" "okay" then Denise got a bag that she had and put her swimsuit in there then her extra clothes then she sat on the floor for a while then decided to wear her swimsuit with a dress on top then she got a pink floral dress from her bag then went to the closet to change then she decided to put her hair in a braid then she put on her sandals then got under clothes then she made then bed as she finished Harry walked in and said "you changed?" "yeah Eleanor told me where we were going so yeah I changed"  "makes sense" "hahahahaha yeah" then Harry finished getting ready then they had got in the car and drove to Liam's house when they got there they waited in the car then when they were ready they drove to the waterpark then as they were driving Denise put her phone on the charger then got her earphones and put them on and played her music then took a nap. Then a little while later when Denise woke up they had just pulled up to the parking lot then they parked and then Denise unplugged the charger then she got out then Harry walked up to her and said "Nice nap" "hahahahaha yeah I need more sleep though I'm so tired" "I know you are princess" "hahahahaha I was surprised that you didn't wake up I had the light on and I made so much noise" "I tried not to fall asleep but I was so tired that I did at like 11:30pm" "Oh it's okay though" "hahahahaha I mean I did feel when you laid down at first I was a little scared then I opened my eyes a bit and I saw that it was you then I pulled you closer to me" "hahahahaha your cute" "so are you my love" Harry said kissing her cheek then Liam walked up to them and said "hi guys" Denise said 'hi dad" "how was the concert?" "Ed was amazing, Taylor told me Happy Birthday it was good" "it's not your birthday till Saturday" "dad shhhhh to her it was yesterday" "hahahahaha how was the meet and greet?" "did you get my text?" "yeah like at 11:30pm" "yeah that's when I had talked to him" "hahahahaha you guys were there for a while" "Yeah we were the last ones that's why" "No wonder" "yeah but I had a good time" "that's good" "yeah Taylor signed my poster that we made" "that's awesome" "yup like I said I had fun" "hahahahaha" then Veronica went up to Denise and hugged her then Denise said "veronica you just saw me last night" "I know can't hug you?" "hahahahaha of course you can" "okay then" "your talking fast" "talking fast who me?" "oh no" Liam said "is she okay?" Denise said "Veronica let's go for a walk" "okay" then Denise looked at Harry said "be back" "okay love" Harry then kissed her forehead then she got Veronica by then hand then Denise said "what's wrong?'' "Niall told me that he's going to introduce me to his family" "Oh I see why now" "yeah I'm freaking out what if they don't like me?" "Veronica I'm sure all they care about is that there son is happy" "maybe" "yeah" "I heard that his brother is coming too" "Awwww yay that means Theo is coming" "hahahahaha yeah'' "Awwww te baby" "hahahahaha" "your calm now?" "yeah there walking towards the entrance I think we should go now too" "yeah before the others get here" "there not here yet?" "No we needed to get here first I think I'm hoping there not in there" "hahahahaha me too" then they walked to the entrance then they walked in and it was empty they were the first ones there then Denise had turned off her phone and put it in a secret pocket in her bag then she put it on the table with all of the stuff then Denise sat down then Veronica sat next to her then Eleanor said "so you both ready?"  "no" they both said "hahahahaha there going to be coming soon" "okay can we get in yet?" "yeah go ahead" "okay" then Denise looked at Veronica and said "let's go" "yeah" then Denise took off her dress and sandals then they walked to the waterslides then Veronica said "your crazy" "No I'm not I just want to get wet already" "the guys are looking at us" "they can see us?" "yup" "oh well I'm getting on one you coming?" "nope I'll wait here" "hahahahaha okay then" then Denise climbed the stairs to the slide she wanted to go on then she went down one and when she got off she went up to Veronica and said "give me a hug" "Um no I'm fine" "come on give me a hug" "Um no" Denise then ran to Veronica and gave her a hug then Veronica yelled "OH LORD YOUR COLD!!" "now you have to get wet hahahahaha" "fine um let's go to the other side" "okay" "yay, crap someone's here" "how do you know?" "there waving" "it's Zayn and Perrie" "you know what the slide suddenly looks fun" "hahahahaha let's go" 'or the pool" "Veronica" "fine" then they both went up to the slide and went down then when Veronica got out she said "oh lord it's friggin cold" "to the pool" then Denise started to walk then Veronica got her by the arm and said "forget walking it's too cold for that" then when they got to the pool Denise looked to the door to see Ed there Denise then yelled "Hi Ed!" he looked smiled then walked up to them and said "hey Denise it's good to see you again" "you too" "hey Veronica" "hi Ed" "where's the others?" Denise said "there at the tables" "thanks" "no problem" then he walked away then Veronica said "I really want to go to the other side" "let's go so we can say hi to Perrie and Zen" "hahahahaha okay" then they walked tot he table when they got there Denise said "Hi Perrie" she said "hi girls" Veronica said "Hello" Zayn said "Hi girls" they both said "hi" then they walked off to the other side of the water park then they got there and sat in the water then Veronica said "can we stay here all day?" "I wish" "me too" "I don't know if Harry is going to tell his family about me?" "why not?" "I mean I do get that he's waiting to go public with me but he never told me about meeting his parents" "oh" "I know" "he might" "if he doesn't I'm not going to make him when he's ready he's ready" "true" "yeah so eh" "hahahahaha" "I miss my bed" "hahahahaha I bet like literally since you left the house I have been not able sleep in the night" "that's weird" "I know" "maybe it's cause you know I'm not home" "maybe" then someone said "there you both are" then both looked to see Ashton there Denise smiled then said "were here" Ashton said "Um everyone else is here Liam and Niall asked me to come find you both" "lame" "I brought towels" then Denise got out and got a towel from Ashton and said "thanks Ashton" "no problem" then he gave on to Veronica then they began to walk toward the others then as they were walking they seen a baby around 1 walking toward them then he walked into Denise's legs then he looked at her then smiled then Denise picked him up and said "hi little man" then she heard Niall yell "THEO!!!!" then he came running when he saw Theo he said "oh god" Denise said "he ran into me" "thanks Denise" "no problem" then Denise said "he's so cute" Veronica said "Oh god it's Theo" Niall said "Lil Craic" "hahahahaha your so dumb" "babe you love my dumbness" "hahahahaha yes' "oh Denise Liam is looking for you" "thanks" then Niall and Veronica walked off then Ashton said "You look nervous" "I am'' "why?" "meeting Liam's parents" "oh your family" "hahahahaha yeah" "don't worry they will love you" "hope so'' "they will" "but I'm adopted" '' and it shouldn't matter cause you were Liam's choice" "true'' then Liam seen them then he walked up to them and said "thanks Ashton" "No problem" then Liam said "my parents want to meet you" "oh um okay" then they walked up to his parents then Liam said "mom, dad this is my daughter, Denise this is my mom Karen and dad Geoff" Denise said "It's nice to meet you" Karen said "it's lovely to meet you too" his dad said ''it's nice to meet you too" then Karen gave Denise a hug then Denise hugged her back then when they let go Liam said "your free to go" "yay" then Denise went up to Ashton and Michael then said "are you four just going to sit here all day?" Luke said "no" "come on let's go have fun" then they all got up then as they were waking Zayn said "Denise hold up" Denise stopped then said "hi" "where are you going?" "waterslides" "you are a wild child" "I'm having fun" "hahahahaha go have your fun" Denise then put her towel on one of the tables then Ashton said "Where are we going?" "I hope you like slides" Calum said "freak yes waterslides" then they got to the slides then she said "there's Four  slides and five of us" Luke said "ladies first" then Denise, Ashton, Michael, and Calum went on the slides then when Denise went to the tallest slide Ashton said "your crazy" Denise said "not at all" then they all went down the slides when they got out Michael said "that was lame" Denise said "go on the one I was on" "okay" "Luke your turn" "no I'm good" "go on the open one" "fine" then the 4 boys went on again then Denise stood there waiting since she knew they were probably arguing for which slide they wanted then as she was there someone said "Hello" she looked to see Zayn there she said "hey Zayn" "what are you doing?" "waiting for Mikey, Cal, Luke, and Ash to come down the slides but knowing them there probably arguing" "hahahahaha true" "Zayn you do know that I said on the phone the other day was for the past not now?" "yeah Perrie told me" "I'm sorry I hurt you" "I forgive you Denise your family now" "hahahahaha that is true" "yeah" "did you meet Ed?" "Oh my yes I did yesterday" "huh?" "Eleanor took me and Veronica to a Taylor Swift concert and he was there" "Oh-did you have fun?" "yes I got to see Ed, meet Ed, take a selfie with Ed, I touched Ed's phone, and I hugged Ed life is good when you have Ed'' "hahahahaha he's a good friend" "I bet" "your going to go on a slide?" "yeah you?" "Um not really a big fan of heights" "oh come on I want Louis and Liam to come too" "I'll call them" "okay" then Zayn went to call Liam and Louis then as she was waiting the other 4 boys finally came down the slides then Denise said "took you long enough" then Zayn came back with Louis and Liam then Denise said "Zayn you coming?" "um yeah I call the yellow one" Louis said "green one" Denise said "the tallest one" Liam said "the blue one" then Denise and the others walked up to the slides then Denise got on the slide she was going to get on then she seen Harry walk up to the 5sos boys then they all went down then she got out then she said "hi Harry" "hi love" "what's up?" "just came to see what this group was doing" ''oh hahahahaha" "you are a crazy girl" "just trying new things" "I see that" "hahahahaha I'm having fun even though I'm dead" "hahahahaha I see that, where did you and Veronica go earlier?" "Oh we went to the other side of the water park" "other side?" "Yeah there's more slides and stuff" "oh that's cool" then Veronica went up to them and said ''hey'' Denise and Harry said "hi" Veronica said "Denise let's go to where we were?" Denise said "okay" Harry said "your leaving me" Veronica said "Harry I'm stealing your girlfriend from you" "but she's my girlfriend I want to spend time with her too" "for a little please" "fine" 'thank you" Denise then said "I'll see you later" Harry said "okay have fun" "you too" "love you" "love you too" then Veronica got Denise by the hand and pulled her away then they walked to the table Denise got her towel and bag then they walked to the other side of the waterpark as they were walking to the chairs to put the towel and bag down they had heard talking they looked to see Niall's mom, brother, Theo, and his brothers wife they walked in the water and sat a little far from them then Veronica said ''I got to meet his family" "you did?" "yup" "how did it go?" "it went great actually they welcomed me to there family" ''that's cute" "hahahahaha how did it go with Liam's parents?" "it went great too his mom hugged me" "hahahahaha is that a good thing" "totally a good thing" "hahahahaha Harry hasn't said anything yet?'' "nope but if he doesn't it's fine" "okay" then they heard splashing and laughing so they looked to see Theo jumping in the water they looked to see Harry and Niall walking towards Theo then Denise and Veronica moved more into the water then Veronica said "Theo is so cute like ugh" "hahahahaha I got to hold him like oh my life" "hahahahaha I did too" "hahahahaha" then Eleanor, Perrie, Zayn, and Zayn's mom and sisters walked up to Denise and Veronica then Eleanor said "hi girls" they both said "hi" then Perrie said "So Denise how is this week going?" "it's going good I'm going to miss you girls when we go on tour" "I know I am too" then Eleanor and Perrie and Veronica were talking then Zayn sat in front of Denise and said "I see you ditched us at the waterslides" "not really Veronica stole me hahahahaha" "hahahahaha" "she misses me that's why" "why aren't you at the house?" "No I've been at Eleanor's for the week I go home on Friday" "Oh no wonder" "yeah Liam misses me too" "Well yeah it's your first time away from home" "yes sir that is true" "hahahahaha well this is my mom Tricia and my two sisters" "hello it's nice to meet you" his mom said "you too love" Zayn said " Did you meet his parents yet?" "by his you mean who?" "Liam's?" "Oh hahahahaha yeah I did" "hahahahaha who did you think I said" "Harry" "Oh him too?" "not yet" "oh" "yeah so eh it's okay though" then Zayn's mom went with Niall's and Harry's mom who were now where Niall's family was then Denise said "feels weird having them here" "hahahahaha you will get used to it" "hahahahaha yeah" "I mean it takes time but you will get used to it" "I know" "yeah" "I'm so tired" "already" "we got home at 12:30am yesterday not much sleep" "oh right you were at the concert" "yeah I got a selfie with Taylor and Ed then a group one" "at least you got one with Ed" "hahahahaha I know I was more excited to see Ed then Taylor" "hahahahaha" "then she told me Happy Birthday during the concert" "how did she know?" "we made a poster saying that it was my birthday" "hahahahaha oh you would" "hahahahaha we did and she signed it" "that's cool" "yup I had fun" "that's all that counts" "yeah although I feel like Eleanor is spoiling me" "she's just doing some nice things for your birthday" "I know" "plus she didn't do all this alone Liam helped her out too" "I had a feeling" "hahahahaha" "he's a good dad" "I knew he always would be" "like watch he's going to come over here and sit and talk with us when he sees us" "he already did" "he's coming" "yup" "that's creepy" "hahahahaha" Then Liam sat next to Denise and said "hey" Zayn said "hi" Denise said "Hi dad" "having fun" "yes but I'm so tired from last night" "hahahahaha I know you are Veronica didn't even want to wake up" "I didn't either" "hahahahaha" then Denise rested her head on his shoulder then he said "it's almost Friday" "hahahahaha I know" Zayn said "counting down the days Liam" "hey she's my little girl of course I am going to count down the days till she get's home" "what are you going to do when she moves out" Denise said "who said I'm moving out I told Liam I'm not moving till I have to move out and be put in a coffin" Liam said "she did tell me that" Zayn said "hahahahaha what's going to happen if you want to start a family" "Zayn I'm only 17 going on 18 that is the last thing on my mind right now what's next marriage?" Liam said "hahahahaha oh Zayn your going to scare Denise" Zayn said "right your still young" "yes I am so ask me that when I'm 25" "hahahahaha you got it" Then Perrie said "Zayn let's go to the pool" "okay bye guys" "bye" they both said then Veronica said "you coming Denise?" "I'll be there in a bit" "okay" Liam then said "your not going to go?" "yeah but I'll stay with you for a bit" "my parents like you" "they do?" "yeah when I told them that I was going to adopt they were all like are you sure your still young but then I told them your age and name and they have been dying to meet you" "now they did" "yeah I'm the first in my family to have a kid" "hahahahaha I noticed" "yeah so there glad that I adopted you" "I'm glad you adopted me too" "hahahahaha I am too" "hahahahaha so where are we going on Saturday when I get home?" "well I was going to take you and Veronica to see our movie but Veronica told me your both going during the day" "oh yeah I'm going with Harry in the morning" "so right now I don't know" "hahahahaha if you don't figure something out it's okay" "hahahahaha" "we can have a bonfire" "with the family" "yeah us and the guys and Veronica" "no our families" "there going to be at the house?" "yeah till Saturday" "oh" "yeah Eleanor said that she's going to the house the rest of the week" "I get to go home" "yeah she told me when you and Veronica went to the waterslides" "oh you were looking at us" "hahahahaha yeah" "it's okay but yay my bed" "hahahahaha yeah so after this she's going to drive to her house your going to get your stuff then you are coming home" "cool" "hahahahaha yeah" "I'm so tired" "I would be too" "yeah so I wonder what we are doing tomorrow?" "hahahahaha you will find out" "hahahahaha true" then someone went up to Liam and hit his back he looked to see Theo there Liam said "hi buddy" Liam got him and then said "have you meet Theo?" "he's Lil Craic everyone knows him" "hahahahaha Niall and his nicknames" "hahahahaha he's so cute though" then he began to splash water then Denise laughed and splashed water back then Theo did it back then Liam said "hahahahaha he likes you" "oh so you can read babies minds now?" "hahahahaha no he's never like this it took him a while to get used to me" "Liam when you see children you got to approach them and play with whatever there playing with the to get them used to you" "hahahahaha and I see that's what you did?" "yup" Then Denise (Theo's mom) went up to Liam and said "there you are Theo" Liam said "he came over here" "I was wondering where he went" "hahahahaha Denise this is my daughter Denise, Denise this is Theo's mom Denise" (I know confusing not my fault we have the same name) Denise said "it's nice to meet you" Theo's mom said "you too" "Theo is so adorable" "thank you he is a bit of a handful" "Um if you don't mind I can watch him for you" "Oh no it's fine" "No I really don't mind" "um okay" Liam said "Denise she will watch him" "I've been around kids especially babies at the orphanage I used to take care of 3 kids at a time" "wow that's a lot of kids" "yeah I'm nanny trained" "hahahahaha alright then" "I'm going to be in the pool" "he can't swim" "they have a lifejacket for him" "okay then thank you Denise" "no problem" then Denise got up then said "I'm going to go with the girls now" "okay then" "Um come with me please bring him cause I have some of my stuff on a chair so I'm going to take it to the table" "okay then" then Liam held Theo and Denise went to the chair got her towel and bag then they walked to the table then Denise sat down then she said "dad can you get me a lifejacket for Theo?" "sure I'll be back" "okay" then Denise got her phone and took a selfie with Theo then she turned off her phone and put in her bag and then when Liam came back with the jacket they put it on Theo then Denise said "thanks dad" "no problem" "be careful" "I will" then Liam went with the others then Denise got up and carried Theo to the pool when she got there Zayn and Perrie were not there anymore and Veronica was in the pool and Eleanor had just got out then Denise said "hey guys" Veronica said "Denise is here and she brought Theo" then Denise got in the once Theo touched the water he began to splash then Eleanor said "I'm going with Louis now okay" "okay" they both replied then Eleanor went her way with Louis then Veronica said "did you just take him" "no of course not I told Denise that I would watch him for her cause he kept walking off" "oh and she let you" "yeah I'm nanny trained you can say" "hahahahaha the orphan huh?" "yup 3 kids at a time" "that's a bunch of kids" "I know but Theo here is a happy child so I don't think he's a handful" "well we know he loves water for sure" "hahahahaha I know" then Denise began to play with Theo then Veronica said "I'll be back I'm going to the bathroom" "okay" then Veronica got out of the pool and went to the restroom. Then Denise began to walk in the pool with Theo then he was splashing water and laughed when it hit his face then Denise would splash a little at him and he would laugh then Ashton got in the pool and said "hey Denise" "hey Ashton" "babysitting?" "hahahahaha yeah only because I wanted to" "hahahahaha your funny" "what he's Niall's brothers kid this child is famous just for being born in the Horan family" "hahahahaha true" "so you having fun?" "yeah I mean me, Calum, Luke, and Mikey are all around this place since the others are either with there girlfriends or family" "true I'm with Veronica, Theo, you boys, Liam, Zayn, Perrie, and Eleanor" "your just going from person to person" "hahahahaha yeah but it's mostly Veronica" "I can see that" "I mean I know she wants to go with Niall and she should he's her boyfriend but I don't think she wants to leave me alone" "Well when I was coming over here I told her to go with Niall and that I would keep you company" "you would Ashton" "hahahahaha why not?" "I don't know" "I have a feeling Michael is going to come over here too when he gets bored" "I know" "I like ditched him" "you should've not done that" "why not?" "your in a pool what if he like drowns you or something playfully though for ditching him?" "he won't do that" "right" "he might just yell and cuss" "hahahahaha I guess" "yup" "this place is so quiet when there's no one here" they should play music like they did the last time" "I know" then Theo splashed water at Ashton then Ashton said "oh god hahahahaha" "hey look Calum is running over here" then Ashton went t go talk to Calum then Denise sat at the steps with Theo then Theo was splashing water at Denise and they were both laughing. Then back to where everyone was at Niall had gone up to Denise (Theo's mom) and said "where's Theo?" "oh he went with great I forgot her name but she was with Liam" "his daughter?" "yeah" then Niall walked up to Liam and said "where's Theo?" "with Denise" the Greg walked up to them and said "where's my son?" "with my daughter" "you let a child take care of a child?" "she's going to be 18 on Saturday technically not a child" "do you know where they are?" "Niall why is Veronica here she was with Veronica?" Niall said "she told me she's still at the pool" then the three of them walked to the pool when they got there they seen Denise sitting on the steps holding Theo both of them laughing while Theo splashed water then Greg said "he looks fine" Niall said "she's a good person Greg I'm sure she will watch him really good" "Liam is she your girlfriend?" Liam said "no I'm still single she's my daughter" "didn't know you have a kid?" "I adopted her in America'' "oh" "she's a good kid, she also has been through a lot so this is a new start for her" "is she close to you cause I know that some kids that are adopted don't talk to there adoptive parents?" "were super close she even calls me dad, she's open about everything like our relationship between the both of us is like is she was never adopted" Niall said "I'm the protective uncle" Greg said "well that's good that your relationship is like that with her and Niall of course you are" "yeah I'm so glad that I adopted her she's the best" "she seems like a good kid" Niall said "her personality is amazing as well like all 9 of us plus Perrie and Eleanor get along with her very well" "what about your girlfriend?" "Oh Veronica and Denise that's her name are like sisters Veronica is the only family that she has left from before the orphan they have known each other since 2nd grade in school" "oh wow that's a long time" "yeah" "well Liam it looks like she has everything under control I'm going to go back with the rest" "okay" then they all walked away then Denise noticed that she was the only one in the pool then she kept on playing with Theo then he started to get fussy so Denise got out and took off the jacket and put it with the others then she got him and walked slowly rocking him to see if he would go to sleep then she got to the tables she sat down got her towel dried her hands and face then covered Theo with the towel then he fell asleep Denise then got her phone and went on Instagram and then posted a picture of herself with Theo she put as the caption "hanging out with Theo for a little while at the waterpark with the family" then she went on Twitter then got bored so she went looking through her bag then seen that she had her money in there she got up took the wet towel off of Theo then got her money then went to the gift shop of whatever you call it and went to go get a towel when she got it she covered Theo with it so he wouldn't be cold then she paid then went back to the table then as she was sitting there Niall walked up to Denise then said "hey" "hey Niall" "he's sleeping?" "yeah I had him covered with my towel but it's all wet so I bought one" "you didn't have to do that" "it's fine plus I can use it too" 'true" "he is full of energy" "yeah he's a happy baby" "hahahahaha I know" 'you don't want me to take him?" "no it's fine you go and have fun I'm going to go on one of those long chairs over there and sit there with him" "okay then I'll see you later" "bye" then Denise got up got her sunglasses then went to go sit on the chair by the water then she held Theo in her arms then she just starred at the slides then she looked at the sky then someone said "Denise?" she looked to see Harry there she smiled then said "hey'' "were you asleep?" "no just starring at the sky" "oh can I sit'' "of course" then Harry sat next to Denise then said "so your the one with Theo I see?" "hahahahaha yeah Denise let me take care of him but he fell asleep so yeah I'm just sitting here relaxing" "oh well your the only two that were not where were all at so I came to look for you cause no one seemed worried" "Liam knows I was in the pool with Theo" "oh no wonder" "yeah" "having fun?" "yeah but I'm tired so now I'm relaxing" "I see that, did you know that all of our parents are going to the house?" "yeah Liam told me" "did you meet his parents?" "yeah he told me that they liked me" "that's good" "yeah that they have been dying to meet me" "and they finally did" "yup I also met Zayn's mom and sisters and Niall's brothers wife" "that's good" "yeah, hey I just noticed where's Ed?" "Oh he had to go cause he's opening up again for Taylor" "oh that's lame" "yeah I know" then Harry added "so is it my turn to spend time with you?" "hahahahaha if you want to yes I've been alone since Veronica went with Niall" "I thought that Ashton or Michael was with you that's why I didn't come" "Ashton was for like 2 minutes then left with Calum so it was just me and Theo" "oh if I would've known I would have came with you" "it's okay your with your mom and sister and dad I understand plus you in a while" "I know that but your my girlfriend too" "hahahahaha I know that" "so I would want to spend time with you especially that your not going to be home for the rest of the week" "actually I'm going home tonight since your families are going to be at the house" "really?" "yeah Eleanor told Liam and he told me" "that's great" "yeah but me and Eleanor are going to be gone during the day" "I know so that's why I would still spend time with you cause I'm not going to be around you all day" "hahahahaha your too cute" "no my princess is more cute" "hahahahaha your funny" "just saying the truth" "hahahahaha and so am I" "I know you are" then Greg walked up to Denise and harry and said "hello" Harry said "hey Greg did you meet Denise?" "just did right now it's nice to meet you" Denise said "it's nice to meet you too" "Liam's kid right?" "yes sir" "you don't look 17" "hahahahaha lots of people tell me that" "it's a good thing though'' "yeah I know" "just came to check on Theo" "oh hahahahaha he's asleep" "was he a handful?" "no he really loves water though" "hahahahaha'' then Denise (Greg's wife) walked up to them and said "hello" "hey Denise, Theo was fine he fell asleep he was having so much fun in the pool" "thank you for watching him" "no problem he's the sweetest baby" "thank you" then Denise uncovered him and handed him to his mom then she said "thank you again" "your welcome" then they walked off then Harry said "is there room for me to sit with you now?" "hahahahaha now there is" then Denise covered herself with the towel then Harry sat next to her then he said "your going to go back in the water?" "yeah in a little bit" "awesome" "hahahahaha" "I've been wanting to go on the waterslides" "why haven't you?, you should've told your sister" "I did but she said that she would pass" "oh hahahahaha" "yeah so that's why she didn't go in" "oh I see" "yeah" "it all makes sense now" "good hahahahaha" "okay now lets go in" "fine" then they got in the water then Denise said "oh god it's cold" "no" "yes" then Denise began to walk out then Harry ran up to her and held her by the waist and said "where do you think your going?" "hahahahaha Harry it's cold" "no your staying" "okay I'll stay" then Denise looked at the table to see that all the mom's were there plus Greg's wife then Harry put Denise down then she looked at him and he had a smirk on his face then Denise yelled "DON'T YOU DARE HARRY!" "what?" "I know that look" "I'm not going to do anything" then Denise stepped back and Harry stepped forwards then she said "don't you dare" "I'm not going to do anything princess" then Denise ran out of the water then Harry yelled "GET BACK HERE!" then Denise got back in the water then stopped running then Harry stopped in front of Denise then she smiled then Harry kicked water at Denise then he kept on doing it then Denise yelled "STOP HARRY IT'S HAHAHAHAHA IT'S COLD" then he stopped then Denise said "not funny" Harry walked up to her then he said "there now the water is not cold" "I'm freezing now" "hug?" "hahahahaha" then Harry hugged her then they got out of the water then she dried her face then Harry said "to the waterslides" then they walked to the watersides as they were walking Harry has his arm around Denise's waist then when they walked to the waterslides they climbed up to the slides then Harry got on one and Denise got on one then they both went down at the same time then when they got out Harry said "that was fun" "hahahahaha yeah it was" "hahahahaha so where do you want to go next?" "Um I usually go sit in the pool but I've been in there all day" 'how about the lazy river?" "oh yes" 'let's go in by where we are sitting so you can leave your things at the table" "okay" the they walked to the chair and Denise got her stuff then Harry said "Can I borrow your towel?" "yes you can" "thanks babe" "no problem" then Harry dried his hair then he said "thank you" "your welcome" then Denise put her stuff on the table then Karen said "hello love" "hi" "so how's your day going?" then Anne who was sitting next to Karen looked at Denise and Harry then Denise said "it's going great, how's your day going?" "well it's going lovely I finally got to meet my granddaughter" "hahahahaha well I'm so glad I finally got to meet you today too" "your a lovely girl Denise" 'thank you" "Anne don't you think she's beautiful" Anne said "she's a beautiful girl" Denise said "thank you" "your welcome" "well I'll see you around" Karen said "go have your fun" the as Denise and Harry walked away Harry said "told you your beautiful" Denise playfully hit his arm then she said "I you were going to say that" "it's true if another girl or lady or family member says it" "guess it is" "hahahahaha yup" "where are we going I forgot" "um hahahahaha oh to the lazy river" "oh right hahahahaha" when they got in the water Denise said "it's cold" "you'll get used to it love" "hahahahaha okay" Then someone swam up to them and said "hey Harry" Denise looked to see his sister there Harry said "hey Gemma" "so what are you doing?" "same thing as you" "that was a stupid question to ask hahahaha" then Denise looked beside her and seen Liam she swam to him underwater so she could wet her hair when she got to Liam she said "what's up?" "hungry?" "kinda" then back where Harry was at Gemma said "who's that girl that you were with?" Harry looked at Denise talking to Liam then he said "she's Liam's daughter" "he has a kid?" "yup" "that's cute" "hahahahaha yeah" ''you like her Harry huh?" "yeah of course I like my girlfriend" "girlfriend?" "yeah she's my girlfriend" "have you told mum?" "no your the first family member that I tell" "well what can I say she's pretty" "hahahahaha yeah she is" "well I'm happy for you but you got to tell mum and Robin too" "I will" "well I'm going to go" "hahahahaha okay" then Harry went up to Denise and Liam then he said "hey" Liam said "hey mate I see it's your time to hagout with Denise" "hahahahaha yeah" "well go have your fun I'll see you both later" "bye dad" "bye Liam" "bye you two" then Denise and Harry relaxed in the water while it took them around then Harry said "I told my sister that were together" "you did?" "yeah she's happy for me but she also told me that I have to tell my mum and Robin" "oh" "which I am I already planned on telling them today" "I see" "yeah so you will meet them" "okay hahahahaha" "so I've been meaning to ask you this princess" "what's that?" "so you have no family left like no aunts, uncles, grandparents, cousins?" "I have aunts and uncles and a couple of cousins" "they don't talk to you?" "not really" "how about on your birthday?" "yeah they do" "oh I see" "yeah when I went to the orphan they stopped talking to me" "that's sad" "Eh it really didn't bother me so I didn't get sad" ''but there family" "true that but my aunt was never close with me and I never liked my cousins sometimes they can be buttheads" "hahahahaha it was that bad" "yeah so don't care" "and they live in America?" "yup L.A. and both of my cousins are girls and there spoiled as heck" "spoiled?" "there fans of you boys and the first time you had your world tour in 2013 and they went they got front row tickets and then knowing that I was a fan and couldn't go they came to my house the next day and rubbed it in my face" "that's super spoiled" "yeah and I know there going to go to one of your shows this time" "how?" "Facebook told me hahahahaha they posted that they were going and got front row seats" "hahahahaha well guess what your seats are going to be better" "hahahahaha I know" "hahahahaha so now I see why you don't care about them" "yup" "since your going home tonight are we going to cuddle?" "I'm up for it but if you want to then of course" "hahahahaha yay!" "what are we going to do on the tour bus?" "right I forgot we will figure something out" "hahahahaha okay" "wait I just noticed something" "what's that?" "do your cousins follow you on Instagram?" "no why?" "cause you do post pictures of us don't you?" "yeah I posted one with Theo today" "oh I see" "he's a cute child" "hahahahaha he's Theo" "yeah Theo Horan he's famous for just being born in the Horan family" "true that" "it's just like me I get attention for just being Liam's daughter" "true" "and then once we go public" "oh yeah even more" "plus hate" "oh I know" "so Theo is technically famous" "yes he is" "hahahahaha" Then someone yelled "HARRY!!".....





























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